June 12, 2013

Aliens Are Real - Watch This Banned From UK TV! 2013

Tall White Aliens. We call Nordics.

This interview was filmed in the 1970's and this video is out for public viewing.

However it was banned from UK TV in the 1970,s.

The woman claimed to have her encounter in the 1960's.

In my opinion a very credible witness, especially from someone who doesn't know what a flying saucer is.



  1. They weren't Pleiadian's but were some other type of Nordic Race. The Pleiadian's do not wear those colors and they are more Medieval in appearance

    Try to think in terms as the Ancient Ones!!!!!! and yes they are very beautiful, but they wear different colors and clothing then that. Their hair is long and they have a Medieval type attire and it is very specific the attire. And distinct. They also do not need ships because they are a certain level of angel whereas this race she describes in this video is needing a ship and are from a closer dimension to our own. Also there are Nordic Reptilian races as well, and they are mostly human in appearance and only shift on rare occasions.

    When people watch this video and they will make a whole lot of assumptions because 99% of the internet only talk about Greys, Reptilians, and Pleiadian's,and LIMIT the truth because they cannot comprehend it. There are innumerable races. etc and they almost always mix up the Pleiadian's with another Nordic race, IE: the ones that were dealing with Hitler are NOT Pleiadian but the Reptilian Nordics, who are also very beautiful as well. Again they only shift into Reptilian form at certain times. But unfortunately folks have no clue just how vast the races are, there has been DNA splicing going on for eons and out of that so many types of races you would have a hard time wrapping your mind around it.

    I believe her story and her event.... She seems very genuine but I'm hoping folks on the net just dont do the Pleiadian' thing with this because it just plain is not them. I know because I'm a face to face contactee with them.

    1. Im going to agree to disagree on a bunch of what you have said. they could still be Pleiadian's.

  2. Varakienen where you dig all this information about alien races?
    Share this with public pls but give some evidence!

    1. For just a tip of the iceberg to start, I will refer you to project Camelot interviews.

  3. I find it a little amusing how people associate clothing or looks to certain alien races as if they have seen them all to identify. Has anyone here come face to face with an alien? Apologies in advance, I'm not being rude just bringing some reality to the situation.

    1. My point Exactly.
      Even more, we Humans are technically supposed to be one species, capable of breeding with each other despite the fact we have significant physicalities in appearance between races. Chinese, African black, European whites, south American. Australian aboriginal. Inuit, and the list goes on.
      Any of these would be taken as a different species entirely if they landed on some ones world and those people had no point of understanding or reference to tell the difference.
      This doesn't even Begin to cover cultural differences in language clothing's, body language, etc.

      I think our point is more than made here.