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CCTV camera captured Sphere of Energy in Kemerovo, Russia

A CCTV camera outside a storage building in Kemerovo, Russia captured a strange sphere of energy on May 30, 2014. The chief of the storage building was amazed by what she saw on the screen.

The sphere of energy shows strange shapes and inside we can see some images, like landscapes, faces and beings. It is not for the first time we see some kind of images in a sphere.

The sphere could be a sign that may come from a dimensional portal or it is just imagination or a reflection coming from the camera?



  1. The only logical explanation is an energy ball... I mean, seriously, what else could that be? I mean, it can't be a drop of water on the plastic dome that houses the CCTV camera... nope. No way it can be something so simple and mundane. Must be a big ball of energy that everyone for 100s of meters can see...

    Honestly, it is exactly this type of dilution of reality and perception (and the dissemination of it!) that makes it impossible to find true events. Do you really prefer to live in a totally false reality (through lack of thought or research), or do you want to find the truth?

    You never publish my comments, but I hope you read them. I don't wish bad for you, and I'm sure you're a lovely person... but you mix some of the most easily discredited things with others that are without doubt very interesting. I'm not attacking you, I just want to move the study of the strange out of a sea of cons and poor judgement into a genuine subject... because the world IS stranger than we realise. We don't need to make things up or pretend a thing is something it obviously isnt.

    Anyway, peace.

    1. If your comments are polite and constructive, they Will be posted.
      I agree with the water droplet assessment.
      As for publishing pretty much ANY thing, including stuff that may be fake or easily explained.... I can explain that too.

      Its to Help people create a Filter.
      In the end, its up to the Viewer to discern, not those whom run the site here.

      Be well.


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