March 22, 2013

The Secret UFO Base on Antarctica

Hitler's Germany was actively engaged in developing new types of weapons, trying to conquer the rest of the world. The best minds were focused on the invention of a death machine that would turn the tide of the war.

Today, we know that their search was not limited to general science, but also deepened in the occult, mythology and the paranormal.

And one of the most obscure and mysterious organizations engaged was "Ahnenerbe". Its origin "Ahnenerbe" comes from the mystical organizations "Germanenorden", "Thule Society" and "Vril Society" They were the "three columns" of National Socialist ideology, supporting the doctrine of the existence of a certain island - Arctis in prehistoric times.


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  1. What an Excellent documentary.
    It has tons of new little tidbits that I was not previously aware.
    I wish there were MORE foreign docu's with translations. I bet they have a LOT to offer.