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Missing 411 - Two physical therapists disappear in Alaska just days apart!

David Paulides goes into the Missing 411 files and presents the case of two missing physical therapists from Juneau, Alaska. He then presents the case of a missing PT from Pennsylvania, all within a very short time frame.  For those who don't know who David Paulides is, well he is a former police detective who is now an investigator and writer known primarily for his self-published books, one dedicated to proving the reality of Bigfoot, and his Missing 411 series of books, in which he documents the mysterious disappearance of people in national parks and elsewhere.  
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Massive glowing objects flying past the sun

Over the past week, several satellites have captured massive objects such as a glowing triangle, a rectangular anomaly, as well as a winged UFO that seemingly passed the sun.  The objects are just camera errors or... maybe they are in fact huge alien craft passing the sun?  Source:  Glowing triangle  Stereo A - Cor 2A  Date: 2020-11-21 Time: 04.54.00  Rectangular anomaly  Stereo A - Cor 2A  Date: 2020-11-22 Time: 11.39.00  Winged UFO SOHO - Lasco C2  Date: 2020-11-26 Tine: 08.48.00  

Surprising details during excavation of two men who died during 79 AD Vesuvius eruption

What the writer Luigi Settembrini defined as “the pain of death that takes on body and form” once again takes shape in Pompeii, in the form of men who lost their lives during the eruption, the traces of whose death throes have remained imprinted in the ash for 2000 years.  During excavations at Civita Giuliana, around 700 meters northwest of Pompeii, in the area of the suburban villa where in 2017 the servile part had been discovered along with the stable containing the remains of three harnessed horses, 2 skeletons of individuals have been found, reports pompeii_sites on their Twitter page. Just as in the first excavation campaign when it was possible to crate plaster casts of the horses, today it has been possible to make casts of the two victims who were found near the cryptoporticus, in the noble part of the villa which the latest investigations have focused on.  The technique of casts has gradually refined over the decades and today returns the image of two fugitives with surpris

Strange beams of light in the sky recorded in Canada

A photographer who went outside at 6.40 am to film the sunrise standing on a small rural road in a small town in Quebec, Canada on November 15, 2020 when he heard several strange booms, almost a metallic sound, and right after he saw two long white/yellow lines, like beams of light, flying horizontally in front of him.  The distance between the lights and the photographer was about 150 feet and they flew at about 12 to 15 feet from the ground.  Although he was surprised, he continued to watch the sunrise. He even forgot about the incident until he downloaded the video from his camera to his computer. Since he is standing in the middle of the road, there is no mirror or glass in front of the photographer to cause a reflection, nothing.  Given the loud booms and the two fast moving beams it almost looks like the beams were fired by a helicopter or airplane but then again, who fires these kinds of (laser) beams or maybe flares, flying horizontally at about 12 to 15 feet from the ground wi

This UFO Fastwalker moves through the air at a speed of 3,600 km/h

A new drone footage shows a UFO fastwalker flying at a speed of 3,600 km/h through the sky over Saarland, South West-Germany.  The small craft, captured on August 8, 2020, comes into view of the drone camera at a distance of at least 1 kilometer from the drone flying the 1 kilometer in just 1 second, that makes 3,600 km/h, as fast as a bullet.  Like all other fastwalkers, the craft is very small and has no wings, tail or visible propulsion, and moves and/or changes directions at high speed far beyond what current aerospace technology is capable of, which makes it plausible that these objects are controlled remotely, whether by the military or of extraterrestrial.  Negative - (Inverted image of the UFO Fastwalker). What could be the reason that these objects flying through our sky, they are messengers or scouting probes?  Although we don't know the secret of these fastwalkers yet, there are certainly people behind the scenes who undoubtedly know who is behind this highly advanced te

Winged Anomaly appears next to the Sun

A winged anomaly has been spotted in an image captured by NASA's SOHO Lasco C2 camera on November 9, 2020. Due to its tremendous speed as it passes the sun, the anomaly is only visible in one frame.  I'm not sure whether the winged structure is that of a massive alien spacecraft or not, but it's not the first time as similar anomalies have appeared in SOHO images, in the past.  SOHO - Lasco C2  Date 2020/11/21 - Time: 11.24.08  

Mysterious monolith discovered in remote part of Utah

A mysterious monolith has been discovered in a remote part of Utah, after being spotted by state employees counting sheep from a helicopter, when they encountered something entirely 'out of this world'...  The structure, estimated at between 10ft and 12ft high (about 3 meters), appeared to be planted in the ground. It was made from some sort of metal, its shine in sharp contrast to the enormous red rocks which surrounded it.  Remarkable: The structure resembles the alien machined monolith from the 1968 science fiction movie entitled: 2001 - A Space Odyssey, produced by Stanley Kubrick.  Utah’s highway patrol shared images of the monolith.  The helicopter pilot, Bret Hutchings, told local news channel KSLTV: “That’s been about the strangest thing that I’ve come across out there in all my years of flying.”  Hutchings was flying for the Utah department of public safety, which was helping wildlife resource officers count bighorn sheep in the south of the state.  Mufon Field Invest

UFOs disintegrate and come back over Glen Park Canyon, San Francisco

A series of UFOs have been caught on camera while hovering above a cloud formation over Glen Park Canyon, San Francisco on November 22, 2020.  The photographer who stated that he saw three discs, then a fourth, disintegrate and come back several times close to the cloud formation, until the moment it appears as if the cloud has disappeared as well as the UFOs. Source: Mufon .  

Underwater Cities Mean Ancient Historical Time Lines Are Incorrect

Submerged prehistoric settlements in both the Bland and Mediterranean seas show that these areas were above water 6000 years prior, but sea levels shown at the time by classic academia are off by 1000 years.  Additionally erosion patterns at the Kailash Temple complex in India indicate a far older monolithic structure than academia will allow.  Out of time artifact where ever we look.  

City Lights or UFO Lightships seen on ISS Live Feed?

With the on going UFO activity above earth, now a series of odd-shaped light objects have been captured on the ISS live feed, the last days.  What are these colorful anomalies seemly moving in our atmosphere? Are they UFO-lightships or some kind of space debris or does the ISS just fly over city lights on the dark side of the earth?  You can find and watch these anomalies at the following video links of the ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment.  

Glowing Orb invisible to human eyes caught in Infrared

A thermal/IR camera picked up a huge glowing orb while it hovered for short periods and then moved around as if inspected something. The homeowner has three security cameras on the front entrance, two regular HD IR and one that has a thermal/IR motion detector and only the thermal/IR camera picked up the image on April 20, 2020.   The orb, which seems to change in size several times, was not visible in the other cameras or to the human eye. Even his wife went outside to see what it was but she was not able to see it. However when she went back to the monitors and played the video back of her going outside, the object was visible.  The Orb phenomenon is still a mystery. Some people think that such an orb is a spirit or lingering energy from deceased entities and other people say it’s just a speck of dust reflecting light or a camera artifact.  Orbs seem to be doorways but has yet to be proved that this is a spirit or an interdimensional being or intelligence, but it does seem that th

Ancient underground tunnels - Subterranean worlds span the entire Earth

An ancient tunnel system may have spanned the entire Earth, from continent to continent. Seems hard to believe at first but there are many legends and tales of subterranean worlds scattered throughout old texts.  There are also fascinating caves and cities that have been discovered under our feet, but no one seems to know who built them or for what purpose.  Some people an advanced civilization built them in a time before recorded history. Could they be right?  Watch this until the end and you will get a revealing insight into what these tunnels are now being used for.  

UFO many times bigger than Earth leaving the Sun

Alien tech at works - A giant UFO has been spotted leaving the sun at an incredible speed. In recent weeks many UFOs have been observed around the sun.  The remarkable image captured by the SOHO Lasco C2 camera on November 16, 2020, shows the UFO which is many times bigger than Earth, leaving the Sun.  The plasma trail behind the UFO is many thousands of kilometers long  Given the enormous speed of the alien craft when it leaves the Sun, we may wonder whether the UFO is equipped with a warp drive and may travel at speeds greater then that of light by many orders of magnitude?  Source:  SOHO - Lasco C2  Date 2020/11/16 Time 12.12.00  

Huge Fleet of UFOs flying past the International Space Station

After 6 months, on November 15, 2020, a new huge formation of UFOs appeared on the ISS live cam while flying past the International Space Station.  Before, several waves of UFO formations appeared in February through the first week of May, 2020 on the ISS live feed camera while passing the Earth and images show that these clusters of UFOs fly in large coordinated groups.  It is suggested that these UFO formations are city lights but since the ISS circles the Earth in roughly 93 minutes, completing 15.5 orbits per day then we should see these kind of city lights on the live feed every day, but that is not the case, which makes you wonder why these kind of formations appear again or are we being watched?  

Mysterious 'Dybbuk' Box from occultist Aleister Crowley co-founder of NASA's JPL opened

Under the floorboards of a house in Foyers, Scotland, they have found a mysterious box that once belonged to the occultist Aleister Crowley who previously lived there.  According to coasttocoast , in the video of The Tin Biscuit PodCast the 'dybbuk' box is opened to reveal a doll made with human hair, coins, a dried flower, and a creepy sketch, assuming that the bizarre contents were possibly used in a ritual to summon and bind a demon.  Image left: Aleister Crowley. What many people don't know is that the occultist Aleister Crowley, who founded the religion of Thelema, identifying himself as the prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the Æon of Horus in the early 20th century, and his friend Jack Parson who was an American engineer, chemist and also a thelemite occultist, were the founders of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation.  Actually, JPL stands for “Jack Parson Laboratory” named after Jack Parson but since its ince

UFO moving across the Golden Gate Bridge at tremendous speeds

After reviewing some of his drone footage from a San Francisco trip this past September, the drone owner came across an entity moving across the Golden Gate Bridge at tremendous speeds.  The object which has no visible source of propulsion, wings or tail moves in ways that is not physically normal.  Besides the possibility that it is a secret military craft equipped with advanced technology unknown to the public, it is also possible that the drone owner captured a so-called "fastwalker", which is a term used by NORAD and branches of armed forces to describe unidentified aerial phenomena moving and/or changing directions at high speed far beyond what current aerospace technology is capable of.  I hope that the cars on the bridge make it apparent just how fast this UFO is moving alongside.  MUFON Report:   

UFO Fastwalker takes off filmed during drone flight

On November 10, 2020, a UFO Fastwalker has been filmed during a drone flight over Missouri, using a DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone.  The object starts from the bottom center near the start and is very small because it appears to be near the ground, but gets larger the closer it gets to the drone.  The drone was within line-of-sight and was about 390-feet above the ground from the takeoff point.  The object can be seen close to the ground and then flies almost straight up. The speed of the object is calculated to be around 53.2-mph. The video was filmed in 4K HDR mode.

Alien craft exits the Sun and leaves huge plasma trail behind

An incredible image of a CME that ejects from the Sun and reaches out to reveal a possible alien spacecraft which seems to exit the sun leaving a huge plasma trail behind was captured by NASA's Lasco C2 satellite on November 9, 2020.  It looks like the shield of the alien vessel is still glowing from the enormous heat before it shoots out into space.  Although NASA scientists probably will say that it was just a normal outburst of the sun’s magnetic field called a coronal mass ejection, this appearance, which clearly fly through the solar flare, is more likely a UFO that has used the sun for some reason.  It is said that aliens are sending their spacecraft to the sun, harvesting sun's energy or even they access our solar system via a stargate, entering and exiting from dimensional portals in the Sun.  Source:  Image Lasco C2   Date: 2020-11-09 - Time: 03.12.14  

Cigar shaped UFO spotted near Asheville, Chimney Rock, NC

Witness: On November 9, 2020, I was driving from Asheville back to Charlotte. We must have been a bit outside of Asheville in the mountains near Chimney rock on the highway.  While driving a highly reflective object in the sky glinted in my eyes several times and I looked up to see a very large capsule/cigar shaped crafter floating just below the cloud line. At first thinking it was a plane (although a large one), we continued to observe it was we drove.  The longer we watched the stranger it seemed. It had no wings distinguishable, nor a tail Rutter. The specular reflection bouncing off the top was extremely bright and sharp, which further accentuated that it had no features (wings, tail, etc).  The specular reflection made it clear that it was the capsule/cigar shape.  My girlfriend was able to observe more, and was completely taken aback at how round and sleek it was. it was hard to tell if it was a disk shape given our angle and distance.  It was rather hard to capture in video wit

Cigar-shaped UFOs caught over Warsaw, Poland

The photographer captured two cigar-shaped UFOs over Warsaw, Poland on July 6 and October 6, 2020. Both UFOs have no visible propulsion, wings or other moving parts. "I caught this cigar sun-reflecting-metal-shaped object caught over Poland on July 6, 2020, While taking this picture I didn't see it. The sky was clear, no clouds."  Then on October 6, the photographer captured another UFO.  "I took three pictures in one series. In each picture, the same object showed up but in a different position on the picture. It looked like a cigar-shaped object, with sun reflex on the surface. While taking this series the sky was clear and I didn't see anything strange."   Mufon report:

Evidence of Alien Spacecraft Firing Huge Beam at The Sun

NASA's satellite EIT 304 captured a massive alien spacecraft firing a beam at the sun. The images show that two craft appear in space next to the sun on which one craft firing a huge beam at the sun.  The remarkable event took place on November 1, 2020 and evidence that these kind of alien spacecraft not only flying extremely close to the sun, but they fire huge beams at the sun too.  Even though the reason is not known, it is said that intelligent aliens might survive by collecting, storing and harnessing the power of the sun.  Source:  SOHO Movie Theater  Image EIT304 - Resolution 512  Date: 2020-11-01 Time 01.19  

Mysterious blue orbs in the sky caught on camera

This video was captured in Warminster, Wiltshire in UK and shows mysterious blue orbs just hovering above the town. The strange appearance of blue orbs lasted for about 40 seconds.  The second clip shows a bright unknown object hovering over the ocean in Abu Dhabi AE  Witness: I saw a white ball moving slowly across the horizon. It was moving in a straight line. I could hear no noise. It moved past a hotel, over a small island, and I believe eventually out over the water past the island. It moved in a straight line.  We see many helicopters out there and this was nothing like a helicopter. It eventually disappeared from sight. I am guessing it turned to moved across the island, out towards the water where we could no longer see it.  Mufon  1: Blue orbs hovering Warminster, UK  Date of sighting: 2020-09-5 Report:  2: Bright unknown object hovering over the ocean in Abu Dhabi AE  Date of sighting: 2020-11-05

Nest camera recording of UFO Fastwalker moving extremely fast

Recently, a UFO Fastwalker moving extremely fast at high altitude was captured from a northward pointing Nest camera in the backyard of a home in Abilene, Texas. It looks like the UFO in the last frame finished its flight path, and disappeared into a portal.  Besides the above mentioned UFO Fastwalker sighting, the same Nest camera captured a second UFO Fastwalker, three days earlier.  Witness: The UFO Fastwalker captured three days earlier appears out of a spot that appears suddenly and then as the spot it exited from, disappears, it creates and enters a new spot or portal that it hits directly.  The portal slowly dissipates in place afterwards. This situation happens in a fraction of a second and on the camera recording it is only a combination of about 6 frames or so. If the object was 20 ft across for example, it would have to be at least a few hundred feet above the ground.  Both events were high speed and the object that we caught in the Nest camera feed on October 18, was first

People amazed by saucer-shaped craft floating above Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Many people at a school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania witnessed a saucer shaped craft hovering over the area on November 3, 2020.  Although the footage does not provide clarity whether it is a real UFO, a blimp or a balloon, the witnesses talk about a UFO. Mufon report here .  

Strange octagonal shaped anomaly stands still mid air over San Martin, CA

A strange black octagonal shaped object with a hole in the middle has been observed in the sky over San Martin, California on November 1, 2020.  According to the photographer; if it was a balloon it will be moving but this object stands still mid air, it does not move at all. Later on in the footage the photographer suggests that it is a tire, but he is not sure.  Since the shape of the object is octagonal, it is very questionable whether it is a tire, moreover, like a balloon, a tire will be moving too but that does not happen. Mufon report here .