April 19, 2013

UFO Attack at Naval Base in Cape Town? - April, 2013

An UFO captured on video for about 40 minutes was sighted over the naval base in Simon’s Town Naval Base, Cape Town when hundreds of rounds were fired into the air at around 9 pm Saturday night ( 6th April 2013). 

It is unclear whether the firing was aimed at the UFO but its certain that the UFO did not respond. 

The video captured by a resident shows an object that could be either cylindrical or “V” shaped directly above the sea, while flairs are shot at it. The UFO made no sound and was about a mile offshore. 

By estimation the UFO or USO is about 4 miles long and possibly the largest unidentified flying object recorded. The UFO(s) seems to have some stealth capability as they were not visible with the naked eye till captured with a Night vision AX Professional IR camcorder. 

The new footage released by World News Tomorrow USA caused havoc in the UFO world, as it seems to prove that there was indeed some aggressive firing, on what seems to appear as a giant UFO. The naval base first dismissed that there was any firing of any sort, however they later changed their statements by saying it was only a navy drill, scheduled months in advance to take place between the hours of 8 pm and 9 pm. The video shown, is clearly different. Read more, including detailed images, here and here 

The Counter Intelligence Agency that investigates paranormal activities in Africa, said that they are looking into this matter. 



  1. Awww man! Video's been taken off! Would have been nice to see what was going on, sounds like independance day ha!

  2. Both cites are down looks like a cover-up!!