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Mystery Pyramid Built At Area 51 - July 30, 2013

Very odd structure found on Google Earth, which indicates Area 51 has built a Pyramid.

They try to use mysterious ancient technology?

They experiment with sounds,vibrations,laser beams or they use this pyramid as a natural power generator and distributer, like the pyramid of the Moon in Mexico?

The above photo was taken in 2000 and shows the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan in Mexico.

Mystery pyramid Area 51: Google Earth Coordinates : 37° 5'45.66"N 116° 5'35.77"W

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  1. Take another bong hit. That's an incinerator for all the toxic waste generated by the black projects. Yeah right it's a welcome center for VIP ETs. It gets more bizarre every day!!!

  2. Ummm that's a dust devil on the pyramid. Nothing more. Why dose this site always jump to ET as the conclusion for everything that is not easily explained????

  3. (......water bubbling.....coughing.....) Woooowwww!? A dust devil! Far out maaaan. Actually, I'm sure its something useless. Everyone knows nothing secretive would go on at a base no ones ever been to, knows nothing about, and could not get within 200 miles of if they tried. Its probably a fancy indoor soccer field that our tax dollars went to. Wholesome I am sure.. whatever it is.

  4. Anon.
    You may notice your comments are some times being removed, This is because you use disparaging remarks and insults.
    You are allowed an opinion. But you have to play nice if you want it to be seen or heard.
    Food for thought.


  5. Sorry if harm was taken but Vark is not all that forgiving either. Fact is this is not new, not even within the bounds of 51 and hardly ET related. The powers tha be would have you believe this is a LLL explosive test site. Clearly there are other things going on here and being hidden but it is a stretch to think it is UFO related. If it was I suspect that google would have airbrushed it? I have had close encounter 3 and paranormal encounter 4 and it pains me to see items such as this trivialized. Those who have no experience or are looking for more information are very suseptible to going overboard with duscriptions of this that most UFO folks know are a stretch. Very sorry to offend anyone but I think disclosure should be taken seriously or it will just be another comedy skirt.

    1. ...not new, and as you point out,...not with in the bounds of 51...
      however, 37* 5'45.66"N / 116* 5'35.77"W is an intersecting node of primary grid (B. Cathie)...likely just coincidence...


  6. re: area 51 structure...(not to regurgitate info provide on old site)...the "pyramid" is a tetrahedral structure (first and simplest of the platonic solids...) If you could see below ground, inverse identical structure, you would realize an octahedron.
    Side A, 144, is 100/1 reduction of the harmonic of light in free space(144,000 grid seconds)...Side B, 38, is more precisely 37.94733 ft...the sq root of the harmonic reduction... yep,...must be an incinerator for well...



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