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Astronomer Carlos Muñoz Ferrada: "Hercolubus is coming" 2013

The last weeks or longer, there has been a mysterious, glowing light or UFO in the horizon of the western sky and according to SkEye and Stellarium, there are no stars or planets in that area. Mysterious glowing light in evening Western Sky

Speculation has inferred that this could possibly be a very large comet or possibly an extraterrestrial mothership. It may even possibly be Hercolubus.

Scientists talk about the planet Hercolubus (Planet X) and the first of these was the astronomer Chilean Carlos Muñoz Ferrada (1909-2001). Carlos Muñoz Ferrada died in October 2001 at the age of 92 years.

His astronomical and geophysical predictions made him famous, with many of his earthquake and tsunami predictions have come true.

Carlos Muñoz Ferrada began to speak of the planet Hercolubus in 1940, that is to say, 43 years before the famous article on Planet X, appeared in the American newspaper The Washington Post in 1983.

It is very remarkable that Carlos Muñoz Ferrada speaks of a gigantic planet-comet.

Planet because it has the mass of a planet and Comet because it has the tail of a comet and because it has the elliptical orbit of a comet.

Ferrada Carlos Muñoz has stated that this "Planet-Comet":

1.It has an elliptical orbit like a comet and a large mass such as a planet, that is to say, a planet with a tail.
2.It approaches the Earth charged with cosmic energy.
3.Does not meet the heavenly laws established.
4.It travels between our Sun and the Black Sun located 32 billion kilometers. 5.This will increase to 14 million kilometers from Earth.
6.It will eventually enter our solar system and will be seen at naked eye and photographed.
7.His arrival will cause a geophysical and human change, bringing change and destruction. bibliotecapleyades

Below an interesting interview with Carlos Muñoz Ferrada on this ‘Planet-Comet'.



  1. Very interesting. The past grows longer, and the future shorter.

  2. I've put in a request to get that Hercolobus book that's going about for free to see what he has to say. I have to say it is within the realms of possibility and a lot of weird aerial phenomenon occuring...

    1. if its free. scan pages. Put it online for us.

    2. The book has been out 12 or 13 years. Don't know if its free or just the shipping. Probably can down load a pdf though.

  3. @ Aaron

    One good thing about the book it tells you how to meditate a certain way.
    Do try it. It may not work the first time. Be persistent. Don't give up.

    Carlos Muñoz Ferrada is a remarkable man.

    Stay Safe


    1. Yes I heard he gives advice on how to prepare for the apparent near future end of world scenario.
      He was indeed a remarkable man predicting many earthquakes and disasters so who knows.
      I don't want to sound completely gullible but I would rather do research on this topic and be one step ahead to warn others in the event something could happen. It would be completely naive to just brush such a huge topic aside in my eyes.

    2. You are wise in your thinking.

      All you have to do is see the changes already happening on this planet.
      Weather is more severe. Many have lost lives.
      Research and prepare.
      Land movement in my area has become a problem. We now have seismic centers built along a fault line they have recently discovered.
      High winds are also a problem. So much is becoming unpredictable.
      Learn what is necessary to help you survive. Help others. Many won't listen just don't give up.

      Stay Safe


    3. Hello Jay, I find it easier than ever to predict. I will admit a problem with accuracy!
      Uncertain times. I find my attention drawn to preparations that will help the children surive.
      You stay safe as well

  4. Hello A

    It has been a long time.

    Prediction is a tricky thing. Many variables can change the out come.
    Yes help the children to survive.
    Children adapt better than adults. They are more accepting.


  5. Replies
    1. You are there
      I am here
      You are here
      I am there

      Who are we?


    2. HAHA! MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY... Just who is this "we"?

    3. We are neither here nor there.
      We simply Are.

    4. Vara

      Right now you are giving me a pain where the sun don't shine!


    5. ... that's neither here, nor there.... in case anyone was wondering.

    6. That's a place no one wants to go!

      In all seriousness I want to to see an answer from those that posted
      'WE ARE HERE'

      My response to Vara was as is because the post wasn't signed.
      Doubt is moving in. My senses tell me something else.
      To tell the truth my senses are going off tap.


    7. It was just muggles looking to yank peoples chains.

  6. hi there, this is not a message with bad will. we all, gonne die. period. one day or another. there's no survival kit for this. period. the only way, is to be good, to change, to help one another, this is the real test. yes, be sure, you will die, sooner than you think, than, what happens... you just die. your body dies... your spirit lives, so what.... this is the test... pass this fase as good as you can... this is the real test... you can stay here for better days or can go with red planet. that is it... there will be like earth million of years ago. no easy way there. very rude... this is what i know about it. merry Christmas for all.

  7. Tertulias en Atoch Ovni Chile y los relatos de Carlos Muñoz Ferrada. Los grandes Terremotos que ocurriran en los Cinco Continentes.


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