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USB stick found with astonishing 1900s images of planets and UFOs in space

A man named Quisto, living in a small village near Berlin, Germany found a usb stick with a strange symbol carved into it on a parking lot near the so-called "Steintor".

Later on he put the usb stick in his laptop opened it and to his surprise he saw many old 1900's images of what seems like planets, space and UFOs.

According to Quisto, who has no idea who possessed the usb stick, he decided to share the 28 images hoping that someone has an answer to these mysterious images.

It looks like the incredible images are authentic but of course we have to keep in mind that it could be a hoax, but according to a friend of Quisto the stick contains old Voyager satellite recordings and files that are not supposed to be public as he has never seen something like that.

NASA launched the Voyager 1 on September 5, 1977 and the Voyager 2 42 years ago on August 20, 1977, to study the solar system’s most distant planets.

Since its launch, the Voyager 2 has encountered several planets, am…
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Enormous alien intergalactic starships approaching and crossing the Sun recorded by UFO researcher

On November 5, 2019, during sunset UFO researcher Pedro Ramírez recorded two huge unknown objects approaching and crossing the sun.

When he saw two enormous bright UFOs approaching the sun he started to follow them. Then the earth-sized intergalactic starships seem to come even closer to the sun, as if it were a huge sunspot.

Apparently the spacecraft crossing the sun until the moment they are leaving the sun again into deep space.

Not only these new images are again proof that there is a lot of extraterrestrial activity near the sun, but it also indicates that these UFOs may also be able to withstand the enormous pressure and temperature of the sun.

Rare Fish with 'human face' spotted in lake near Miao Village, Kunming, China

No, it is not an alien but a fish with a "human-like face" which was spotted swimming in a lake by a tourist in southwestern China's Kunming on November 5, 2019.

A woman says: "See the fish has become a fairy, it has a human-like face."

According to fish farmers, the fish is actually a kind of carp but how the markings on the fish originated, resemble that of a human's eyes, nose and mouth is a mystery.

Bizarre pyramid-shaped object appears in the sky over Philadelphia

A few days ago a woman named Venetia, spotted a bizarre pyramid-shaped object hovering in the night sky over Philadelphia on which she managed to capture an image of it.

There appears to be an illumination coming from behind the object, which reveals the shape of the anomaly.

Could it be some kind of alien or man-made craft?

Some people have suggested that the pyramid-shaped object may have actually been a secret triangular craft like the TR-3B.

What Do We Really Know? Richard Dolan on Extraterrestrials

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time.

UFOs or UAP definitely constitute a mystery in our society.

If that's true, it is much more true regarding people's claims of alien contact.

How do we process this information?

How do we decide what to believe?

Majestic eagle of fire appears in the sky over Soledade, Brazil

Just on Halloween 2019 Paulo Henrique Pinheiro captured an amazing sky phenomenon over Soldedade in Brazil which he posted on his Facebook page.

Many people witnessed the moment a huge red bird formed in the sky during sunset on which many wondered whether it was a sign of God or not.

But it's not just the strange phenomenon above Brazil, a few days ago, on October 31, 2019 a bizarre pink anomaly appeared in the sky over Tunapuna near Trinidad, see image above.

Satellite images prove that this pink anomaly was not a lenticular cloud, but a phenomenon which is not easy to explain.

Vivid green “ghost crop circle” emerges in brown harvested field in Hampshire, UK

A vivid green “ghost crop circle” that has mysteriously emerged in fresh-looking plants even though it’s the end of October. There are no crops in the fields, trees are turning colors and their leaves falling to the ground before winter snows reports Linda Moulton Howe.

The original wheat pattern recorded by Nick Bull from Stonehenge Dronescapes appeared July 16, 2019 and on October 23, 2019 Nick reported again on this mysterious crop crop circle in Rodfield Lane, Tichborne, Hampshire, U. K.

How is it possible that two months later only this wheat pattern emerging again as if it were spring?

Video 1: Crop Circle on July 16, 2019
Video 2: Same Crop Circle on October 23, 2019.

CCTV at Fort Worth Chevron captures lightning strike leaving 15-foot hole in parking lot - Directed Energy Weapon?

A powerful lightning strike during the storms Wednesday morning, October 30, 2019, left a gaping hole in a Fort Worth parking lot, reports Fox4news.

The Fort Worth Fire Department said it happened just after 6 a.m., near a Chevron gas station on Shadydell Drive and Boat Club Road.

The lightning strike destroyed the concrete, asphalt and debris landed some 65 feet away and it blew a 400-pound diesel pump out of the ground.

It is possible that a lightning strike can cause such a havoc or could it have been a DEW (Directed Energy Weapon)?

Remarkable, the blast comes on the 81st anniversary of “The War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, the one where a strange cylinder falls from the sky and aliens emerge from the ground and attack.

What are they trying to hide on the Moon's surface?

Mysterious tunnels have been discovered on the Moon near the Apollo missions. These two tunnels of 1 km. and 1.7 km long and 5 meters wide, a few meters from the station 6 of the Apollo 17 mission, were discovered by the Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta,

However, as seen in the video, some versions of Google Moon, have removed these pictures.

What could be the reason that they have put a white layer over that area covering these tunnels? What are they trying to hide?

Luckily, Marcelo Irazusta preserved the original images and makes them available to everyone through this video.

The images are from NASA published by Google Moon. If someone wants to verify them you can see these coordinates: 20°18'17.13"N 30°47'28.68"E

Fastwalkers flying at an incredible speed through the sky over Alaska and Argentina

At two separate locations, drones have captured Fastwalkers flying at an incredible speed through the sky respectively over Alaska on October 19, 2019 and Argentina on October 12, 2019.

The Alaska fastwalker flies just above the top of the trees. The video shows the original footage in slow motion as well as in different colors.

The fastwalker captured in Ayacucho, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina passes at full speed in front of the drone, a Dji Phantom. The video recorded at a resolution of 4K at 30 frames per second shows the fastwalker in the original speed as well as in slow motion and enlarged.

Again a weird object falls from the sky during thunderstorm and this time above Concordia, Argentina

It happened two weeks ago when a weird object fell from the sky during a thunderstorm over San Antonio and now it has happened again over Concordia, Argentina on October 27, 2019.

Jésica Bonasola who captured the object said: When returning from the big jump lake because a storm was approaching, I turned on my camera in order to be able to capture a lightning bolt in slow motion, when I reproduce it I see something descending at its side. What do you think?

Just a coincidence that within two weeks strange objects fall out of the sky during a storm or is there more to it?

Reptile-like Alien Being spotted in Curiosity Mars Rover image

NASA Curiosity Mars image SOL 184 shows a small reptile-like alien being in the Yellowknife Bay area, Gale crater on Mars.

Since gigapan images are often clearer then the original NASA images, MPJ created a gigapan image of SOL 184 - MSL Curiosity - Yellowknife Bay area in Gale crater, on which the alien being was subsequently discovered.

There is already evidence that Mars is inhabited by animal species that are like those that exist on Earth in this age, that once existed on Earth in prehistoric times, or that are hybrids that possess the characteristics of two or more Earth species at once.

The discovery of this reptile-like alien being proves once again that there is much diversity of life forms and eventual intelligent life forms represented on the surface of the planet Mars?

Before you check the gigapan image and zoom in on the reptile, watch the short video of Mysteries showing the exact location of the being.

Cube-shaped UFO passing the sun at an enormous speed

On October 22, 2019 NASA's solar satellite captured images of a cube-like UFO passing the sun at an enormous speed. The images were captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), and taken by the helioviewer website.

Swiss researcher Nassim Haramein is convinced that aliens are using our Sun as a gateway for interstellar travel.

He believes the alien spacecraft somehow manipulate the extreme forces and phenomena present in or around the sun into opening portals or wormholes that connect the Solar System to various other places in our universe, maybe going even further than that.

Due to the speed of the object, the video is played in slow motion.

UFO passing the volcano Popocatépetl caught on live cam

Cameras are filming the volcano Popocatépetl in Mexico 24 hours a day. Once again a UFO has been caught on the volcano cam Popocatépetl while passing the volcano on October 22, 2019.

The bright object has no wings or other visible parts which means it can't be a plane, helicopter or drone.

Although people have reported strange lights or the appearance of unidentified flying objects at the volcano since years, there is no explanation why the volcano is visited so often by strange objects.

Does ball lightning move like this or is it something else?

On September 19, 2019 a dashcam recorded a ball of fire coming out of a thunderstorm over Russia.

Ball lightning (electric orb) is an unexplained and potentially dangerous atmospheric electrical phenomenon and has captivated and mystified us for centuries and although scientists seem to agree ball lightning is real, even if they don't yet fully understand what causes it.

But since this ball of fire follows a very strange trajectory before it disappears we may wonder whether it is ball lightning or something else.

The original video has a high pitched annoying buzz and is twice as long. Willease added the audio track to make it more bearable.

Weird glowing UFO fixed above the moon captured by sky-watcher

A weird glowing UFO emitting pulsating lights has been filmed by a sky-watcher in England. While filming the UFO the camera battery was drained and switched off, and although it is not the first time batteries have switched off during a UFO encounter, there is no explanation for it.

I captured video of this strange glowing object fixed above the moon over SW London England in October, 2019.
As I was filming the object my cameras battery was drained and it switched off.
By the time I got the camera switched back on the object vanished.
To my surprise the camera still had a full battery.

Odd unidentified aerial phenomenon floating over Downtown San Diego

On October 22, 2019, Nene Angulo while driving in traffic saw an unidentified aerial phenomenon floating over Downtown San Diego. The object wasn't moving at all, just floating there.

Nene: It's certainly not a blimp, plane, helicopter or a cloud. I think the UAP may have contributed to the extra heavy traffic that morning. I shot it, and uploaded it straight from my phone.

Witness of Another World: A Real Close Encounter!

Witness of Another World is a new documentary about a lonely gaucho who lives a solitary existence on a remote farm ever since he witnessed a UFO and the strange entities inside as a child.

Filmmaker Alan Stivelman - together with the help of well-known scientist and researcher Jacques Vallée -begin an epic journey to help Juan in understanding the deep meaning of his close encounter.

This true story shows the long-term consequences of close encounters, proving that no one is exempt from a potential contact.

Watch the movie here:

Something weird falls from the sky during lightning storm in San Antonio

It happened during a storm in San Antonio on October 16, 2019 when suddenly a dark object fell from the sky at the time of a lightning strike.

Watching the video, the dark object appears next to the lightning strike before it falls to the ground. It is unknown what the object might have been but what makes it weird is that it's faster than the lightning.

The photographer said that he was recording to lightning on super slow mode when he caught the object.

Huge UFO hovering off coast Saint Pierre, Réunion

The footage captured on October 11, 2019 at about 18h 19h shows a huge UFO hovering just above the water surface of the ocean near the Island Réunion. until it slowly moves up into the sky and disappears.

The witness said that she noticed something like a dark mass on the ocean that rose stagnant over the water and when she looked through her telescope she saw this bizarre shape on which she started to film the UFO until it disappeared

Suppose this UFO came out of the water, could it be that there is an UFO / USO underwater base near the island of Reunion?

Remarkable, the UFO is similar to the UFOs that have been photographed from a US submarine in 1971.

Bright UFO speeds up, slows down, changes direction caught on camera over Russia

Thanks to Scott Waring - ET Data Base who states: This UFO was caught over Russia last week. The eyewitness mistakenly identified it as ball lightning. However ball lightning is not this big, nor can it change speeds like this does.

Also this UFO seems to change speed as it gets closer to the eyewitness. The UFO speeds up, slows down dramatically, then speeds up again. Only an intelligently controlled device could have some control over its speed.

This is also not a plane because it has no wings, and its speed is too fast. This can't be a meteor because its not being pulled down by gravity, but flying horizontal across the sky.

Weird pyramid-shaped alien object spotted in the sky above Munich, Germany

New video from Mrmb333 shows a strange blinking and flashing object in the sky that de-cloaks itself into a v-shaped craft.

Besides the strange v-shaped craft the video shows unnatural sky phenomena where a pyramid-shaped object in the sky above Munich in Germany is the most striking phenomenon which cannot be easily explained.

Could it be that it a hologram projected from another dimension or this pyramid-shaped object, wherein the outlines of the pyramid are clearly recognizable, is an alien space ship like a Vimāna as described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics?

Car driver captures weird object in the sky over Texas

While driving on a highway in Texas on October 14, 2019 Almagro Velasquez noticed an unknown cigar-shaped object in the sky on which he started to film the object that apparently did not move at all.

Please take a look and decide for yourself whether it is a UFO, a blimp or just a strange cloud formation.

Giant 'alien-like' squid egg in underwater bubble found by divers in Arctic Ocean

The deep ocean is a mysterious world. Now it appears that Norwegian divers (Ronald Raasch) found a strange bag filled with liquid in the Arctic Ocean.

A huge underwater bubble was discovered by a group of scientists who were studying the state of the ocean. Swimming to the ball, divers lit it with a flashlight, which allowed a closer look at its insides.

While it almost looks like there is an alien-like figure inside the underwater bubble, it turns out that it is a rare jelly-like structure intended to protect the offspring of squid inside.

Original full video:

Sky-watcher captures two odd flashes next to the Orion Constellation

On October 9, 2019 a sky-watcher captured two unknown and odd split second flashes next to the Orion Nebula.

DiversityJ - Ohio Skywatching: It's been a long time coming -- Orion and Orion's Nebula in the early morning Ohio sky. Also, there were 2 separate split second flashes out by the constellation. 4:36am to 5:23am, Wednesday Oct 9th 2019, NE Ohio (USA) 42°F (5°C), Southern Sky.

Photos & Video from the Canon 90D & F/2.8 17-55mm Lens & F/2.8 70-200mm L III. Lens Photos Processed in Lightroom Classic. Everything put together in Final Cut Pro X

It is unknown whether these flashes or signals came from alien spacecraft or not but it is known that huge cigar-shaped UFO flying through space next to the Orion Constellation.