Aliens surround the sun with a flotilla of solar-cells 2013

Now, in search of extraterrestrial intelligence, a team of astronomers at the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy are seeking funding from private funders as they have planned to build a $1 billion megatelescope.

The telescope — called Colossus — would be a massive 250-foot (77 meters) telescope, which is more than double the aperture of any telescope yet constructed.

The sensitivity of the ‘heat-seeking’ scope, though, could be enough to spot cities or other signs of aliens for planets as far as 60 to 70 light-years from Earth.

The team builds on a concept first proposed by British physicist Freeman Dyson in the 1960s. Humans can capture only a fraction of the energy sent out by the sun, but a more advanced civilization would want to grab as much as possible.

Photo: Freemason Dyson. Long Now Seminar, San Francisco, October 05, 2005

Already in 1959, Dyson reasoned as follows: since we seem to have an insatiable hunger for energy, it makes sense to assume that aliens have the same. To satisfy their craving for kilowatt-hours, extraterrestrials who are centuries more advanced than we are will surround the sun with an orbiting flotilla of solar-cells, allowing them to capture a large fraction of their star's energy output.

Is Dyson's statement unreal..

With the modern techniques, satellites (SOHO, Helioviewer), advanced telescopes and cameras, we have seen many solid objects near the sun. These objects have different shapes, sizes and have a material structure and they are in different points in space near the sun. Some objects remain on the same position for many weeks.

There is massive fleet of UFOs operating near the sun, which confirm the existence of a certain civilization whose spacecraft are capable of resting extremely high temperatures, using their shields or ‘solar-cells’ to capture the energy they need for their spacecraft.

Hopefully, the team gets the funding it needs.

More information about this project::
Videos and photographs of  objects near the sun:  UFOs near the Sun


  1. This whole thing is actually ridiculous and the product of conditioned and small minded thinking.
    I am all for building a big ol telescope. But we are already Being visited.
    Such funds would be better spent on psychic research if you wish to contact them.
    The government has already done so, and done so.

    As for the bothering with utilizing the sun for energy for a race that is hundreds and thousands, and in some cases millions of years ahead of us?
    I will say one thing just to start.... Zero Point Energy.
    The rest is retarded thinking.

    1. Its getting to wear i read ur commente befor the story to see what ur opinion is. If u have n├ęgative feedback about the subject i dont wast my time. Your very intelligent. Thanks for all your in put.

    2. I caution you against such a stratagem.
      I have been wrong before, and it Will happen again.
      More than That how ever, One must always be aware of All sides of a debate to make informed decisions, and even to see where there is manipulation, disinformation and cover up. If you do not develop the instincts and tools for this, you will remain at the mercy of one side of what ever you read, and unable to make informed or instinctive hypothesis.
      be well.
      ~ Varakienen.


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