February 19, 2013

Mini Solar System Entering Our's, Says Astrophysicist Jim McCanney

In the southern hemisphere, astronomers are currently working together with the army, tracking a mini solar system entering our solar system.

According to physicist James McCanney (Connected With Australian Learmonth Observatory) the Learmonth Solar Observatory in Australia would play a central role in the operation.

The solar observatory is operated by the U.S. Air Force and the Australian government. The observatory is part of a network that is operated by the U.S. National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO).


According to McCanney, many astronomers and soldiers are currently on the location of Project Wormwood, (photo) with the study of planetary defense and space debris. The physicist explains that many astronomers discover planets outside our solar system, but keep this information secret.

According to McCanney, astronomers desperately looking for a mini-solar system that enters our solar system. McCanney refers to Dr. Richard Harrington of the United States Naval Observatory, who, shortly before his death on his way to Australia, would confirm the existence of Planet X / Nibiru. This planet would follow the same path as comet Hale-Bopp.

McCanney also points out that most astronomers are assigned to space programs of the elite. Most discoveries are therefore kept secret.


The solar system is according to the physicist subject to change. This change has a strong influence on the sun, the weather, the planets, and so on. Governments are not going to inform the people, because the nation is not prepared for cosmic changes.

What can we expect? 

McCanney thinks of more comets in our solar system, comets are captured by gas giants, the emergence of new moons, meteor showers and meteorites more than usual.

Wormwood (Planet X's name from the bible). Nibiru (Planet X's name from ancient Sumerians.

"The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water - the name of the star is Wormwood." – Revelation 8:10-11

Video: Listen to the revealing statement of McCanney! source: Indianinthemachine 

Update April 19, 2013:
Today we received the following information from UFO Research Network that the video/information is made and uploaded on YouTube by disinformation agents to bring MCCANNEY in discredit.

Jim Mc Canney issued a press release on this, here it is:

!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT ... DISINFORMATION UPDATE !!!! THE DISINFO CREW IS AT IT AGAIN ... AT LEAST 2 YOUTUBE POSTINGS ARE TRYING TO IMPERSONATE ME AND PASS FALSE INFORMATION ... there are at least 2 youtube videos posted recently by nameless disinformation agents placing my voice making it look like i am saying that a planet X object is coming into the solar system at this time ... THIS IS NOT TRUE ... I AM NOT SAYING ANY SUCH THING ... AND THIS IS WHY I NEVER POST ON YOUTUBE OR ANY OTHER MEDIUM EXCEPT MY OWN WEB PAGE ... what they have done is chopped segments of a 2004 program of mine and posted a february 2013 date on the face and posted on youtube under 2 different names making it sound like i am stating planet X object is now in the solar system ... then in the listener comments they of course post many slams trying to make me look like a nut case making false on Mini Solar System Entering Our's, Says Astrophysicist Jim McCanney



  1. It's about time, I've been waiting for this news. We know something is there, let's have it!

  2. I hope they dont Kill this Guy for telling us. You have Balls Sir but be careful Scientists have died because they wanted to tell the World. Its the so called elites

  3. We enter the satya yuga together my friends :D

  4. has any one read the serpo project thing or whatever it was called? anyway according to that the aliens told us about the universe expanding and then contracting at certain times, i really can't remember it all. didn't nasa just tell us the universe was getting bigger? if i'm correct then could this mini solar system be on the move on it's own (a mobile galaxy i guess?? city of ships??) or because the universe is shrinking again?

    i often hope that the truth will be told before i die because i so want to witness it. i wonder if we find out ahead of time to be able to prepare and adjust or if the proverbial sh?t will have to hit the fan first. that worries me most about it.

    i personally believe we have been told over and over again and, because the majority choose to be blind and puppets, they (the aliens and the government) have done everything they say are hoaxes and most of what they try to tell us is real is a lie, so why in the world do we ever listen to anybody that tries to think for us. obviously that means they think we are stupid or are trying to hide something

    1. Those so called aliens you are getting the information from are not aliens, they are demonic beings. Don't believe everything you hear from them, and if you really want to know what is about to happen, all you have to do is read Revelation 6, 7, and 8. It will fill you in on everything that is about to happen. It is close, and it is real, but the demonic beings, you call ALiens are only guessing themselves on how God's end game will play out.

    2. Franklin.
      Yeah, since the current bible has been re-written and distorted, details changed and misinterpreted through translations, and distorted purposely by those in power at the time to serve thier own needs and agenda's.... I hold Very Little faith in the written word any more.

      Now, of Course demons ARE in fact aliens.
      They are not Native to our world plane of existence or dimension, so by definition that means Alien.

      But have a care Not to lump all aliens, alien cultures, alien species or even alien organizations into the same bowl.

      They are many and varied. In fact, the Majority of them have strong morality and good intentions. If they did not, we would have Long since been over run by the nasty ones with out the means to defend against them. Our world to an extent is off limits and protected by a form of "prime directive" which allows for and observes Our own free will.

      Of course, we should be some what on guard versus these entities which You would like to call demons from the lower vibrational spectrum.
      Just remember, that Angels are Aliens too. And free will, and what you Allow, and even Ask for, defines their level of help or interference.
      And we have been Allowing, an Aweful Lot of crap and corruption. Thus, they cannot step in and help, because allowing for it, is an demonstration of our free will as a species and a culture.

      Be well.


    3. So V... I'm with ya on everything here, with the one exception being the "allowing" part. There is certainly an unbelievable complacency in people, but when you look at all the ways we are tricked, hypnotized, drugged, over-worked, exploited, and generally dumbed-down deliberately... are we really allowing anything? When the puzzle has been designed so well that even the ones that think they care can't even see the big picture... At what point does principle surpass politics.. and treaties made with "leaders" that do not represent any decent living being...? I am not arguing here... simply wondering out loud.

    4. I understand what you are saying RR.
      But the answer is Yes, we are informed, and we Are allowing.
      I wont even go into depth about the fact that the powers that be give us warnings and include coming events in their "conditioning."
      9/11 for instance, were were warned of this in many Many movies and tv programs. the Simpsons cartoon even had an example of the date and the world trade towers in a episode predating the event. the Illuminati also published an Illuminati card game with each card representing the events, more than merely 9/11 as well.
      Its part of the game of keeping us just enough warned, but also conditioning us to ignore or disbelieve the warnings.
      They mix crap in with the truth so we are never sure which is the truth, but in the end, they DID warn us.

      Next, the fact that We live in a system of electoral process is a part of the "observe our free will" criteria.
      If we accept the process of How we are governed, and we accept who is in office we accept their decisions.
      It no longer matters that all major elections are a dog and pony show and are already pre arranged and faked. We ACCEPT them as a part of our life and we accept their out comes, and so on. free will is observed, despite the lies and illusions.

      We are informed of the corruption, but conditioned to either Not believe it, or care about it. Things like fluoride in the water and in products with water base are a major part of ongoing conditioning. The Germans fluoridated the waters in their prison camps to keep the populace lethargic and complacent.
      Entertainment distracts while it conditions. commercials tell us women should be in the kitchen, or concerned with feminine details or children etc. Keeping women less empowered,and so on.
      the conditioning are many, and varied. but they all cleverly contribute to the whole. and we not only eat it up, we Pay to do so. that's free will.

      And so long as we are willing to stay living within the lie. Even to fight to keep it rather than face the truth, that free will shall be observed by those watching us.
      Their hands are, for the most part tied.
      This is WHY the system works as it does.
      It was engrained into your great, great, great, grand parents so that They would contribute to the conditioning and acceptance of the status quo into their young, and then passed down through generations.

      Religion was the first tool for this.

      I hope this helps you to open your eyes to some details, and find new ones that you never understood were always right there in front of you all along.
      Part of My Own purpose here is to help at least a few others to Wake up and see past the vale.

      Be well.
      ~ V.

    5. I see and know everything you say to be true. This has been the case for a long time, I understand that. The fact is, We are being tricked, we have never known that there is another way, information/knowledge is withheld or twisted and we are drugged. Now that things are getting bad, and the reality of our situation should be crystal clear to anyone... its not.
      Technology- from television, phones, computers, nanotech, to vaccinations, pharmaceuticals.. and to ultimately electromagnetic manipulation of feeling, thought and emotion (or lack there of) and gene suppression... it total manipulation, in the name of society management, eugenics, call it what you want, the game has changed radically. They are literally up everyone's ass, and people have no idea that a given amount of they're will, and the choices they make... are no longer they're own, Some might find this hard to believe, but it is true. So do the rules change with the nature of the game? Free will is an illusion, in certain areas of our lives. Human behavior is largely algorithmic now, they run us like a power grid, deciding when to conserve energy, and when to generate it, within the grid... I have pdf's for days that clearly describe it.. you right, its in our face.. but we are different than most, and can see the big picture. We are not the average being...

    6. ...Electoral Process? Are you serious? You can't really believe that any part of it is valid. Especially when you just acknowledged this entity known as the Illuminati mocking every part of it. Its like saying we know the world is a rigged card game, but we should play anyway AND expect to win... its contradictory.

    7. Sorry, I just have one more thing to add. I have been starting to think that the warnings and clues/signs hints that have happened on many occasions... 9-11, Fukashima etc.. even the inspiration to create the incredibly prophetic "Illuminati Card Game" did not come from THEM, it is from the ones outside of space and time trying to help us. That would make a lot more sense, and it would also mirror the way they have communicated things to me on a much smaller and local scale... ordering events in a manner to include and convey much meaning and information, but no direct communication.
      This is just my opinion...

    8. too many separate things to comment on.
      First one,... I see and know...
      They are deliberately seeking to inform. They Want And expect a revolution. It is part of thier long term plan. This is WHY laws such as NDAA, the word terrorist turned now upon citizens, fema camps and more.
      They actually control the tempo of the coming civil war. Think tanks have already sorted out the," well if You were an anarchist whistle blower, what would your next plan of action Be?" part of the equation.
      It is a Part of How they will declare martial law.

      part 2, electoral process.
      Doesnt actually exist, but most people think that it does.
      Ron Paul actually had the election Won by votes. He generated far Far more turn out where ever he campaigned, despite the media black out on his campaign. but, the powers that be denied him access to having his name on ballots because the official parties (democrat/republican) would not support him. so, you cannot vote for some one whos name does not appear on the ballot.
      Most people do not know/understand the Official way that the electoral process works, they sure as hell do not know about the corrupt means to control electronic ballot box's, the company which makes and programs them Owned by elites. But it rarely needs to come to controlling the boxes, when parties can keep your name off the ballots in many states, legally.

      3rd. sorry...
      You may well be right RR. I dont thinks so at this time, but my opinion changes with the data. And currently it supports a purposeful leak adgenda.


  5. as said above i hope too that jm doesnt suffer the same fate as dr harrington and others. we have the right to know and are developed enough generally as a species not to be lied to by a nanny state who withhold info for alterior motives

  6. This is disinfo, Jim McCanney issued a press release on this, here it is ~

    February 27, 2013 posting ... !!!!!!!!!!!!! EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT ... DISINFORMATION UPDATE !!!! THE DISINFO CREW IS AT IT AGAIN ... AT LEAST 2 YOUTUBE POSTINGS ARE TRYING TO IMPERSONATE ME AND PASS FALSE INFORMATION ... there are at least 2 youtube videos posted recently by nameless disinformation agents placing my voice making it look like i am saying that a planet X object is coming into the solar system at this time ... THIS IS NOT TRUE ... I AM NOT SAYING ANY SUCH THING ... AND THIS IS WHY I NEVER POST ON YOUTUBE OR ANY OTHER MEDIUM EXCEPT MY OWN WEB PAGE ... what they have done is chopped segments of a 2004 program of mine and posted a february 2013 date on the face and posted on youtube under 2 different names making it sound like i am stating planet X object is now in the solar system ... then in the listener comments they of course post many slams trying to make me look like a nut case making false predictions of planet X ... I AM CURRENTLY WORKING WITH YOUTUBE TO HAVE THESE POSTINGS REMOVED ... this should show you that i am succeeding in informing the public of REAL events and exposing the government bogus tier II science for what it is ... this type of misinformation is their form of damage control as we head into this year of GREAT COMETs in which NASA and their fairy tale science will be exposed worldwide for the garbage that it is and my Plasma Discharge Comet Model will become the clear truth on the topic of comets and the electrical nature of our solar system ... this comes also as i am about the release my latest book (see the next posting) ... it seems someone is afraid of my success ... jim mccanney

    Source: www.jmccanneyscience.com/

    1. Well Thats interesting.
      One wonder then, WHICH is the real and which is the disinformation attempt.
      Is THIS message the real, or disinfo?
      What is the purpose behind TRYING to convince people it is real and happening? what adgenda does that serve?

      I truely believe its out there and coming.
      But, at what stage of closeness is a disputable matter for me. Next couple years? Next couple decades? centuries?

    2. Well coinciding that Indianinthemachine has, over the last 5 years, posted nothing but random predictions and tons of conflicting or well known disinfo, then I think it is safe to say that what was posted on JM's site is real and what Indian posted is the disinfo attempt. See Indian makes money by being a speaker at UFO/channeller events, so for him, this is just a business and therefore misquoting things and making things up, just means getting more exclusiveness and more attention on him.

    3. Thats an assumption, and a poor one for several reasons, which I have spoke of before concerning people forced to make money off this.
      I use the word forced.
      Your choices are literally keep silent, or make money while you talk about it because all other avenues of income and regular society respect become closed to you.


  7. Don't trust anything from the source: Indianinthemachine. He is well known for chopping and changing interviews. He also gets very aggressive if you challenge any of his writings.

  8. Ha the link saying it's disinformation could be the disinformation to hide the truth, making a mockery and masking the reality. This is what haooens with credible UFO sightings, the truth is hidden amongst all the fakes.

  9. RestlessRaven, I believe everything you've said here to be the closest we know of the truth. You are a wonderful truth seeker and should never doubt your ability to sort lies from truth. Many play ego games and would have you doubt what you know to be true. Those people will never evolve and only remain self-indulgent as they only feel superior to others but fail to be. I'm very proud of you, Restless.


    1. .... I doubt myself all the time. Thanks for the kind words.