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Sky-watcher spotted Secret Base in the Apenine Lunar Mountains

Constructed lines running parallel to one another in the Apenine Lunar Mountains could be an indication that someone has built a secret space base on the moon.

Coincidence or not but almost similar constructed lines running parallel to one another have also been spotted in in Antarctica.

This enormous structure of 600 x 600 meters also could be an operational base, but who has built it and why in the middle of nowhere? Is it a research station or is it used for other more secret purposes?

Not only you have to zoom all the way to the surface to find this structure but normally Google Earth mentions the name of the base, but not in this case which is very strange if you have nothing to hide.

The video below shows the moon base and more surface close up's in 5K. high quality.

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Spinning UFO crosses the dark side of the Moon before disappearing into deep space

A spinning unidentified flying object crosses the moon before it disappears into deep space.

Notice the ring of energy when it crosses the dark side of moon.

The UFO was observed on 01.02.2020 and captured with a Camera Nikon p900, 30fps, exposure compensation.

NASA tracks cone-shaped UFO before it disappears into deep space

The ISS live feed cam captures a cone-shaped metallic object for about 22 minutes before it moves upwards and disappears into deep space.

The stunning footage, recorded on February 21, 2020, has led to many speculations about what the object could be.

While many people suggest that it is a real UFO, whether alien or a man-made spacecraft belonging to the space fleet, others say that the cone-shaped object is a satellite or a probe intended for experimental purposes in deep space, released by the ISS.

Strange space vehicles seem to appear out of flashes of light - There is a big cover up underway?

Strange things going on in space lately.

The following video recorded from the ISS live feed cam shows multiple flashes of light in space on which several unidentified flying objects seem to appear out of these flashes.

Where do these strange space vehicles come from and who are the pilots? They were teleported through time from another dimension?

And could it be that these advanced machinery have anything to do with the strange green / yellow anomalies / craft that have been seen in space in recent weeks? if so, then what could be the reason for their arrival?

Now, there are rumors that there is a big cover up underway, these green/yellow craft and the strange space vehicles are but a few of of these types of alien spacecraft. It seems there are larger spacecraft en route to Earth and the global military powers, British, USA, China, Russia, etc. are gearing up for a code red alert "Status unknown spacecraft."

The following video recorded by Jujubee's Adams last week, u…

What's wrong with this satellite image of Saunders Island?

There is a list of satellite map images with missing or unclear data. Some locations on free, publicly viewable satellite map services have such issues due to having been intentionally digitally obscured or blurred for various reasons.

Now take a look at the imagery of Saunders Island, a crescent-shaped island 8.8 km (5.5 mi) long, lying between Candlemas Island and Montagu Island near Antarctica and you see that the images having been intentionally digitally obscured by Google Earth.

We may wonder why they have digitally obscured a part of the island or it must be that they have to hide something!

Something like a never-seen-before lake of bubbling lava under the island?

The shocking discovery was made by the British Antarctic Survey using powerful satellite imagery of the Southern Hemisphere.

The Antarctic survey confirmed not only the presence of molten lava in the crater of Mount Michael, an active volcano on Saunders Island but this lava lake is the eighth of its kind to be found…

Disc-shaped UFOs spotted on mountain ridge in Antarctica

There have been a number of unexplained Google Earth sightings in Antarctica recently and now zooming in on a mountainous region, we found what appears to be several disc-shaped UFOs on a mountain ridge of the Victory Mountains.

Whether the UFOs have crash landed, part of a secret military project or may be of extraterrestrial origin, is not clear, but there is clearly a lot of activity around these disc-shaped objects.

First location:  2 UFOs and operational base  UFOs: 40 meters in diameter  Coordinates: 73° 4'46.72"S 73° 4'46.72"S 

Second location:  3 UFOs and operational base  UFOs: 10 meters in diameter  Coordinates: 73° 4'50.32"S 167°41'36.31"E

Huge UFO hurtling towards the Moon in 5K

BruceSeesall shows a UFO hurtling towards the moon. The footage was captured last year. We get in close in 5K strong magnification.

Other UFO sightings as shown in the video: Directional changes seen in infrared camera...UFO changing directions in the skies of Montreal Canada and UFO's plunging in and out of clouds on the moon seen in high quality 5K.

Nimitz technician breaks confidentiality agreement to report his close encounter with Tic Tac UFO

Davy Beaty is the director of the Nimitz Encounter. He shares details of a meeting he had with a Navy technician who was aboard the E-2 Hawkeye plane supporting the F-18 jets sent out to intercept the Tic Tac UFOs seen on the Princeton radar system.

The technician stated that he could see a Tic Tac from the window of his plane which appeared to be flying at about the same altitude.

He also told Beaty about the non-disclosure agreement he and the others on the plane were required to sign after the incident. "It wasn't really a volunteer process, it was more a 'sign this and don't ever talk about what you saw'," he explained.

Beaty also reveals he has spoken to a second witness who saw men come aboard the Princeton to take all evidence of the encounter.

Massive greenish UFOs flying through space, they keep coming!

Again greenish anomalies/craft have been observed on the ISS live feed app, February 13, 2020.

One unidentified flying object leaving earths atmosphere while a second object seems to remain stationary near the International Space Station.

These strange anomalies/craft keep coming and nobody knows what it could be.

See also our previous articles on these mysterious greenish anomalies.

Weird UFO lands in canyon near coal mining site in Australia

This video was captured by mining workers over two consecutive days last year and shows at least two UFOs from which at least one seems to land in the canyon near a coal mining site in the Middleton Queensland in Australia.

Day 1 - The first sighting shows a craft which almost looks like an upside down pyramid and is a few miles away from the coal mine and probably a couple of hundreds feet width when it goes down in the canyon

Day 2 - The second sighting shows another weird craft surrounded by some sort of energy field. This craft remains motionless in the air for a while before it appears to descend into the canyon too.

Listen to the mining workers when they talk about the craft which apparently seems to land in the canyon.

Fast moving V-shaped UFO caught on NASA live stream

During NASA's ISS live stream on February 10, 2020 a glowing V-shaped UFO appears on the horizon and flies at high speed through space until it disappears.

It is certainly not a reflection or some sort of flare since the recording clearly shows that the UFO is moving at high speed from the right to the left on the screen. 

It's always the question, whether this v-shaped UFO belongs to the secret space fleet or if it is of extraterrestrial origin.

Melting snow reveals underground ancient city in Antarctica manufactured by advanced civilization

Does melting snow reveal an ancient settlement in Antarctica? Satellite images show unnatural looking markings in the snow which look manufactured by an advanced civilization.

These markings are clearly features of some sort of an ancient hexagon structure, which probably is the dome of a larger structure of building buried beneath the ice sheet and probably part of an underground ancient city. The dome is about 45 meters in diameter with visible walls of 8 meters high.

There are many artificial objects, structures and figures around the dome, a possible man-made entrance to the underground city and what looks like a military base or port in front of the dome, suggesting that the military and scientists already know this location which could mean that they are secretly exploring the underground city.

Click image to see the structure/dome in 1280x720 HD.
A quote taken from the book 'The Lost City of Antarctica, Civilizations of the Ancient World' reads as follows:

Satellite ima…

Secret underground bases located near well known tourist attractions in North Carolina

Author and researcher, Mary A. Joyce, is the editor of the Sky Ships over Cashiers website which features cutting-edge and unusual topics.

She detailed her work investigating a variety of anomalous phenomena in her home state of North Carolina.

This includes underground military bases located near well-known tourist attractions in the state, yet, so well camouflaged that few people know they exist.

According to a source she interviewed, a city-sized secret base that is totally self-sufficient, is located underneath PARI, an astronomical education and research center, located about an hour from Asheville.

This is a flying saucer hidden in a cloud over Nevada?

This footage was taken in Nevada on January 29, 2020 on the break of dawn.The witness noticed a huge flying saucer shaped cloud which looks like a huge craft hiding in a cloud.

Lenticular clouds are often comparable in appearance to a flying saucer and probably it is just a regular cloud.

But I have my suspicions since there are undoubtedly man-made or extraterrestrial flying objects with cloaking capabilities that are kept secret from the public.

Again a huge unknown greenish anomaly approaching the ISS - NASA cut off live feed!

For the fourth time within 2 weeks a huge greenish anomaly has been recorded via the ISS live feed app. This time, Tyler Lame captured several images of the anomaly before NASA cut off the live feed.

These anomalies are alien craft or bioforms in space? Or could it be that these greenish anomalies are debris from a huge celestial body that approaches our planet?

Whatever it is, it is certainly something that needs to be monitored.

Like Tyler Lame said: Someone please help me find out what this is. And why it gets cut off right after seeing it? Just like when everyone saw the ship approaching the ISS then it cut off.

Read also:
NASA abruptly cuts live feed ISS after THIS appears over the U.S. 
Huge greenish anomalies and formation of bright lights moving in space

Pilots observe a UFO over Ireland and communicate with ground control

The UFO sighting over Ireland took place two years ago. Skip right to 5:05 if you only want to hear the conversation between pilots and ground control.

Conversation between pilots and ground control.

BAW94: Shannon, Speedbird 94?
EISN East ctr: Go Ahead.
BAW94: Is there any military traffics up right now?
EISN East ctr: There's nothing showing on either primary or secondary.
BAW94: Okay, it was moving so fast and were just wondering what it was. Thank you.
EISN East ctr: Alongside You?
BAW94: It came up on our left hand side and then rapidly veered tot the north. We saw a bright light and then it disappeared at a very high speed. We were just wondering. We didn't think it was likely collision course. We were just wondering what that could be.
IBK1768: ...Meteor or another object making some kind of re-entry. Appeared to be multiple objects followinf the same sort of trajectory and very bright where we were.
EISN West ctr: Okay, that's copied. Is there a direction it was go…

Weird spot in Antarctica depicts a giant wolf-like creature bending over an ancient symbol

Antarctica: A weird and unnatural looking spot in the middle of nowhere. What we see is an enormous overgrown spot of about 145 meters x 70 meters resembling a giant wolf like creature bending over an ancient symbol.

The wolf like creature and ancient symbol can only be seen from the sky, like the famous Nasca Lines in Peru, and are probably geoglyphs engraved in the soil of Antarctica thousands of years ago.

Click image to enlarge.
Apart from the question who made it and what it could mean, we may wonder whether this ancient design was created to attract aliens and was made big enough so that the aliens could see it from space or maybe the wolf and symbol stem from ritualistic behavior?

Coordinates: 77° 3'27.48"S 126°23'50.76"W

This is the missing massive Snow Cruiser in Antarctica?

Satellite images from 1984, which we have received from third parties, show a massive vehicle in the snow of Antarctica. Could it be the infamous snow cruiser? The 1984 images have since been censored by Google Earth.

The Antarctic Snow Cruiser with a length of 17 meters and a heigh, wheels extended of 4.9 meters was a vehicle designed from 1937 to 1939 intended to facilitate transport in Antarctica during the United States Antarctic Service Expedition (1939–41). The Snow Cruiser also known as "The Penguin, arrived at Little America in the Bay of Whales, Antarctica in early January 1940.

The massive Snow Cruiser generally failed to operate as hoped under the difficult conditions, and was eventually abandoned in Antarctica.

During Operation Highjump in late 1946, an expedition team found the vehicle and discovered it needed only air in the tires and some servicing to make it operational.

In 1958, an international expedition uncovered the snow cruiser using a bulldozer. It was cove…

Did Area 51 accidentally admit it reverse engineers UFOs? Maybe, Docs Show

Several government whistleblowers have claimed a secretive "Project Redlight" was carried out near Area 51 with an effort to reverse engineer extraterrestrial craft.

Now, never-before-noticed documents confirm a Project Redlight was real, and it was operated inside Project Oxcart, a program designed to test experimental aircraft.

No official definition stating Redlight's purpose (or the nature of its test vehicles) has been declassified, but interestingly, near the same time it was ongoing, a major defense contractor was researching propulsion methods behind unidentified flying object (UFO) data, and attempting to figure out how the craft worked, and how they could be controlled by a pilot.

Huge greenish anomalies and formation of bright lights moving in space

On January 19 strange greenish anomalies have been recorded via the ISS live feed app. which you can see Here.

Now, for the second and a third time, another witnesses using the same ISS live feed app recorded a new group of these strange anomalies and something like a huge formation of bright objects moving next to the greenish anomalies on February 1 and on February 2, 2020.

What could it be?
Moon fragments from a possible meteorite impact on the Moon, as some people suggested?
It seems unlikely.
So what is going on in space?

Unidentified Submerged Object emerging from the Hudson Bay in Antarctica

Commonly known as Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs) there have been numerous reports over the last 4 decades of startling appearances of under water objects suddenly emerging from the oceans.

The infamous and embattled Julian Assange had made prior comments to the announced release of many of his controversial intelligence leaks that there would be UFO related materials.

Such was the case when Wiki Leaks revealed alleged compromised Department of Defense cable communications indicating that US armed forces may be in the midst of a secret war with UFOs.

According to ufodigest, the sources that were revealed, there was an all out alert issued by Air Force Space Command after the emergence of a large flotilla of airborne unidentified objects from the floor of the Southern Seas of the Antarctic. This armada of unknown objects headed toward Guadalajara, Mexico.

With US warplanes deployed and all radars intensified on the inbound targets, the massive UFO fleet supposedly dimensionally …

Cloaked Pyramid Craft captured over Tulsa, Oklahoma?

A video uploaded by Mrmb333 on February 1, 2020 shows besides two strange clusters of light that fly through the sky and come very close together, several rare sky phenomena from around the world.

But the most amazing image captured by a citizen from Tulsa shows a pyramid shaped cloud in the sky.

Lenticular clouds are often comparable in appearance to a flying saucer and even there are pyramid shaped lenticular clouds looking like the one depicted in the image below. But after checking various sources I could not find a cloud similar to the pyramid cloud.

Image left: Pyramid shaped lenticular cloud - Image right: Pyramid cloud/craft Tulsa, Oklahoma.
I can be wrong, but in my opinion the strange looking cloud over Tulsa is not a normal cloud but more likely a cloaked pyramid shaped craft equipped with advanced technology, whether it is military or extraterrestrial.

The strange pyramid cloud comes days after a witness captured a giant metallic disc with portholes in the sky over Tulsa, …

Grey Alien peering from behind a rock on Mars

What looks like a grey alien entity on Mars peering from behind a rock, watching the Mars Rover?

Quite small, but facial features are quite clear.

Could this entity live underground in the area around the Gale Crater as some have suggested?

Gigapan: Gale Crater Curiosity Rover Sol 1450 (grey alien left side gigapan image).

Cube like UFO flying at high altitude captured by Pilot Viva Air

During a commercial flight over Medellin, Colombia, a pilot of Viva Air noticed a strange object flying towards the plane on which he decided to record it.

The UFO that looks like a cube then passes the aircraft at a safe distance.

What are these objects flying at hypersonic speed and the ability to fly with no obvious wings, tail or exhaust.

Enormous mysterious structure found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

As part of our project 'crashed UFOs and secret operational bases in Antarctica' my friend Frederick has found something extraordinary at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Zooming in on the underwater structure it looks like a giant bridge of 38 KM has been built in ancient times.

The entire area around and below the bridge looks very strange as if there is some sort of entrance under the bridge.

The roads connected to the bridge seem to go to a possible underwater base and to a strange looking zigzag underwater structure that looks like a conductor.

The size of the zigzag structure is enormous and covers an area of about 255 km x 136 km. It is remarkable that the lines in the zigzag structure all have the same dimensions.

Enhanced images of the same objects - click images to enlarge.

Suppose these objects were built artificially, then who built them?

Bridge: 43°47'18.02"S 1° 9'6.08"W
Zigzag Structure: 51°56'5.50"S 5°33'2.62"W
Possible …