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Project Camelot: A Rothschild Speaks Out - May 30, 2013

For those who are interested in the projects of -- here is an interesting interview with Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild.

This interview was conducted at the Super Soldier Summit in May 2013.

Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild tells her story from the perspective of time travel, the other side, rebirth and her experience growing up as a Rothschild being tortured and put through illuminati, mind control and satanic rituals...

Shot and Produced by Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot



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  2. Um, the .357 Magnum cartridge was introduced in 1934. Jesse James died in 1882.

  3. she's a schitzo!!!

  4. Total BS, maybe she did have a bad childhood though...

  5. Reality slipped in when she said Doctor Hayward then corrects herself and says Admiral Hayward. This woman has spent a lot of time in the care of medical professionals and she's clearly woven a fantasy world with them to help herself deal with the pain she suffered. The fact that Project Camelot would even bother to give her this much attention says to me they are so desperate to believe in something, they will listen to anyone, even when they have no evidence of their claims.

  6. What's spookiest is that she SOUNDS sane most of the time. Wow.

  7. People whom do not have a point of reference of similar experiences or knowledge base as one whom speaks from such a place, see that One, as crazy.

    I've heard Nothing from her that is out side the realm of possibility.
    Do I believe every thing she says is factual? Not at all. I believe that SHE believes it though. Let me explain and enlighten.

    The word schizophrenia is an Old out dated term and highly inappropriate.
    She shows no signs in speech mannerism and body language of things associated with such a word.
    I my self have had 2 years of behavioral psychology training. I sought this because of my own child hood and behavior problems which led me to significant life problems.
    I know for a fact that my trauma's have made me a sociopath.
    I know what to look for in others to tell if they have similar constructs.
    She does. Her predatory prolonged maintained Unblinking eye contact which some might deem "creepy" is a part of that tell tale behavior.
    She also has D-I-D. As do I.
    It used to be called MPD, multiple personality disorder. Now it is Dissociative Identity Disorder.
    This is made some what evident by references of her appearing older and more mature in persona when speaking at the conference, and then seeming Much younger in countenance during this interview.
    People have an ongoing fixed misinterpretation of how this works.
    It Can, but rarely does mean, that one personality can be 100% completely different from others with little or no awareness of the other personalities existence, or shared memories of each others experiences.
    It more commonly means a psychological entity or -(construct) More capable of dealing with certain emotional or intellectual situations takes more dominance at a particular given time, but many memories and experiences are actually shared. This is the more common form of D-I-D.
    There is also evidence of cluster personality disorders. Simply meaning, she has several persisting psychological disorders, not Just the ones that are clearly evident.
    This is Not at all uncommon in those with traumatic childhoods. Torture. repeated mental break downs, etc.
    It is fairly clear that she has received some treatment or medical industry psychological influence in her life time and been give tools to help understand and cope with these disorders.


    That being said, there is still NO reason that her claims Cannot be true.
    Even mentions of Jessie James magnum, or sitting on Mengela's knee.
    When dealing with time travel, or dimensional travel, we cannot know what difference's there are between realities.
    We cant even know if she is making an 1880s reference to Jessie James, or a modern one based on the Jessie James with his own reality TV show.
    It becomes irrelevant and her age or history as we THINK we know it, or are told of it, becomes irrelevant also. You Cannot apply linear logic to multidimensional or time travel. You will understand Why when you learn more about it.

    She has touched upon some things that I know to be true.
    And she has touched upon a few things that I have like puzzle pieces suspected to be true once put together. This is what I believe attracted the Camelot people to her, as Most people do NOT make these connections.
    Lastly, she even put a couple things together for me that I have been missing entirely.

    I like the way the Camelot woman tripped her up at the end with the Crowley material.
    I like seeing the woman's eyes go down and to the right, as she access's her creative side of the brain and smiles. Not the memory side.
    This tells me that there ARE parts of her mentality which are struggling to make sense, and adds things to her story which become real for her.
    Thus what she says, she indeed believes, but not every thing she says may lay in factuality.

    In the End Here is my personal assessment. (and people whom know me from this site and the old one know I am No slouch.)

    1. Torture is a means to induce mental break down and Create MPD or DID, for which compartmental personalities Can and are conditioned to create persona's with specific behavioral capabilities, which can perform specific tasks. Even with out the other personalities being aware of such entities existing or that they have been programmed. this is rampant in the Illuminati families, and black ops programming agent techniques.
      Its been coined as Manchurian candidate programming.

      She does have all the knowledge and signs of some one whom was not merely suffering from childhood trauma's but has received Very specific programming.
      She shows signs of having become aware. Overcome, and merged several personalities.
      To the extent that she has made leaps in breaking away from the previous programming.
      A lack of occult experiences and tortures, or at least a lack of memories of them, disturbs me, suggesting she may still have a completely programmed entity or personality within her that she is 100% unawares of, and that she is still carrying out its doctrines and mandates, its prime directives and purposes.
      But that is conjecture on my part.

      In conclusion...
      I believe that she IS a Part of the things she is peaking of. But to what actual extent, whom can really say.
      That some, if not Much of what she has said is actually made up, like adding to a fantasy, and thus cannot be taken as fact. But that she is a part of the Rothschild plans, programming and more. That a fair amount of what she says is still factual.

      Sadly, I can only conclude this on what Very very little I have seen here.
      I base this on my own knowledge's and researches. My own conclusions and leaps and insights shared by a very few whom have made the same on their own. Great minds think alike or fools seldom differ, take your pick.

      Weather she has been exposed to some one whom has actually been through all of what she speaks of, and she has adapted it as her own, or weather she is the main candidate of her own stories remains irrelevant to me.
      I believe she IS a close part of the things she speaks of. That's eh Is fractured or Schism'ed if you like, from her experiences, and is attempting to make sense of it and fill in the pieces accurate or not.

      I believe the Camelot woman feels the same thing, but is suspicious of her role or programming.
      The camelot woman Holds a GREAT deal of respect with me.
      It is said that a real leader or teacher will help you to open your eyes, but will Not tell you what to see.

      And there you have it.
      I rarely give my own hypothesis in such detail any more, and I am certainly no great leader or teacher. lol.

      Do with it what You will.


  8. Yes, she could be telling the truth, but I will never take a stranger's word...I need proof. I once fell for the lies of disinfo agents Nancy Lieder and Marshal Masters and have since learned my lessons.For me, the fact that she is alive to tell her story and that this video hasn't been taken down is proof that she's full of it. Those who get too close to the truth usually end up dead before they can warn us.

  9. Varakienen, you have lost all credibility saying you believe this woman. You can't believe everything you see. She couldn't answer anything, and could not even give us an exact timeline of her life. The interviewer basically answered this woman's questions for her and the woman would just agree, and say another misleading statement. I would like for you to read a book on body language and re watch the video. If someone has really had a traumatic moment in their life or cares deeply about something being said, you can see it in their brow line. There are many other noticeable features but ill let you research it for yourself.

    1. You do a Trolls Job Well. Get an account or have no credibility of your own.

  10. I'm sorry V, I usually nod in agreement with your well thought responses, but at first viewing I'm not impressed by this woman's claims....her body language is time travel and timelines very possible...absolutely...but spilling such beans would be very controlled by THEM (them = Illumanti, Rothchild, Black few, chosens, etc in the know)....I think this is to throw everyone off the chase, now do I have a well thought out explanation, I'm afraid I don't except for more conjecture, which is more or less the same forced chicken feed.....exposure and truth will always be very obscure and not well lit....PEACE and Good Higher Vibrations to ALL....ONE

    1. sorry for what?
      I dont disagree.
      Well, maybe about your interpretation of body language, but not with the suspicion as a whole.

  11. The Mighty V stands alone against the majority as his credibility takes another hit. Long, drawn-out "speeches" do nothing to help your case and you add no supporting facts to this lunatic woman's story. Keep supporting the Mars Rat V!

    1. The Mighty V is mighty for a reason.
      Scream the world is Flat all you like, I have Never had a problem with being in the minority and still being Right.

      Now... It also seems no one actually understood what I said.
      Instead you read what You wanted Into it.
      I said, she IS a sociopath whom is making some of the stuff up and adding it to her reality and story as she goes.
      Again, this does Not mean that a large portion of her story cannot be true.

      The material "I" offered, as evidence is there. sadly, if you wish to recognize it for what it is, you too will have to go to college for a few years and upgrade you education appropriately. I discussed it in as close to laymen's terms as I could get.
      Sorry you did not understand it.

      Or, is this a group of trolls supporting one another to lead people away from some evidence?

      Either way, its irrelevant. I stand by my assessment until new evidence comes to light which can offer data enough to support a change to it.

      In closing, I will end with that which I began...
      "People whom do not have a point of reference of similar experiences or knowledge base as one whom speaks from such a place, see that One, as crazy."
      They see what they Want to see.
      I find No greater sadness than encountering those whom Choose to remain closed minded.
      But their problems and mental shortness of sight, or not mine own.
      Be well.


  12. I don't know...I stopped watching midway through the video. She just didn't seem credible at all to me. Not in comparison to other videos I've seen where I can tell somebody is for sure about what they've seen and experienced.

  13. I'm sticking up for Var on this! I like your comment Var on the psychology aspect in her interview with body language etc. Everyone's having a go at Var here, saying how can you believe when there is no evidence to support! Var is right if there is no evidence then you can't dismiss it either. Yes we are swayed 99% not to believe but there is still that 1% that could hold some truth. Give Var a break and see all angles on this issue!

  14. I also noticed a lot of contradictions in her story and a complete absent of emotion.
    KERRY: “Do you remember interactions with the Catholic Church?”

    ERIN: “Yes. I’ve seen…I’ve seen ritual sacrifices of children in the Vatican, in the bowels of it. It’s vile…the most vile place on earth. It’s the most…evilest, darkest…It is evil personified. God is not there. God left the building. God never entered that building and never will. He wants that building gone. He wants all of the popes gone. He is done with the popes. The whole scenario nothing but a sacrificial, ritualistic, evil. I can’t even say enough about that place. It is awful. It is the worst place in the world.”

    later in the intervieuw she says this:
    I have no birth certificate and no passport, and has never traveled outside the country.

    Mengele died in 1979. she claims she received love till 4 years old but Mengele never left Brazil, did not live in the USA.
    Actually i think this woman is all lie and totally confused.


  15. i have watched this video and there is no doubt this woman is telling the truth in her own mind she has come to believe herself,because over time she has gone over this in her mind countless times that to her it cant be a lie,but to us it is no doubt a lie there is no way she is of Rothschild decent,if she where no way would this video be out there r perhaps this web page that is 1 family that you do not mess with,lets just hope that Iran,, north Korea,cuba continue to resist this family for the good of mankind.


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