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Weird roaring sound coming from the sky over the Alps in Austria

It is not the first time that people have heard strange jet-like sounds in the sky, but in all cases there were no airplanes.

With the mysterious ongoing sound coming out of Weining, Guizhou in China, now, on June 25, 2020 a similar incident has occurred in central Austria in the Alps at around 1,200 meters above sea level, when Richard and his wife.heard incredible roars coming from the skies. 
They heard the strange sounds, which were 100 times louder then a normal airplane noise, twice for about 6-8 minutes with a 5 minute break between. At first they thought there must be a huge airplane circling above the clouds, but they couldn't see any craft. 
Even more interesting is the fact that Richards saw clouds being pushed downwards.which indicates that something was pressing downwards these cloud formations towards Earth, like a huge cloaked spaceship entering our atmosphere which would cause things like that.
Whatever it may have been it has to be at least 1 kilometre in size in ord…
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Mysterious Sound Coming Out Of Weining, Guizhou in China

July 4, 2020. A mysterious sound has lasted for more than 10 days now in Weining, Guizhou, China. People used drones to try to find out the source without success. Experts sent to investigate but failed to give any explanations, only asking people not to panic, and go back to their normal lives.

According to a number of people who commented on Jeffener Zeng's Twitter account: It sounds really like blowing a whistle or horn, a sound produced when the flow of air is obstructed and forced through a small opening, it makes sense as Guizhou is a place famous for its karst landform, which is characterized by underground drainage systems with sinkholes and caves.
Although local people tend to mystify things that are natural, they would know the difference between the sounds of an underground drainage system with sinkholes makes and whatever this is. A flow of air being forced through a small opening would be a common activity, and not worth the times of tens of people, but the mere gatheri…

Ghostly shadow of a Medieval Castle suddenly appears on the ice sheet of Antarctica

Explain: Until 12/10/2014 6am there is nothing to see on the ice sheet between Hutchinson Island and Cronenwell Island at Antarctica, then 1 hour later on 12/10/2014 7am the shadow of an enormous medieval castle becomes visible on the same spot.

Something went wrong with the Google Earth image processing or the appearance of the shadow is a mysterious and unexplained holographic projection from the past when it used to be ice-free until about 34 million years ago, before it became covered with ice. 

Here are the coordinates: 76°52'13.87"S 149°59'14.52"W

Incredible: French film from 1947 predicts smartphones and other modern-day technology!

Inspired by an essay by Barjavel, the 70-year-old documentary proposes the evolution of television in transportable pocket format, and the way in which humans will interact with the objects. Today, parallels are drawn between the objects, like smartphones, described in the short documentary.

Anne-Katrin Weber, a historian of television at the University of Lausanne, said:
People using miniature-television devices in public places; professional meetings conducted via picture-phones; cars equipped with television screens; shops promoting their goods on television: these snapshots are taken from the 1947 short film Télévision: Oeil de Demain. Produced and shot by J. K. Raymond-Millet, Télévision.

Oeil de Demain combines documentary and science fiction sequences as it simultaneously offers a depiction of television in postwar France as well as imaginative speculations of the medium’s future developments.
While Raymond-Millet’s work is virtually forgotten today, his film Télévision has been a…

Missing 411 and The Spontaneous Formation of Portals

As part of his continuing Missing 411 investigations, David Paulides relays recent findings on some of the most bizarre missing person cases that he has investigated; many of which have left more questions than answers.

He has found that many areas in which people have mysteriously disappeared are prone to the spontaneous formation of portals.
In addition, some insiders have revealed that technology exists which can direct these portals upon targeted individuals.

Unsolved Mystery "FASTWALKERS"

"Fastwalkers" it remains an unsolved mystery! What are those objects flying through our atmosphere at such incredible speed that they are not visible to the naked eye. 

“Fastwalker” is a term used by NORAD and branches of armed forces to describe unidentified aerial phenomena moving and/or changing directions at high speed far beyond what current aerospace technology is capable of.
Fastwalkers have only been spotted in recent years and mainly captured by amateur drones from around the world.
Is it secret advanced space technology used by the military or should we think of extraterrestrial origin. 
Below fastwalker compilation shows the diversity of fastwalkers captured mainly by amateur drones in recent years. (click image to enlarge).
The latest fastwalker (image above) was caught in China on June 28, 2020 - See video here Also check out our label: FastWalker

The National Weather Service Lake Michigan UFO Tapes: ‘My God, What Is This?’

On March 8th, 1994, civilians in western Michigan on the edge of Lake Michigan called 911 en masse about strange lights in the sky, described as mostly cylindrical, moving up and down in altitude, and having a vertical row of lights on them. They appeared to be coordinated, as one caller described them as moving in a circle.

This was backed up by a National Weather Service radar operator in Muskegon, MI, who was contacted by the 911 dispatcher and asked to look into it. In the tapes in this episode, which are in the public domain, you can hear the NWS official remark at the anomalous and possibly coordinated behavior of the objects, which he reported moved together in a triangle.
He states they were not storms or aircraft, and as time passes, he becomes gradually more distressed, as highlighted by the subtitle overlay.
Interestingly, Project Blue Book had several interesting cases in this area of Michigan, including several that civilians described as "metallic," but USAF offi…

Something weird has been spotted in the sky over Taverny, France

A weird unidentified aerial phenomenon has been seen in the sky over Taverny, France, and the photographer has no idea what it could have been.

A photographer and his friends were chatting outside on June 20, 2020 around 9 p.m. The sky was still very clear when they spotted strange bright elongated shaped anomalies in the sky, as if the sunlight was reflected on the objects.
They counted four objects and they were all moving in the same direction, at approximately equal distance and they made no sound on which the photographer took several photos using the super zoom of his Pentax camera, before the objects were too far away. The sighting ended when they were no longer within sight. Mufon case 109736.
When zoomed in on to the anomalies you can clearly see that these are not mylar balloons, drones or known registered aircraft.

What is NASA’s new strategy for finding extraterrestrial civilizations in space?

Scientists are conducting a new study into the possibility of extraterrestrial civilizations. 

The study involves a search for “technosignatures,” such as air pollution, the presence of which could signify advanced life on planets beyond the Solar System. 
 RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports for the News with Rick Sanchez.

Mysterious craft with no wings or visible signs of propulsion caught over Buffalo Mountain in Floyd Virginia

Some time ago, Paul Stoutamire filmed this video while flying a drone over Buffalo Mountain in Floyd Virginia. The mountain has an elevation of 3,971 feet, and Paul's drone was flying about 350 feet above the peak. 

He said that he can't figure out what the object is that flew underneath the drone but looking at the craft then it is beyond a doubt a fastwalker.
The solid white rectangular shaped fastwalker has no wings or visible signs of propulsion though it flies at an impossible rate of speed through our atmosphere.

“Fastwalker” is a term used by NORAD and branches of armed forces to describe unidentified aerial phenomena moving and/or changing directions at high speed far beyond what current aerospace technology is capable of.

"City in the Sky" - Bizarre Phenomenon Appears Above Clouds!

Look at this bizarre phenomenon. it resembling a city that appears to be floating on a cloud. Often these kinds of phenomena are explained as something otherworldly, like a projection from a parallel universe. 

Perhaps some of these phenomena are indeed related to supernatural activities, but in this case it is an upward projecting mirage.
The optical phenomenon occurs because rays of light are bent when they pass through air layers of different temperatures in a steep thermal inversion where an atmospheric duct has formed. Nevertheless, it is fascinating to witness such a spectacle in the sky.
The "city in the sky" starts at 8.50 minutes in the latest video of MrMb333 who also reports on various other topics such as the enormous plume of dust, already nicknamed "the gorilla dust cloud" from the he Sahara desert in northern Africa which has been traversing the atmosphere, thousands of feet above the Atlantic Ocean, and now closing in on the southeastern United States.

Square-shaped UFO appears underneath the International Space Station

A while go, a strange square shaped object has been spotted on the ISS live feed. The unknown flying object was apparently noticed by the crew of the ISS since they appear to focus the lens of the camera on the object. 

Although there is no clear answer to what the object could have been, it may be that it is part of a secret military or scientific experiment testing some new technology in space which was accidentally captured on the live feed.

Something is going on in space but it is not what you think it is!

Several channels reporting that the ISS live feed captured a space laser battle between two UFOs. Despite the stunning footage it was a Department of Defense low earth orbit laser communications test which was caught on the ISS feed on June 17, 2020.

The Space Development Agency says optical inter-satellite links are "one of the most critical technologies to be demonstrated."
Optical communications terminals that use lasers to beam data across space will be tested in upcoming experiments by the Space Development Agency and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  
These terminals are important pieces of DoD’s future low Earth orbit constellations which will require satellite-to-satellite optical crosslinks so data collected in space can be immediately sent to military command centers on the ground. 
“Optical inter-satellite links are one of the most critical technologies required to be demonstrated for Tranche 0,” the Space Development Agency said in a request for proposa…

Army whistleblower revelations, Huge structures under the earth - Linda Molton Howe

Linda Molton Howe discusses several actual topics including a revealing interview with retired U.S. Army Whistleblower.

AAAS Science Journal article on Ultra Low Velocity Zone frequencies  - Huge structures at core-mantle boundary - Huge structure 621 mile in diameter  - Huge structures under Africa   - “These are among the largest things inside the earth, and we have no idea” 
 Searching the skies - scientists say the most likely number of alien civilizations is 36 - The Drake Equation calculates the estimate for the number of intelligent life civilizations   - New equation estimate between 4 and 211 civilization in the Milky Way alone. 
 Retired U.S. Army Whistleblowers Edward Keith Abbott interview  - “Other Worldly Communications” centre - Space program in 2007   - “We went to Iraq to plunder artifacts”…”from other civilizations that came to earth and started the whole program”.  - “We are the fourth civilization on this earth.”   - Spotted v-shaped craft over his house in Ewa, Haw…

Mysterious object of unknown origin falls from sky in Sanchore, India

An object of unknown origin weighing around 2.78 kg fell from the sky on June 19, 2020 in Sanchore town in Jalore district of Rajasthan, approximately 530 kilometres from state capital Jaipur.

According to locals, an explosive sound was heard when the object fell from the sky and was heard up to two kilometres away.
Not only the impact of the object resulted in a one-foot deep crater but it was emitting heat even three hours after it hit the ground. After the object cooled down, they put it in a jar.
The mysterious object which has metallic properties of Germanium, Platinum, Nickel and Iron, is currently at Sanchor police station.

The local administration has contacted the teams of geologists at Geographical Survey of India's Ahmedabad and Jaipur office, who will be examining it further. 

Huge object travels through our solar system

Several days ago, NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or STEREO-A H2 spacecraft, captured images of a huge object which flies in an arc through space near the sun.

It is not the first time unidentified flying object have been spotted passing through an area near the sun and although NASA is aware of these UFOs playing around the sun, they don't want talk about it.
The video below shows the UFO in normal view and in close-up when it travels with an incredible speed through space.

Astonishing New Hubble Images Reveal Stars Gone Haywire

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope demonstrates its full range of imaging capabilities with two new images of planetary nebulae.
As nuclear fusion engines, most stars live placid lives for hundreds of millions to billions of years. But near the end of their lives they can turn into crazy whirligigs, puffing off shells and jets of hot gas. 
Now, astronomers have used Hubble to dissect such crazy fireworks happening in these two planetary nebulae.
This image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope depicts NGC 7027, or the “Jewel Bug” nebula. 

The object had been slowly puffing away its mass in quiet, spherically symmetric or perhaps spiral patterns for centuries — until relatively recently when it produced a new cloverleaf pattern.
New observations of the object have found unprecedented levels of complexity and rapid changes in the jets and gas bubbles blasting off of the star at the centre of the nebula.
This video zooms into the planetary nebula NGC 6302, commonly known as the Butterfly …

Mysterious UFO Fireball blazes across the night sky above Western Australia

Scientists say the "jury is still out" about a mysterious green glow that traveled across the sky in the remote West Australian outback on June 14, 2020.
Night workers on remote sites from Cape Lambert to Hope Downs in the Pilbara saw the bright light just before 1:00am, and many captured it on video.

There were reports of sightings as far away as the Northern Territory and South Australia, according to Glen Nagle from the CSIRO-NASA tracking station in Canberra.
"It was really a spectacular observation, people have captured something very special here." Glen Nagle said. 
Note: It looks like the object has a rectangular shape, suggesting that instead of a meteorite or space debris, it could have been an alien spacecraft.

Shapeshifting Skinwalker Caught On Tape in Poland?

On March 11, 2020 a bizarre encounter took place during the night hours in a wooded area in Poland between the photographer Leviathan and a weird creature.

Leviathan had previously heard this creature and on June 11, 2020 he heard it again on which he took his camera including a flashlight and decided to walk towards the sound. What followed was that he noticed a strange shapeshifting creature...
The skinwalker legend is a common theme found throughout cultures all over the world and in the Navajo culture, a skinwalker (Navajo: 'yee naaldlooshii' translated as 'he who walks on all fours") is a type of harmful witch who has the supernatural ability to turn into, possess, or disguise themselves into an animal, like foxes, wolves or dog-like beings.
Now, I don't know whether the footage is real or fake but is it possible that he has indeed encountered a real being similar to that of a skinwalker?
Below the enhanced footage of the original Leviathan video.

Rare Giant Creature Of The Deep washed op on the shore in Western Cape, South Africa

It is very unusual to see a giant squid as they live more than 3,000ft below the surface of the ocean, but now such a creature of the deep washed up on the shores of Britannia Bay beach in St Helena Bay, Western Cape in South Africa on June 14, 2020.

According to dailymail, despite this squid weighs 440 pounds, 14 feet long with tentacles of about 8 foot long, they can grow up to an terrifying size of 43 feet long.
Seeing a giant squid is extremely rare since they having never been photographed alive before 2002, and only being filmed for the first time in 2006. 
So far, it's unclear what led to the creature's demise. 
The stunning footage below was captured of the washed up creature of the deep by eye witnesses.

Tourist accidentally caught rare flat rectangular UFO near Jerome, Arizona

Whether alien or man-made, one thing is for sure, there are many strange objects equipped with advanced technology flying through our sky. Now, what appears to be a flat, rectangular UFO has been caught on camera by a tourist while visiting an observation point on the highway 89a above Jerome, Arizona on June 11, 2020. 

Tourist states: We had been visiting Jerome, Arizona and drove up to scenic overlook on highway 89a above Jerome. when we exited the car. I walked up to wall at near end of parking lot when I saw a flash of light ahead of me and asked if anyone saw it, but I was only one out of 4 who did. 
My wife was taking photos with her iPhone 7 when she looked at the photos, it showed what I thought I had seen. there is a flash near the wall, that moves to my right, then flashes higher above my right vision. The image, which I sent to Mufon, shows a 4 sided flying object in only one frame and then it is gone. 

Abandoned mining crawler spotted on Mars previously used by an unknown intelligent specie

A photograph taken by the Curiosity Mars Rover shows an abandoned mining crawler or at least a part of the crawler likely used to take Mars materials.

The same photo also shows what looks like a strange human-like figure dressed in a black suit on top of the ridge apparently inspecting something, but of course it just could be an incorrect perception of a natural mars object.

About the mining crawler, although our brains are not used to seeing alien technology, this object is clearly a machine or part of a machine previously used by an unknown intelligent specie.
Link image:

Aerial film of the mysterious megalithic alignments in Carnac, France

They date from around 2300 BC- 4500 BC and with more than 3,000 standing stones which were hewn from local granite it is the largest collection of megaliths on the planet that are designed in parallel lines with semicircular 'cromlechs' often at either end. Some examples stretch for several miles, now disturbed by housing and roads. 

Why they were built is a mystery, but author Howard Crowhurst has decoded the geometry and astronomy of the sites in two lectures at Megalithomania:Watch here and here .
In this aerial film we fly over several sets of the mysterious megalithic alignments in Carnac and the surrounding areas in northwestern France- five examples: the famous (and largest) Menec alignments, the Kerlescan Alignments, the Kerzerho Stones at Evdeven, Saint Barbe Alignments at Plouharnel and the Kerbougnec Cromlech and St Pierre Alignments near Quiberon. 

Old 'Stationhaus' from German Antarctic Expedition 1911-1912 Found?

During their Antarctic Expedition 1911-1912 the Germans built a 'Stationhaus' and two depots of stores on a section of the Antarctic coast of what is now the Filchner Ice Shelf. Now, after more than 100 years, satellite images show the possible remains of either the 'Stationhaus' or one of the depots of stores.

Luitpold Coast (German: Prinzregent-Luitpold-Land) is that portion of the coast of Coats Land extending from the vicinity of Hayes Glacier, which is regarded as the eastern limit of the Filchner Ice Shelf. It was discovered by Wilhelm Filchner, leader of the Second German Antarctic Expedition, 1911–12, and named for Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria.
This section of the Antarctic coast, never seen by earlier expeditions, was named Prince Regent Luitpold Land (now the Luitpold Coast). A suitable anchorage was found at Vahsel Bay at the eastern extreme of what is now the Filchner Ice Shelf.
According to, materials, dogs and p…

300-Million-Year Old Wheel Discovered in a Coal Mine of Donetsk, Ukraine

In 2008, a curious find was discovered down a coal mine in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk named J3 ‘Sukhodolsky’ at a depth of 900 meters (2952.76 feet) from the surface.

As it could not be safely or successfully cut out due to the nature of the sandstone in which it was embedded, the mysterious artifact looking much like an ancient wheel remains in situ down the mine. 
When geologically dated, the scholars refused to accept the results but it is known that archaeologists ignore any evidence that doesn't fit in to the system story of origin.
But Adam Frank, a professor of physics and astronomy at Rochester says: “Do we really know we were the first technological species on Earth?” - “We’ve had an industrial society for only about 300 years, but there’s been complex life on land for nearly 400 million years."
If humans went extinct today, Frank says, any future civilization that might arise on Earth millions of years hence might find it hard to recognize traces of human civilizati…