US Navy's plan to prepare the public for aliens among us - July 10, 2013

In honor of US Independence Day, Catherine Austin Fitts, a former Assistant Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), released a document supporting her claims that the US Navy initiated a plan in 1998 to adjust its operations for a future where extraterrestrials exist and live among us.

She claims the plan was commissioned by the Undersecretary of the US Navy and was undertaken by the Arlington Institute, an NGO located near the Pentagon with many military clients, where Fitts served on the Board of Directors.

She was asked to assist with the plan and claims she was given an opportunity to meet a live alien, but declined.

When Exopolitics contacted the Arlington Institute in 2008, two members of the Board of Directors repudiated Fitts claims. The document released on her website is the official minutes of a Board of Directors meeting held at the Arlington Institute in 2000.

The document confirms key elements in her version of events, especially that Arlington Institute was actively discussing plans for how to best prepare the general public for disclosing the existence of, and contact with, extraterrestrial life. Catherine Fitts claims that in 1998 the Undersecretary of the U.S. Navy had commissioned a “high level strategic plan” to prepare the American public for an official announcement that extraterrestrials exist and live among us.

She wrote:

"In 1998, I was approached by John Peterson, head of the Arlington Institute, a small high quality military think tank in Washington, DC. I had gotten to know John through Global Business Network and had been impressed by his intelligence, effectiveness and compassion. John asked me to help him with a high level strategic plan Arlington was planning to undertake for the Undersecretary of the Navy".

"I met with a group of high level people in the military in the process — including the Undersecretary. According to John, the purpose of the plan — discussed in front of several military or retired military officers and former government officials— was to help the Navy adjust their operations for a world in which it was commonly known that aliens exist and live among us".

"When John explained this purpose to me, I explained that I did not know that aliens existed and lived among us. John asked me if I would like to meet some aliens. For the only time in my life, I declined an opportunity to learn about something important".

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  1. Again like my comment on another post, I think we are being prepared and conditioned through the media. There's been a massive increase in alien imagery being used in adverts and so many films of recent being released based on end days, invasion. All this being significant and linking to the last st malachy prophecy, the last pope, the tribulations, the great deception. Whether this is a false flag alien invasion, real awakening or end of the world I'm not sure but we are waiting for something big soon!

  2. Well... We sure could use some help correcting the course we have been on. Thank you all for being so patient, with myself and the situation. Jesus... what does it take to get thru these thick skulls of ours? It is a subtle, and magical path of discovery, and much more is possible than I ever imagined. Big things are in the works, and I will do my best to play my part.

    Ron, Vara, thank you...

    Yours truly, RestlessRaven


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