August 31, 2015

ISS Live camera caught unknown orange spherical object above Earth

On august 30, 2015 the ISS Live Cam recorded an unknown huge orange spherical object which slowly appears next to the International Space Station.

After about four minutes, the object slowly fades away.

A few days earlier, the ISS live cam recorded another strange phenomenon which we have reported in our article: Huge Beam of Light appears above Earth.

Below the footage of the orange sphere directly from the ISS live feed.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream Thanks Sjaan.
In case the live stream video is not working, please click the link below to see the footage.
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August 30, 2015

Stunning carved Martian Stone Head stands at the entrance to a Cave

A recent image photographed by the Curiosity Mars Rover shows what looks very much like an ancient carved Martian stone head that appears to depict a face and it stands at the entrance to a cave.

Considering the shadow under the head, it looks like it is lifted and held by a rock that resembles a hand/arm, but that's just how I see it.

Suppose the carved stone head with its characteristic face is real and for example it is a tribute to an ancient civilization once inhabited planet Mars, then NASA really should take a look inside the cave. Ron.

Link image:

August 29, 2015

UFO Caught Stalking Child For Possible Abduction

The following video was recorded in a suburb of Atlanta Georgia at around 3pm on August 22, 2015 and it shows a shift shaping unidentified flying object.

It seems according to a 9-year-old boy that a UFO had been following him for weeks. The boy told the strange story to his parents but they were skeptical.

On August 22 the craft appears again and the boy managed to record the object with a phone of his parents.

After showing the video to his parents, they believe a UFO is stalking their 9-year-old son and they contacted the local police who've been unable to locate anything thus far.

Although many have speculated that the UFO is a drone and not extraterrestrial in origin, a self-described “expert” commented on the video that the UFO was alien and stalking the child to abduct him, the Mirror reported.