September 3, 2013

NASA Alert: America Blackout and Grid Shutdown 2013

This article is a follow up of our previous article DHS Warns of coming Natural Disaster and serious Cyber Attack.

Topics in the video below: Janet Napolitano warns of unprecedented event, Comet Ison, Solar Flares, EMP, electric grid down.

Video below: The statements of Janet Napolitano.


Power Grid Down Drill

An electrical grid joint drill simulation is being planned in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Thousands of utility workers, FBI agents, anti-terrorism experts, governmental agencies, and more than 150 private businesses are involved in the November 13 and November 14 power grid drill.

The downed power grid simulation will reportedly focus on both physical and cyber attacks.

The antiquated electrical system in the United States has been one of the most neglected pieces of integral infrastructure.

One goal of the drill, called GridEx II, is to explore how governments would react as the loss of the grid crippled the supply chain for everyday necessities. More information at

It seems like they are preparing for something out there in space coming in late this year.


  1. Amazing, when you can prepare a society for a false flag attack by blaming solar flares! It sounds to me like they are really saying, the world's societies are going to fall apart and the richest elite are the only ones who can, and financially, would survive an EMP! Seems to me its just a tweaked version of Werner Von Braun warned about!

  2. Meteor is also traveling close to the sun around that date