September 27, 2016

UFO or Large Meteor crashes off-shore at Queensland coast, Australia

Central Queensland spotted the meteor which resulted in a huge flash of light and the loud boom in the night sky.

Experts are divided over if it's a meteor, meteorite, an asteroid, or a UFO that lit up Gladstone's sky.

Credit image: Department of Transport Main Roads.

The object is believed to have crashed off-shore at Turkey Beach and Emerald in Queensland, Australia.

People in the area said the impact caused houses to tremble, with police confirming that they had received several calls in what many had thought was initially an earthquake.

Higgins Storm Chasing wrote on its Facebook: A bright flash or light has been reported by hundreds of people, this light was seen as far South as Hervey Bay and as far North as Yeppoon with a tremor being felt upon impact over the general Gladstone area and Boyne Island.

Dieter on BPEarthwatch’s YouTube channel: We live in QLD Australia and witnessed two Asteroids and not only one of them. We had two large Asteroids (one at midday) and the other one after sunset, coming from approximately 115 degrees and 110 degrees according to my marine compass.

We were spearfishing NE of Gladstone Australia (Barren Island). We could feel the pressure wave in our boat.

The asteroid after sunset (around 8:30 as we came back) made it into the mainstream news (You may want to google our local newspaper, the " Rockhampton Bulletin" ). It was apparently the largest Asteroid Gladstone has ever seen.

7 News Central Queensland on its Facebook page: A Queensland space observer is working to figure out just what happened. Owen Benedict, of the Wappa Falls observatory, says severe tree damage could point us towards where an object has landed if, in fact something has touched down.

The Morning Bulletin in Australia: Gladstone police and astronomy experts have received hundreds of calls from residents who heard a loud boom.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has released new footage of what is believed to be a meteor lighting up the sky in Central Queensland over night.

Videos, including the footage of The Department of Transport and Main Roads and updates on this event, follow The Morning Bulletin.

Facebook user, Ellie Thompson, uploaded footage of the huge flash of light that was captured by security cameras.

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September 25, 2016

Strange sunset with green flashes above the ocean surface near Pacifica, California (Video)

On September 24, 2016 at sunset, Mila Zinkova was looking west from Pacifica CA when "something strange happened," she reports.

The sun split into multiple layers and a green flash appeared. But, that wasn't the strange thing. Temperature inversions above the ocean surface frequently distort the setting sun off the California coast, reports Spaceweather.

Mila: “I sent the footage to Andrew. T. Young from the San Diego State University and here’s what he writes:

I think there are at least three ducts. The different levels at which there are intermittent green beads that come and go, especially toward the end of the video.

The highest and lowest of these coincide with discontinuities in sky brightness, which suggest you were looking up through a duct at that level.

All of the ducts are well above you, which make it a little difficult to make sure exactly where they all are. But notice how many multiple (although strongly compressed) images of the full Sun there are; so you certainly have a Novaya Zemlya display here.

And then you got the whale spouts, relatively near shore! This is quite a fancy show. Lots of waves on the inversions; strong asymmetries in the shape of the Sun; multiple green flashes (though not very green); and I would also note that the transient beads at the elevated ducts look very much like cloud-top flashes - so much so, that I think they help explain cloud-top flashes as caused by a duct at the capping inversion.

This seems to be the missing link in the cloud-top flash story. Maybe I should consider cloud-top flashes as an extreme case of the sub-duct flash? I should do some simulations for an observer well below a strong duct.

Andrew. T. Young’s explanation of the supposed mirage represents his own view and not necessarily those of San Diego State University or others.

Mila Zinkova witnessed a mirage a so-called ‘Novaya Zemlya Display’ or the strange phenomenon was caused by unknown forces of nature that distorted the setting sun off the California coast?


September 24, 2016

Close encounter with rotating tentacle UFO captured over Cocoyoc, Mexico

Four people witnessed a strange UFO while travelling north to Mexico City.

The passenger was the first to see it and pointed it out to her husband who was driving. It was described first as looking like a helicopter, but as it got closer it became something much more strange.

He pulled over and captured a single photo using a 50mm lens. The object then started to move away, he swapped to a 135mm telephoto lens and took two more photos of the object.

It was reported the object rotated to project its “tentacles” downward and landed. The witnesses said a bridge with two children on it could be seen behind the landed object, and one of the children began running to the site. That’s when the witnesses took off.

The investigator interviewed the four and found them to be serious people with zero interest in the UFO topic. Film negatives were examined by Roberto Padilla, Special Services Director for Kodak of Mexico and it was determined that a real object was photographed with no evidence of faking or fraud.

The strange UFO sighting has been reported on November 3, 1973 - UFO Photo Archive.