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NASA abruptly cuts live feed ISS after THIS appears over the U.S.

The ISS live feed was interrupted by NASA at the moment a weird UFO-like anomaly appears in front of the the camera.

Jujubee's Adams had just turned on his ISS app to take a look when some kind of object appeared on the live feed, so Adams took some photos and a video of the strange anomaly, just before NASA abruptly cuts the live broadcast.

And it is not the first time NASA cuts the live feed from the International Space Station. At the moment alien objects appear on camera, they switch over to the well known screen and text that there is a sudden loss of signal between the station and the communications network.

The following video recorded by Adams on January 22, 2020 is a clear example of how NASA is trying to disguise the existence of UFOs and other unknown advanced objects in space.

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Pilot captures UAP hovering over Zion National Park, Utah

A professional pilot has filed a report which contains clear video of an unidentified object flying in close formation below his aircraft.

The video was recorded while flying at approximately 40,000 feet over Zion National Park Utah in September of 2019 and submitted to Mufon.

Witness report: Video recording is taken from cockpit at 40000 ft of an object flying at a lower altitude over the terrain. Not sure what it is.

Mysterious Chevron shaped UFO passes ISS captured on live feed cam

On January 20, 2020 while watching NASA's live feed, a resident of Brighton, UK noticed a chevron UFO in the background of the International Space Station. The chevron UFO is surrounded by mystery and often compared to the black knight UFO. Besides you may wonder why NASA and other space agencies use the chevron logo.

Witness report: I was on my phone watching the NASA’s spacewalk 63 aboard the ISS aired in real time yesterday on the 20th of January 2020, around 6 hours and 30 mins into the space walk the last astronaut was preparing to enter back into the air lock for depressurization and re-entry into the interior of the ISS.

The two female astronauts involved in the spacewalk included Christina Koch and Jessica (can’t remember the surname).

I was watching Jessica on her way to the air lock impressed with the quality of the camera being used filming the final moments of the spacewalk on the exterior of the ISS, and then I noticed something strange in the bottom right corner of t…

Crashed UFOs and secret operational bases in Antarctica Part 2

Part 2: Secret operational bases in Antarctica.

Crashed UFOs and secret operational bases in Antarctica is an ongoing project, which started several years ago, carried out by UFO researcher Frederick living in South Africa in collaboration with UFO Sightings Hotspot.

Many secret operational bases in Antarctica are camouflaged by snow and on Google Earth camouflaged by fake clouds, fake cloud vapor, fake snow, blurred and blacked-out images.

There are huge secret (extraterrestrial) bases under the ice or partly under the ice, but the structures are disguised as research stations.

To avoid a cover-up of the discoveries, we do not yet release the coordinates. More discoveries will follow soon in part 3.

See part 1: Introduction and Part 1: Crashed UFOs, crashed ancient UFOs in Antarctica

Click images to enlarge.

SpaceX explodes a rocket to show it's launch escape system is safe

SpaceX just took a giant leap forward in its quest to launch astronauts. The private spaceflight company intentionally destroyed one of its rockets on Sunday (Jan. 19) as part of a crucial test of its new Crew Dragon capsule's launch escape system.

The uncrewed test, known as an in-flight abort (IFA) test, is the last major hurdle SpaceX needed to clear before Crew Dragon can begin to carry astronauts to and from the International Space Station (ISS).

According to space.comThe test resulted in a simulated rocket failure around 85 seconds into flight, then saw the Crew Dragon blasted free of its rocket ride less than 90 seconds after liftoff. deployed its drogue parachutes, and the four main chutes followed shortly thereafter.

The capsule splashed down softly about 20 miles (30 kilometers) off the Florida coast 9 minutes after launch.

While the booster tore itself apart in a fireball, the second stage falling 40km and crashing into the ocean at the speed of sound, making a huge exp…

Alien Base beneath Mount Hayes Alaska discovered by an intelligence analyst

By the late 1980s, the Stargate Project was in full swing. Declassified files show the US government had used remote viewing, the ability to psychically see locations at a distance, for over a decade.

When browsing through CIA archives, we found something that made us do a double take: the apparent discovery of three extraterrestrial bases by an intelligence analyst.

The obscure handwritten document, sub-classified “Sun Streak” under purview of the DoD’s Defense Intelligence Agency, describes secret, underground facilities.

One is reported beneath Mount Hayes, Alaska. Despite its status as the highest mountain in the state’s eastern range, Hayes is rarely climbed due to its remoteness and inaccessibility.

It’s also at the epicenter of what locals call the Alaska Triangle…a hot spot for reports of unexplained lights, vanishing hikers and even diminutive beings living in the wilderness.

So, what exactly did the U.S. government discover? And could a subterranean facility have anything…

Massive cloaked Flying Saucer caught on camera near Las Vegas

What appears to be a massive cloaked flying saucer-like UFO has been caught on camera hovering in the sky near Las Vegas.

The video recorded on January 15, 2020 by Rafa Torres who was on the way to Las Vegas came across the strange looking cloud and decided to film the phenomenon. Forward the video to when Rafa lowers the window to get a clear view of the UFO.

Often lenticular clouds have been mistaken for cloaked UFOs particularly in the shape of a "flying saucer", but in this case it is without a doubt a cloaked UFO since there are defined shapes, shadows as well as edges on top of the cloud indicating the upper part of the UFO.

DoD won't release certain "top secret" UFO files

The US Navy has warned that the release of certain "TOP SECRET" UFO files requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) could “gravely damage” US national security.

According to Vice, in response to a recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, a spokesperson from the Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) confirmed that the agency possesses several top-secret documents and at least one classified video pertaining to the 2004 UFO encounter.

The ONI spokesperson said that these documents were either labeled "SECRET" or "TOP SECRET" by the agencies that provided them, and that sharing the information with the public "would cause exceptionally grave damage to the National Security of the United States."

RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports. Then former NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao joins Scottie Nell Hughes to weigh in on the case and the controversy surrounding UFOs and what they might be.

Mystery as chicken lays egg with numbers and symbols depicted on shell

The region of Quixadá in Brazil is known for its many UFO sightings and abduction cases and now something strange has occurred again.

In December 2019, a chicken has laid an egg with numbers and symbols depicted on the shell. Farmer, Raimundo Aluceno, owner of the animal speaks of an egg that has numbers and letters, as if it were "registered" by the chicken.

The news has gone viral and many residents of the region wonder what it could mean. People try to decipher the numbers and symbols and suggest that it points to extraterrestrial life and the connection with beings who visit the region frequently. Others say, the egg shows a date of the apocalypse.

Can you decipher the numbers and symbols depicted on the eggshell?

Alien Abductee Tells All: Inside UFO, Secret Bases On Earth, and more!

Alien abductee Steve Boucher shares 2 incredible stories of close encounters with aliens he had as a child and as a teenager:

1. A UFO stopped Steve and his father on the road one night and one of the beings took his father on-board the ship while another alien sat with Steve in the car for about 20 minutes keeping him company until his father returned.

Steve was about 4 years old at the time. His father confirmed the story in later years when Steve asked him about it, saying he "thought it was a dream."

2. Steve and his band are abducted when driving home from a gig. Four of them are taken on the craft, told to take off all their clothes, and are given a series of tests.

Before taking off, the aliens told Steve he would forget this whole incident, which he soon did, but later remembered it in full detail through hypnosis.

Alien creature clearly visible inside Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon

A project from UAPLeaks.

The 1979 Kaikoura UAP encounter probably is the most documented one.

The Argossy airplane was followed by multiple UAP (5 to be exact!) but what Mr. Crocket, the cameraman did not know is that each time he filmed a UAP it was a different one that approached the airplane.

In this video we will show you the second UAP which we have named the Kaikoura Apple.

Why we named this UAP "apple" will become clear once you have seen this presentation but ... that is not all as for the first time in human history we not only managed to enhance a UAP but also clearly revealed the "ALIEN" in the UAP.

The UAP is surrounded by a layer, completely indiscernible to human eyesight but visible after utilizing the Lucis algorithm. Vertical lines of which we assume they belong to some kind of electro-magnetic field (Note: scanlines are horizontal and never vertical!) run entirely over the UAP but they stop exactly at the edges.

This field scatters light coming f…

UFO researcher unveils crashed UFOs and secret operational bases in Antarctica Part 1

Introduction and Part 1: Crashed UFOs, crashed ancient UFOs in Antarctica.

Crashed UFOs and secret operational bases in Antarctica is an ongoing project, which started several years ago, carried out by UFO researcher Frederick living in South Africa in collaboration with UFO Sightings Hotspot.

Crashed UFO or ancient technology/object under the ice.
Frederick who has been investigating the 3rd Reich theory for about 40 years, spoke to researchers including an ex Nazi in his town who was an electrical engineer. This man told Fredrick that there was a WW2 3rd Reich base and he told about their highly classified flying disc space program but that the world is looking in the wrong place in Antarctica.

Crashed UFO or ancient technology/object under the ice.
Frederick uses Google Earth to confirm the secret bases, crashed UFOs, ancient objects, etc. as well as he collects data from his sources in the Antarctic to confirm certain classified access information, such as protected zones, no-fly …

'Hand of God' appears in the sky over Brazil

A cloud in the shape of a hand was seen by many people in the night of Thursday (01/09) in the cities of Asunción and Juazeirinho, region of Paraíba Cariri in Brazil.

The rare sky phenomenon was photographed by residents just before the 'hand' fell apart.

The curious image was posted on social networks by many residents, whereby one resident said " Look how beautiful, the hand of God is always stretched out for us" reports midiasalouis.

Odd shaped cloaked craft photographed in the sky over Anchorgage, Alaska

Last year on October 17, a citizen from Anchorgage, Alaska witnessed an odd shaped cloaked craft in the sky on which he decided to take some photographs of it.

The photographer who submitted the photos to Mufon for further investigation states:

Upon pulling into the Anchorage Best Buy I saw a stationary object or strange cloud. Initially I thought it was an advertisement balloon of some sort or a strange shaped aircraft.

The object had no movement, whatsoever. It did not waiver, flutter, or change shape in any way.

I estimate the wind speed to be about 7 knots on the ground and the object was a mile away between 1000 and 1500 feet high. There were no lines, cables, or anything else that seemed to be attached. 

After zooming in with my camera, I told myself it was an odd shaped cloud, but it was certainly out of place and seemed to be symmetrical in shape. It didn't seem like a UAV or a drone.

Again, it was completely stationary. There was one other adult female not related to me i…

UFO-like anomaly appears next to the sun caught on camera

Linda Miller was doing some more filming at sunset and caught quite a few anomalies around the sun and and in our atmosphere.

Linda who captured the anomalies on December 29, 2019 is not sure whether the several objects are space junk, space rocks or satellites, or something else, but there is one object that changes direction.

She doesn't point out every single one, see if you can spot them all!

UFO / Light Being takes off from the volcano Colima, Mexico

UFOs near volcanoes are commonly seen on webcams. Also the Colima volcano in Mexico, located approximately 300 miles west of Mexico City is a well known UFO hotspot.

Once again the webcam watching the Colima volcano captured a UFO on December 31, 2019.

The next time-lapse video shows the UFO or light being takes off and hovers over the volcano.

Weird blue glowing orb hovers over railway tracks before it explodes

On January 3, 2020 Vladimiir Kartsovnik posted a bizarre video on his Facebook page showing a blue glowing orb that appears at the edge of the forest.

Next, the orb hovers over the railway tracks and ends up on the other side of the tracks before it explodes.

Whether it is ball lightning or evidence of a spirit or alien orb, so far there is no explanation for this mysterious phenomenon.

Bottom photos rotated and in negative color show an alien face inside the orb.
Although Vladimiir did not mentioned the location, the recording seems to have been made in the regions of Russia.

'Alien Abduction?' Homeowner vanishes in a streak of light recorded by Ring doorbell

A homeowner appeared to vanish in a streak of light when he stepped off his porch in astonishing Ring doorbell footage.

According to coasttocoast it starts with the man exiting his house in Porter, Texas.

In the video, the man can be seen exiting the house and venturing down the front walk, when something very weird occurs. As he stands at the end of the path, he suddenly appears to transform into a ball of light that zips into the sky and disappears.

What happened to the homeowner, did aliens teleported or abducted him?

However, the man's financee explained that they were looking through their videos recorded on December 27, 2019 by Ring and they found a weird glitch. She told him: 'Look Ring had you abducted by aliens or you just been part of the rapture!'

But was it really a glitch or the homeowner just doesn't remember it.

Top 10 UFO stories of 2019 - Richard Dolan Intelligent Disclosure

Whatever else you might say about the year 2019, it was certainly not boring, and this is doubly so when it comes to the UFO subject.

Richard and Tracey make the case that this could well be a year of historical importance.

All ten stories on this list were significant, and the #1 story will probably surprise many - until they stop and reflect on it.

Enjoy the countdown with Richard and Tracey.

Haunting 'Devil Face' appears in smoke of wildfires, Victoria, Australia

Devastated dairy farmer Craig Calvert, who spent 13 hours fighting fires threatening his property in Victoria, has shared an eerie image of the blaze which depicts "a big devil face" in the billowing smoke.

The picture was taken in the Gippsland fires near Sarsfield, Victoria. The demonic apparition in right hand corner of the blaze can’t be unseen.

Craig Calvert told Sunrise: "I'm not really into hokey pokey spooky stuff but there's a big devil face right in the fire".

Disc-shaped UFO arriving through traversable wormhole over Rincon, Georgia

A strange event happened in the sky over Rincon in Georgia when the witness saw a streak of light and a disc-shaped UFO moving in front of it.

Frankie Jackson was taking his wife to work on the early morning of December 30, 2019 around 5.30 am when he saw something streaking through the trees.

The moment he got out of the car he witnessed the strange event in the sky, tried to hurry and captured it with his phone.

There are disc-shaped flying saucer craft and stealth space stations that were jointly developed with the National Reconnaissance Office. More incredible are the “stargates” or traversable wormholes that have been secretly developed and used for decades according to Exopolitics.

Did he witnessed such a disc-shaped craft arriving through a traversable wormhole?