July 30, 2014

Tourist films a UFO from a bus in Nevada by Area 51

A tourist films a UFO from a bus window while traveling through Nevada, July 2014.

Sandra Q. said she was filming out of the window of the bus and saw something fly past really fast. She assumed the object was just a bird or debris.

She added that the object went so fast she really did not react besides trying to film in the direction it flew off in. She zooms in on top of the mountain, but the UFO flew past it already.

When Sandra reviewed the tape, she quickly realized that she filmed a UFO, unless the object is a black-budget aircraft.

Blogger Tricks

Skywatcher recorded metallic UFO moving in the sky over New York

Melvin Harris in New York has recorded amazing videos.

One of them was on April 27, 2014. The Skywatcher recorded a clear UFO moving in the sky.

The footage shows a metallic UFO and the reflection of the sunlight on its surface.


The spiritual messages of the 2014 Crop Circles

Crop Circle season in England has brought great surprises.

The circles are not appearing where they used to. They appear in other places. And it happen in crops in England and other countries.

There are more spiritual messages in these formations. Several researchers have talked about the number 555. A number to contrast the known 666. The number of the beast.

Circles as a symbol of perfection and spirituality.