April 29, 2016

Humanoid being with conehead spotted walking on Mars surface

A panorama view from 'Naukluft Plateau' on lower Mount Sharp, which stands inside Gale Crater on Mars shows something very weird.

Besides the geology and landforms the image shows what appears to be a humanoid being with conehead walking around on Mars.

It seems the being is dressed in a blue suit and wears white boots.

If it is not a trick of the eye and suppose this being is real, I wonder whether it is a hybrid like the hybrids from mars that have allegedly been in contact with people of Earth thousands of years ago?

The history of mankind has numerous examples of skeletons which have cone shaped skulls.

And there is archaeological evidence that establishes a species of Big-Brain Cone head hominids approximately 50,000 (or more) years ago in South Africa, as well as in South America.

Following this, the Cone head hominid appears prominently around images of the ruling Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten (1353BC-1335 BC) and his wife Nefertiti a nice-looking hybrid.

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Planet X-Binary System Enters Earth's Orbit, Government Suppresses Evidence

With rampant earth and climate events occurring on a global scale, mankind is facing trying times. The events that are unfolding are the early signs of the tribulation that will occur on this planet, as the Earth enters into the orbit of the Planet X-binary star system.

The mainstream media and scientific institutions are working hard to avoid having the public see the “big picture” all at once, and are therefore consistently suppressing valuable scientific data and the evidence to substantiate the existence of a rogue planet system orbiting our solar system.

Below a detailed report of actual and on-going (natural and man-made) earth and climate events which occur on a global scale.


April 28, 2016

Yellowstone live cam: Big flash and possible UFO over Elk Refuge near Yellowstone

Yellowstone a reason for concern!

The Yellowstone live cam footage captured by KatMartin2016 on April 16, 2016 shows a new area that has started steaming off and on and places steaming which have never steaming before.

Something weird is really going on there as a big flash (at 4.05 mark first video – left of the screen) comes out of one of the geysers.

UFO captured hovering above the Elk Refuge near Yellowstone?

On April 24, 2016, KatMartin 2016 captured another strange event. While KatMartin 2016 was browsing some live cams and stopped in at the Elk Refuge, and this happened in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night at the Elk Refuge near Yellowstone.

KatMartin2016: This was real on the cam, I don't know what caused it (some kind of reflection?) and I don't know what the bright flashes were (no storms), maybe the reflection comes from a UFO hovering above the Yellowstone area?

The cam ( See second video) recorded the object for almost 2 minutes (from 8.55.43 pm to 8.56.39 pm) therefore I think it is unlikely that the object would have been a bird in flight, but I could be wrong.

So is it possible that the live cam has recorded another unidentified flying object near Yellowstone or the object indeed is a bird? It still does not explain the bright flashes and the reflection that comes from the object.

Note: There's an uptick of UFO sightings in Yellowstone lately, maybe they feed off the energy from the magma moving up underneath the ground somehow they're apparently they're able to store it?

It's the same concept as what we see as lightning at the top of a volcano that's erupting, UFOs are quite often spotted around active volcanoes for that reason.