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NASA cuts live feed after showing alleged Black Knight Satellite

Yesterday, NASA and Elon Musk's SpaceX were forced to abort their Falcon 9 rocket launch just 16 minutes before the planned blast off, because of looming tropical storms near Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. 

But was the SpaceX Dragon aborted due to bad weather conditions? According to Florida Maquis, the thunderstorms ended in the early evening, and the weather actually cleared up a short time after the mission was aborted. 
Indeed the launch was aborted because of weather issues and it would have been fixed in 10 minutes, but the lift off could not wait, because the fast-changing position of the ISS meant the rocket would have missed the target even leaving just seconds after the scheduled launch.
Nevertheless, Florida Maquis goes on and states that he noticed on the live feed, a strange anomaly near the International Space Station and suggested that maybe NASA aborted the launch due to this unidentified object speculating that it could have been the Black Knight Sa…
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Fear grips locals after Giant Creature appears on a mountain range in Mexico

Locals claim seeing a giant creature on a mountain range near San Luis Potosí's Huasteca Region, Mexico last week and even they photographed the creature with their cellphones. 

Witness report: "I was with my husband, playing with our child, when we heard a boom, like an explosion. Then we looked toward the hillside, from where we thought the sound originated. We thought it was a landslide," said Mrs. Antonia, who could not believe what her eyes were seeing: a tall, thin man. "Like a giant."
"The time was around five thirty in the afternoon; I was very frightened. My husband mocked me, but when he saw that 'thing' he got scared and said we should get into the house, even though we were far away." This is the account of a young native woman who claims having seen something strange - a large being, immense, looking like a giant. 
Antonia's story matches the testimony given by other residents of the "Ojo de Agua" ejido and adjacent loc…

Ancient Breakaway Civilizations may have been found on Mars and Venus

Hidden details within the many photos NASA releases to the public may be all the proof we need of extraterrestrial civilizations in our solar system. 

Billy Carson, the founder of 4biddenknowledge, heads a team of anomaly hunters who tirelessly pore over every feature in these photos in the pursuit to uncover out of place artifacts strewn about the solar system. 
Take a look at this image, a statue of a human figure, a human face wearing a hat, suggesting that this statue may have been carved by an ancient breakaway civilization that once lived on the planet Mars. 

The next images show what looks like two big hairy creatures, the images left show the back of the being, the images right show a similar being standing behind a rock. 

Could it be that there are still certain (bigfoot) creatures, maybe belonging to an ancient breakaway civilization, walking around on the planet Mars?  Statue and creatures - link:
As we continue to push the limits of discl…

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon descends in Medellin, Colombia

On May 10, 2020 when Diego Franco looked out his window, he saw an unidentified aerial phenomenon that moved horizontally and subsequently descended in Itaguí, an area near Medellin, Colombia.

Diego took his cell phone and started recording the phenomenon until it was lost behind some trees, seconds before the recording ends, you can see how the object changed direction, as it was descending and then moved to the left before it was out of sight (video 1).
But when Diego Franco stopped recording, he noticed that another object with similar characteristics was coming, making almost the same route, on which he also recorded the second object. (video 2).

Rare Black Triangle TR3B cruising at low altitude over London, UK

It doesn't exist officially, but reports generally describe black triangle TR3B crafts as large, silent, black triangular objects hovering or slowly cruising at low altitudes over cities and highways. Sightings usually take place at night. These objects are often described as having pulsing colored lights that appear at each corner of the triangle.

Now, on the evening of May 23, 2020 Louis-Julian saw a strange large triangle craft which was certainly not a plane, helicopter or drone hovering at low altitude over London, UK, on which Louis-Julian decided to record the craft which has all the features of the black triangle TR3B.
What would have been the reason to fly this anti-gravity craft at such a low altitude over London.

Glowing Alien Being appears and then flies away caught on Ohio Security Camera

When Charlene Cox checked the security camera at the back door of the farm house in Ohio on May 21, 2020 she was shocked to see that during the night hours the camera recorded a ghostly glowing apparition that then suddenly flies away in the dark.

Since the glowing apparition depicts a human-like figure it is definitely not a camera malfunction, lens flare or an insect.
Paranormal believers theorize that such a being could be a spiritual being or lingering energy from deceased entities or intelligence existing in a dimension beyond our own.
Besides that it is said that these kind of beings travel via energy lines, it is quite possible that this being was attracted to an energy vortex or electromagnetic field near the farm house.

UFO Crash in Magé, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 12, 2020 - True or Hoax?

An alleged UFO, which would have crash landed in the city of Magé, in Rio de Janeiro on May 12, 2020 receiving coverage in local Brazilian media and became a trending topic on social media, but there are no official records from local authorities and the Air Force about any such incident.

Many people stated that it crashed near the territory of IMBEL (Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil = Brazilian Military Material Industry) on which then gun shots and explosions have been heard which is very unusual.
A woman was there at the entrance of IMBEL and saw people (maybe workers) from IMBEL leaving the place and asked them about the UFO event, one of them nodded his head saying "yes"
Some say it was shot down some say it crashed. It made a loud impact noise when it was downed. Helicopters and aircraft were seen a few moments later as well as military vehicles were in the area for 24 hours.
But is it true? There are good reasons to be very careful about this story. 
The video belo…

Secret Triangle Craft Appears To Lift Off The Moon

On May 4, 2020 Linda Miller using a Nikon P1000 Super-telephoto digital camera captured, besides a lot of bats and birds, something that looks like it lifts off the surface of the Moon. 

Although it difficult to judge what the object could be because of the distance, the object clearly has a triangular shape and the way it moves, stops and changes directions before it disappears into space suggests that it could be a secret military spacecraft.
Since many countries are very busy dominating space, including secret space operations, could it be that someone already has built a launch base on the Moon?

Fleet of UFOs flying past the ISS at an incredible speed

The footage you will see is not something that normally happens during the sunrise as seen from the International Space Station live feed. 

Willease who spotted the fleet on the ISS live stream was shocked when he saw it, but being a skeptic he checked all the sunrises thus far today and none of them show what this one does. 
As we have reported before, a first and a second wave of UFOs appeared in February through the first weeks of April and now the International Space Station live cam captured again a massive fleet of Unidentified Flying Objects flying past the ISS at an incredible speed on May 18, 2020. 
As said before, it is of course difficult to determine what the reason could be for the displacements of all these UFOs, but it may be an indication that something is going on in space that forces all these UFOs to move to other locations.

Elongated UFO disguised as cloud seen on ISS Live Stream

On May 15, 2020, the ISS live cam captured an extremely odd object that hovers above the cloud formations. 

If you look at the object, it doesn't look like a cloud, but rather a solid object, suggesting it could be a cloaked UFO.

Ex NASA Employee is Fed Up of the Lies - What 's on our Moon is Mindblowing!

Over the last 20 years, more and more people who have worked with NASA have come forward to reveal the shocking truth, that our moon is occupied and has been for a very very long time. 

Our strange natural satellite orbiting Earth is a monitoring facility and is far from natural. 
They’re hiding from us because they know we’d end up getting free energy and there technologies that would be bad for the big corporations that run the world.

Amateur Astronomer captures massive artificial structures on the Moon

Amateur Astronomer Bruce Swartz captured several massive artificial structures on the moon. Looking at these structures, we may wonder who built it, the secret alliance on earth or the aliens? 

Besides the artificial structures on the moon hiding under a cloudy hazy surface, also unknown objects hitting the moon, UFOs flying to and from the moon, explosions on the moon and UFOs on the Moon.
All the proof right here in the latest video of sky-watcher Bruce Swartz.

60 Mysterious peculiar cubes with sacred numerical inscriptions found in Coventry river

A magnet fisherman out with his two young sons at a river in Coventry reeled in almost 60 mysterious cubes thought to show a sacred numerical inscription.
He posted images of the cubes on Facebook and content sharing website Reddit to try and find out more about his unusual catch. 

Based on the responses, he believes the objects are connected to a Hindu prayer ritual. “What I learned is that they are Indian in origin and they show incantations for prayers which take effect when they are thrown in running water.”
According to the coventrytelegraph, other than a different face on one side, all of the cubes are identical, possibly because they contain a numerical formula to summon the protection of Rahu, described by the Shrivinayaka Astrology website as a planet with God-like powers.
Rahu’s sphere of control includes thieves, magicians, snakes, poison, jails and isolated places, according to the resource.  
Responses to the pictures on social media suggest the characters are in Sanskrit, the…

Drone Caught A Fastwalker Speeding Over Medvednica, Croatia

A drone accidentally recorded a UFO or more likely a fastwalker moving at an incredible speed over Medvednica, Zagreb, Croatia.

On May 10, 2020.a drone owner was shooting video material for his video with his drone and in the montage he noticed a white object moving at high speed towards the drone, but he couldn't identify what it could be.
“Fastwalker” is a term used by NORAD and branches of armed forces to describe unidentified aerial phenomena moving and/or changing directions at high speed far beyond what current aerospace technology is capable of.
Usually these objects are observed in space and although it is assumed that these objects only move in space, in recent years, these fastwalkers have also been filmed while moving through our atmosphere at such an incredible speed that is not perceptible to the naked eye.
The Croatia footage shows such a mysterious fastwalker.

The Air Force Said This Object Was The Moon. Was It?

Before Project Blue Book came Project Grudge, an Air Force project its director later admitted was to debunk the UFO phenomenon. One file buried in the Grudge data concerns a cylindrical object photographed above Manhattan in 1950 — by one of New York City's most prestigious photographers (now featured in the Library of Congress).

The photographer, Irving Underhill, was adamant what was in the photo was an object, that wasn't there before or after it was shot.
The Air Force, though, had other ideas. They believed he misidentified the Moon, and forgot he was taking a time-lapse image.
In this video, we'll explore that hypothesis, and show its many issues, including the USAF's statement that the photo happened during sunset (the only time the Moon was in that part of the sky). Underhill's photo, taken at night, was used for a postcard titled "Night Lights from Queensboro Bridge."
In isolation, this may not be a big deal. But the early 1950s were full of cyli…

Surf Webcam shut down after USO appears along the coast of Beacons in Encinitas, California

A surf webcam located at Beacons accidentally recorded a glowing USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) which suddenly appeared along the coast of Encinitas, California on May 7, 2020.

The witness, who submitted the video to Mufon, describes the remarkable UFO sighting as follows: "Around 10:30 pm my son was viewing the surf webcam video located at Beacons in Encinitas. Around the 3 min mark you can see an orange object in the lower left quadrant of the screen."

"We observed the object rises up from the ocean then submerge. All the while being able to see the orange object with an orange tail/exhaust hovering above the ocean. Then submerged, then began flashing while the light moving very fast. When it looked like it was at the horizon, ascended, flashed and then disappeared."

"The day after this particular sight had been shut down and the video was gone. Luckily my son had saved the video."

This is another proof that there is a secret underwater UFO base of…

Weird 500-mile-wide anomaly moves at an incredible speed over Canada seen on radar

On May 8, 2020 Mrmb333 noticed a huge radar anomaly and thought it was just a Dopler radar signature until he realized that it was over 500 miles wide moving from Northern Idaho into the Saskatchewan/Alberta border within a split second.

Given the incredible speed it jumped from South West to North East, it must have been something other than a flock of birds or a cloud of small pieces of aluminium, called chaff.

Although it remains unclear, could it be that the weather radar has reflected on something that came from space?

Huge ‘apocalyptic’ dust cloud sweeps over Niger capital Niamey

A huge ‘apocalyptic’ sandstorm swept over Niger capital Niamey on May 4, 2020 and was captured on film. The large plumes of dust appear to be hundreds of metres high as they engulf the city.

It lasted a few minutes, bringing a red darkness in mid-afternoon, and caused air traffic to stop temporarily.

Sandstorms are common across west Africa during the dry season which usually lasts from January to April. They sweep Saharan sand through Niger and neighbouring countries, out towards the Atlantic Ocean.

The Blackout: Invasion Earth (2020)

"Someone or something is plunging humanity into darkness…Shout Studios has released an official trailer for a sci-fi action thriller titled The Blackout: Invasion Earth (2020). The movie is available, everywhere from June 2, 2020.

Thanks to who writes the following regarding to this new movie:

Contact between most towns on Earth has been severed. A small ring-like area in Eastern Europe still has electricity, and maybe even life is being reported from space.

What military forces find outside "the Ring" is shocking. There are dead everywhere: in stores, in cars, on roads, in hospitals and railway stations.

Who or what is destroying all life on Earth? How long will the last outpost of mankind survive? But I'm not really sure what the heck is going on. Aliens?

Is this movie another Hollywood pre-warning for an unprecedented event we may expect soon? Watch the trailer and listen carefully to the dialogue in the movie.

NASA photograph shows huge Saucer-shaped UFO above the Moon's surface

Some claims have been made that these are image anomalies created during the processing of the film. NASA itself has not made this claim. In fact, they don't give any explanation about them at all in spite of repeated requests.

Willease who spotted the anomaly in a NASA photograph taken during the Apollo 12 mission states: "Now folks, is there really anything else I can show you that even comes close to being as interesting as this?"

Indeed, it doesn't look like it is an image artifact but a UFO that moves above the lunar surface with a second UFO visible close behind the saucer-shaped UFO.

But there is more to see, what about the huge pyramid structure which can be seen in the same photo, which makes me wonder whether these UFOs have anything to do with this ancient pyramid or not.

Phenomenal mysterious blue light appears in the sky over Madrid, Spain

Social media users have been engaged in heated debates over mysterious blue lights that were spotted in different places across the world, including Australia, Spain, and the United States.

According to Sottnet, users argued over the origin of these enigmatic lights, some claimed that they appeared naturally as a result of the piezoelectric effect. One user wrote: "If large slabs of Quartz crystal in the earth crust compress at a specific angle it causes a large electric field to generate a local equivalent of an aurora in the sky above".

Others contended that the government or Elon Musk's company SpaceX were testing new technology.

Still others thought that these mysterious lights were evidence of extraterrestrial life and a sign of impending catastrophe. "The world or our reality is shifting. I can just feel it. I think there's some sort of hidden battle going on and it's being noticed by many now.

One of the newest videos showing similar blue lights was t…

UFO crash researcher Leonard Stringfield's live interview with an alien being by Richard Dolan

Although the UFO news is currently talking up the latest Pentagon admission of the validity of those pesky videos commonly known by their filenames 'Flir,' 'Go Fast,' and 'Gimbal,' that were released over two years ago, they are still in the "we don't know what these are" phase of public discourse.

But the research of the late Leonard Stringfield shows how weak that position is. Stringfield pioneered the research of UFO crash retrievals. He made contact with countless individuals.

Unlike many of today's researchers who talk about "whistleblower" testimony, Stringfield was actually careful and professional, vetting his sources to the greatest extent possible. His cases are worth careful review.

Richard and Tracey discuss yet another incredible Stringfield case, this time an alleged one-on-one with an alien being. This was one of Stringfield's last cases. He died in 1994. You don't want to miss this one.

Mysterious Pulsating Beams Of Light Coming From Venus

Several days ago something strange has happened in deep space. A sky-watcher has captured multiple pulsating beams with its infrared camera / telescope that seemingly came from the planet Venus.

The sky-watcher refers to a gigantic object (second video - jump to the 8 minutes mark), that looks like it is as long as Oumuamua, that came over Venus and wonders whether this object could have caused the flashes or pulsating beams.

Another possibility for the multiple bright flashes could be massive explosions caused by asteroids hitting the planet.

Anyway, whatever it may have been, something very unusual has happened near or on the planet Venus.

STARlink - STARtrek - The Tholian Web

What's worse than a train of Starlink satellites cutting across an astro-photo? Two trains of Starlink satellites cutting across an astro-photo. In the Czech republic on April 19th, amateur astronomer Zdenek Bardon captured perhaps the first picture of two orthogonal Starlink trains in a single image.

Image left: Credit Zdenek Bardon showing the astonishing image of the cross-hatch pattern made by Starlink satellites.
"I was trying to photograph disintegrating Comet ATLAS (C2019 Y4)," says Bardon. "My local night sky suffers from light pollution, and stacking of multiple exposures is necessary in order to image the comet. Unfortunately, I had not considered the trajectories of the Starlink satellites, and many of my exposures were contaminated."

This is the latest illustration of a growing problem. To date, SpaceX has launched 360 Starlink satellites, with more than 12,000 planned.

Elon Musk said satellites launched from next month will also have 'sunshade…

Astronomers discover mysterious red planet that never existed?

What astronomers thought was a planet beyond our solar system has now seemingly vanished from sight, suggesting that what was heralded as one of the first exoplanets to ever be discovered with direct imaging likely never existed.

According to Physorg. two University of Arizona astronomers conclude that NASA's Hubble Space Telescope was instead looking at an expanding cloud of very fine dust particles from two icy bodies that smashed into each other. Hubble came along too late to witness the suspected collision but may have captured its aftermath. The missing-in-action planet was last seen orbiting the star Fomalhaut, 25 light years away.

The suspected exoplanet, named Fomalhaut b, was first announced in 2008, based on data from 2004 and 2006.

The object was bright in visible light—highly unusual for an exoplanet, which is simply too small to reflect enough light from its host star to be seen from Earth. At the same time, it did not have any detectable infrared heat signature again…