Secret Underground City of Ellora Caves In India?

We are at Ellora caves in India, and there is solid evidence about a secret underground area that is hidden under these caves.

There is a tunnel over 40 feet deep and then it takes a right angle turn to proceed underground. Nobody knows what's inside after that because the tunnel becomes too narrow for human beings to get through it.

Also there is a small rectangular opening. This opening is only large enough for a 10 year old to go in? Since adult human beings can't access it, was it designed for human beings at all?

And another hidden passage in Ellora caves becomes so narrow that you can't go any further. Where do these mysterious tunnels lead? Who could have used such narrow passages?

The other important question is: how can you carve such narrow passages if human beings cannot even get through them? Was it carved by humans at all? Were these carved for extraterrestrials that are smaller than human beings?