October 5, 2013

Amazing UFO Footage! Captured on my home security camera in Southeast MI - Oct 2, 2013

Amazing UFO footage that I captured on my home security camera on the night of Oct 2, 2013 around 11pm in the evening in my front yard in Southeast MI, and I'm about 8 miles north of an air national guard base...wondering if they caught this on their radar?

The UFO appears to be scanning the ground with a green laser (the laser beam can be seen on the trees too). The laser beam clearly starts small from the object and fans out into a larger cone as it gets closer to the ground. In my opinion, impossible for someone to be on the ground creating an inverted cone back to the object, and then to be able to track and follow the object's every move at the same time.

This recording is from one of my multiple security cameras that is currently installed on the front of my house. This particular camera is pointing south towards the road (my house is set back about 300ft from the road). The security camera only runs at 15 frame per second.

Also, someone asked why I had my home security camera pointed up into the sky before the incident. Since there's been a lot ton of fireballs reported all over the world in the last 3 weeks, I thought I might be able to catch one on video, but I never expected to capture this!

Here's a picture of the threeline during the daytime

Object appears at:
0:37 - 0:55 (light from the object refracting from lense on security cam).
0:54 (laser)
4:40 (laser)
5:48 -
5:54, the UFO was so bright that it lit up a few trees for a moment before shooting back up into the sky, and in my opinion, impossible to recreate using CGI.



  1. I am very sorry I came back to this site! You can see the fireworks ground shot at 0:27 sec. Of course there is the shell break, a flare? At 0:30 sec? Now I know why I have been gone. This is just plain misrepresenting obvious earthy explinations to your very questionable agenda. It is clear that this site is really about fairy tails! Do not worry I will go to Scott Warings site because he at least has the most foolish explinations for every single video. Do not bother to dispute my comment I won't be back to read your dispute able responses!

    1. um, it's not fireworks. Bye.
      Keith W

  2. the bright object does not reflect off the trees that are nearby. This is a crappy fake. The least you could have done is expand the brightness....amatuers

  3. Intriguing clip, at times you can see the light on the trees below. I would say it's probably a RC helicopter, many of which come with coloured LEDs and spotlights.

  4. scott oct. 6 2013 @4:06October 6, 2013 at 1:07 PM

    ? if the video is recorded at 15 frames per second, wouldn't you still have a fluid motion to the object? not a jerky studdered motion as is shown.

  5. FWJ-30 years experienced.UFO Researcher & Amateur Astronomer-in Visual-Radio Astronomy,interesting feedback from commentators,ufo,s exist,there flight handling characteristics do not comply with the known laws of physics on earth,so therefore,they have there own advanced technology,etc,what you see might just be ,typical digicam exposure probs?or is it?and if the public isnt aware of what ufo,s are then such photos are fake?how do you knw they fake?if you don't knw the basics of "How Do UFO<S Operate"

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