June 28, 2016

Alien Helmet or Skull and Tiny Alien spotted on Mars?

Yet another bizarre skull or possible helmet found on mars.

This one definitely looks like a space jockey head piece or something very similar.

All the elements are there in the raw NASA image, I have not added anything apart from enhancement to expose details, and colorization, other than that I have added nothing.

The second and third video show another interesting anomaly found by the rover, which looks like a little Martian.

Whatever it is it looks humanoid, reminds me of the Atacama Alien, about the same size too, this one is around 6 inches.


Link original images:
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Bizarre elongated skull from ancient Silla Kingdom discovered in Korea

An ancient skeleton with an unusually long and narrow skull has been discovered in Korea.

The skeleton of a woman was discovered in a traditional wooden coffin in Gyeongju, the capital of the Silla Kingdom – which rose to prominence and ruled between 57 BC and 660 AD making it one of the longest-ruling royal dynasties

The skeleton had been well preserved and scientists were able to date the remains to the 6th century. She would have been around 155cm in height and died in her late 30s.

After reconstructing her skull, however, the team noticed it was morphologically different to other demographic groups of the era. Specifically, her skull was longer and narrower than other skulls dating to this period.


June 27, 2016

Airplane passenger captures strange blue light in the clouds (Video)

A new footage posted to YouTube on June 24, 2016 by user ModernGalaxy purporting to show a UFO being filmed from a plane window.

A powerful blue light from the window caught the attention of a passenger on board the jet airliner when he decided to film the strange phenomenon in the clouds.

As we know, anything that's filmed though a window can pick up any light or lights behind camera, but after a closer look at the object, this does not seem to be the case.

Although the sighting was filmed from an unknown location, it doesn’t seem to be fake or CGI. A reasonable explanation for this phenomenon could be a beacon located at the top of a mountain that emits a blinking shining light skyward unless the blue triangular light belongs to a flying object from unknown origin.