Sky cam recorded weird flashes over Spiez, Switzerland

On May 27, 2018 SkyWatch Earth Cameras captured strange flashes in the sky over Spiez, Switserland.

The sky cam shows large purple flashes, then suddenly an enormous bright white flash and the night sky turns into daylight.

What has caused these flashes is not clear, but it does not look like a thunderstorm or a meteorite.



  1. Uhm... Actually I do live in Switzerland, not far away from Spiez... In the last days, we had enormous thunderstorms and Spiez is located near the mountains. Switzerland is a Country with a lot of Mountains and I lived my Childhood in these Mountains and believe me, if there are thunderstorms at night in the mountains, what a spectacle! Thunder and Lightning like a firework - amazing! Night turns into day, red, purple, green lights sometimes... you have to visit Switzerland once ;) We have these Thunderstorms during the summer... It's spectacular to watch, but it's unfortunately nothing from outer space or made artificialy by men...
    You better watch this and post this on your site:
    Have a good day - cheers from Switzerland


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