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Mermaid captured by diving vessel camera? 'New Evidence' - May 29, 2013

Last Sunday’s “documentary” Mermaids: The New Evidence delivered 3.6 million viewers, shattering the network’s ratings record.

On "Mermaids: The New Evidence," Animal Planet revisited its documentary about the existence of mermaids from last year, "Mermaids: The Body Found." Watch short video Mermaid

Biologist Dr. Paul Robertson returned with what appeared to be brand new footage of the alleged mythical creatures, allegedly taken this spring in the Greenland Sea.

But the whole thing is a hoax - the original documentary was revealed to be staged. Discovery, Animal Planet's parent company, described the program as "science fiction" based on "scientific theory."

The executive producer of "Mermaids: The New Evidence" told the Mother Nature Network that he wanted people to think it was real -- that's why they made it look like a documentary. hufpost




  1. Wow, I was unaware this was a hoax, thanks for informing me.

  2. This is being passed around online as genuine. I see this as nothing but more disinfo created to distract us from the truth.

  3. Wow, talk about disinformation, if you believe this article thank your government for doing what they have been doing all along..... Keep your head in the sand people, those of us who are awake will see the truth for what it is!

  4. Its not fake,seriously!! Goverment doing the same sh;+ as ufo COVER UP!!! Wake up plz, tell me we arnt that dumb

  5. I saw the full program on Youtube, and it is very clear that something is not right. From the start one gets the sense that this is more acting than fact. The clips with the supposed mermaids are very well done, but it is only effects. A well directed "Hoax" made for entertainment.

  6. And what if the Hoax, is CALLING it a Hoax, and its real after all?
    If there is a species of alien, or altered genetic being that would change the fabric of what we think our history is, wouldn't certain people want it discredited or covered up?
    Oh wait, that's what they are Already doing with Every thing else?
    Who is to say whats real and not real for sure any more.
    In the end, legends are invariably based on some sort of historical fact.
    Mermaids are no exception.

    Keep your mind Open NO Matter what you hear.

    1. Varakienen, I am a believer, and I have an opened mind. The thing I am not is gullible. I do believe in both terrestrial and extra terrestrial beings not yet detected or disclosed for and by modern man, but this show about mermaids had a look and feel that where to transparent and to apparent a show made for entertainment. Maybe mermaids do exist, and this show where made to ridicule believers, but that does not take away the fact that this show is bogus. It does not mean that mermaids are.

    2. I can agree with that statement.

    3. I had a feeling that something was off.
      My first instinct was that they were just bad actors, but as the show went on, I believed that maybe they weren't actors at all, just real people.
      (Because real people look different than actors.)
      But, in any case, Mermaids could exist, and if they did exist, the Government would not want them to be shown.
      Because than Human Evolution would be proven, and religion along with control, goes out the window.

    4. I have an Inuit friend from Nunavik, Canada who speaks very little english and has never seen the Animal Planet documentary. He shared with me an account of his cousin who was hunting out on the sea when what he refered to as "one of the big eyed people" surfaced and looked at him before diving out of sight.
      People like my friend who have lived in harmony with the land and sea for generations are no stranger to these beings and accept them as non-judgementally as they do the seal and beluga whales. Human-like sea dwellers are not something new to them. They just are what they are and have always been.

    5. If it were a "hoax" then explain to me why some other people have seen and experienced it themselves? If you have not seen it than what right do you have to say that they do not exist? I personally have not seen it myself, but I believe that Mermen and Mermaids exist and the Government all over the world, everywhere, basically, wants to keep it a secret because it would go against most of the world's religious beliefs. But, if you've taken into consideration that the Bible itself states that there are strange creatures out there, than you will not know if it is true or not. The Bible describes a Dragon-like creature coming to Earth to devour it (thus being Satan), who knows, dragons may exist if the Bible says that it does. You only need to experience to know that it isn't a hoax.

    6. False Flag Hoax's are often mixed in with real encounters by agencies which desire to keep matter covered up.
      This muddies the waters.
      And when the hoax's are uncovered as Just that, it takes credibility Away from the real stories or evidences, leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths for having been fooled. Making them adamant disbelievers.

      It is a psychological social tactic.

      Some things will be real, some will be faked.
      Wiegh ALL the evidences and do not dismiss any side of the debate.


    7. Another "War of The Worlds" - does not mean there are no mermaids but this one is a hoax. It is reasonable to assume that those who propose to hide the truth will be the first to manufacture fakes in an effort to discredit and make transient the real evidence when it surfaces.

    8. The thing that Anonymous said happened to the Inuit, same thing happened to my brother, while he and his friend were fishing in a canoe in the Sulu Sea of the Philippines. The friend was looking the other way, and didn't see it, but when my brother told him what he'd seen, he said, "oh, that's a galap, let's get out of here!" (they are considered dangerous by the locals). I remember my brother's description of it also included large dark eyes, so it totally matches with the Inuit's account.

  7. Anything is possible, who knows what is fact and fiction nowadays! The point is that nothing is impossible.

  8. In trying to look up Dr. Paul Robertson, you will find the government has seized the sites and blocked them from viewers.... Can we say COVER-UP!!! Wake up people, if it were no more than a lie the government wouldn't have bothered.

  9. I do suspect they are acting.

  10. I can't completely dismiss it as 100% fake, Mermaids just might exist, but the credibility of this, suffers greatly from their use of "Mermaids: The Body Found", a Discovery Channel and AnimalPlanet production, which they (Discovery Channel) themselves have confirmed as mostly fiction.
    When one takes into account, that AnimalPlanets 'most viewed' is The Body Found and "Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real", then it makes sense that Discovery Channel makes more "documentaries" of the same genre.

    That been said, I believe that we one day WILL find an ancient ancestor in the ocean, and this could be merfolk (mermaids and mermen), but this is NOT the evidence we are looking for.

  11. This documentary is fake, but tests with sonar that harm marine life is real. For me this is important, and I suppose the "bloop" is a warning sign common among marine mammals, but would not be surprised if it were a new marine species. the relatively mermaids hopefully never find one....

  12. The video on the submarine is fake, just look ing at bottom left of the window, and notice the cut on the edge. It was disappointing, but this does not prove that mermaids do not exist, only proves that people try to make money with them. =/

  13. I am quite certain that if mermaids were found to actually exist, humans would immediately begin bothering them incessantly. Scientists would begin invading their waters, their "homes", looking for them so they can study them. Then there would be those that are merely "interested", and hoping to see one, so they would be out scoping the waters and disturbing them too. I'm more than convinced that if mermaids did actually exist, it would be in their best interest that humans never discover them.

  14. Mermaids are REAL.Some of us are in Denile because of our friends and i all disscued this situation some of us say they're real and the others said"what if we weren't introduced to them for a good reason".i question this because they.look not so then again the government has.always lied to us.i believe theyre real and do exsist .maybe from Now on we shld be.aware.of mermaids and not so much of sharks.also we the people need to be aware of what's in the skyy dayy and attention cause shit isnt right now days.-Candace Arevalo

  15. I think marmaid appeared to men in the pass because of their belief, I think marmaid are more of spiritual than physical. You can't see a marmaid if u don't believe in it.

  16. The problem is what proff is needed... if people take a Picture or make a video most will say fake (even if its real).
    The if a body is found it strangely disapear from the face of the earth (have happend before if i recall right)
    iam afraid that what is needed to proff they exist (if they do) is a live speciment

    So sad :(

    1. Any specimen can, will be, and has been scooped up and shrouded by authorities.
      Look for stories that show evidence of fakery, but those making the claims hold to the story and claim the evidence it self is Not what they came forward with.

  17. Seriously they're defnitly real. There will be an day that governments aren't able to keep things a secret anymore and then everything will unravel and we'll finally earth's true wonder! :D Hopefully still in my time though!!

  18. I agree with your comment,I am a believer... there are things in this wonderful world of ours that can not always be explained, My only hope is that if they do exist, we don't find them... because the human race does not like to share and i believe we would hunt them to death...Like we do to every thing that is different to us...the one thing that is definitely true!!!

  19. I have always believed in these wonderful creatures! and I've always wondered how is the movies we see they show vampires Mermaid etc. the way they look and act who came up with it? I really doubt that someone just came up with it , I was always sure that they are you with you something themselves. around me thinks I'm crazy because I believe everything there are so many creatures in oceans that have not yet been discovered why would be any different from them? that was then able to get to the deepest part of the ocean. the ocean is a humongous place with many places to hide and that's why mermaids haven't really been seen! have you ever noticed how the one that has been seen or recorded what caught off guard minding their business and as soon as the notice I was looking they pick up in a split second.
    keep your eyes open and keep believing , one day everything will be revealed

  20. Open your eyes ! The world is full of wonderful creatures we have yet to discover

  21. I have saw a mermaid, and I can tell you where they come all the time but, before I talk about it and give the location I need to know that they will be safe

  22. I think it's funny that ppl believe or questioned the show and documentary and then read something online and that changes their conclusion... let's use what we see on tv and internet to intrigue us enough to find out for ourselves

  23. Show me fact of anything that is a cover up? Anything. Not guess work, fact. Mermaids are not real, never have been, the only thing real here is the level of stupidity. Goverments only want to make money, they would exploit anything they find, imo.

    1. hey Legen, Show me Fact of any thing that is NOT a cover up. Any thing, Not guess work, And not some thing that I can refute, But Fact.
      Yer asking for proof where proof is subjective, and impossible.
      Facts are only facts until new data comes along and makes them Not facts.
      The world believed the planet was flat as a pan cake once upon a time. It was a Fact, and for them it was Provable. This did not make it True how ever.

      Governments are about Power, and Money Only figures into it if it helps them have power. In the case of mermaids, knowing that they are Real, would ultimately take power away from them because it has been covered up so long that the truth would prove them lying. More so, churches would lose power as well because the origin of such beings would now become in question.
      This would cause absolute chaos to an extent.
      I could go into the details of the ramifications, but if you are as smart as you Think you are, you can figure them out for your self.
      Ultimately, the likely hood is this. If they exist, they are either an alien tampering, or aliens them selves.
      This changes EVERY THING if proof is found.
      Governments cannot afford this. Banks which control governments cannot afford this. Iluminatti cannot afford this.

      End of commentary.

  24. If you believe in religion you can believe in anything wake up there is nobody in the sky


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