May 27, 2015

Crop Circles and Alien Contact in the Netherlands? Firsthand accounts say Yes!

Dutch medium and alien contactee Robbert van den Broeke rose to fame in the Netherlands in the early 2000’s with his discovery of crop circles.

The amazing paranormal events experienced by Robert have continued now for over 25 years and over the years many people have tried to debunk his abilities, especially if we talking about the amazing images of spirits, aliens and UFOs he projects onto the camera.

Rob Nanninga, board member of the Dutch Skeptical foundation Skepsis think that there is some trickery involved. So Rob Nanninga decided to perform some tests and based on the results he gave a plausible explanation (You can read Rob Nanninga’s explanation Here) that Robbert van den Broeke’s photos are just photography tricks.

But not everybody is convinced that Robbert van den Broeke is just a hoaxer.

In the next video, Nancy Talbott, a staunch believer in Van den Broeke’s capabilities gives her testimony as well as other firsthand accounts who witnessed the paranormal events that took place while visiting Robert in at his home in Holland.

Note: After watching the video, I personally have my doubts about the photos, if they are real or just trickery. His experiences are almost similar to that from alien contactee Billy Meier, thought it has been proven that the Billy Meier photos are real, so it is quite possible that van den Broeke has the same paranormal capacities as Billy Meyer and thus it is quite possible that his photos are real, but then again…

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10,000 Year Old Statue Contains Coded Message About Human Origins

A 10,000 year old statue believed to be twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt has been sent to Germany for research.

The Shigir Idol is the oldest wooden statue in the world and was discovered on January 24, 1894 at a depth of 4m in the peat bog of Shigir, on the eastern slope of the Middle Urals, approximately 100 km from Yekaterinburg.

Investigations in this area had begun 40 years earlier after the discovery of a variety of prehistoric objects in an open-air gold mine.

Covered with Mesolithic symbols, archaeologists believe the 2.8 metre high statue is one of the most important discoveries in recent history.

The statue with seven faces has the potential to rewrite our history books and ways of thinking, as researchers say the coded messages on it contain information about the creation of the world and the origins of human beings. Read more here including large HD images of the statue.


May 26, 2015

Thousands of people witnessed Spiral of Light across the night sky in Northern China

On May 23, thousands of people from different parts of northwestern China including Ningxia, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia said they witnessed an unidentified flying object in the sky, with many suspecting it to be a new spacecraft or missile, reports state-run GlobalTimes and news site Wantchinatimes.

Many people were curious or puzzled, while others terrified when they saw a light beam flying in the night sky leaving an unusual trail.

Many witnesses speculating that the blazing object might have been a UFO.

Chinese astrologer Hui: “It could be something out of this world, it do usually streak through the sky leaving a straight or slightly curved tail but a curly plasma tail is also possible."

An experts said it was not a meteorite, while military experts explain that the beam of light was possible created by humans and not related to a natural or unnatural occurrence.

Maybe the spiral of light was created by humans and it could be a new missile or a new spacecraft tested by the Chinese Government, however it does not explain the Orbs in a triangular formation located above the spiral of light and it does not explain another ‘Cloaked’ Orb or UFO located left/below the object.
See above image.