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Flight MH 370 – The four mysterious anomalies on FlightRadar before plane vanished

Four mysterious anomalies on FlightRadar before Malaysian Flight MH 370 vanished from screen.

After checking the playback FlightRadar I have the idea the radar shows four anomalies.

In the image below I have marked the four anomalies ('Dot' -- takes the form of a plane. They vanish one by one, together with MH 370). Click on image to enlarge.

The last days I have checked the real time FlightRadar to see if the anomalies were only a glitch of the software, but so far, no anomalies visible on the FlightRadar again, like on the day the plane vanished from the screen. Could it be that those anomalies are craft used to jam the signal like drones?

Electronic Warfare.

In my opinion the plane is electronic hijacked with high advanced new technology.

New electronic weapons (EW) allow jamming, blinding, deafening and more, so that a plane could possibly vanish from radar detection and security systems would not be activated. Basic radar Electronic Counter-Measure (ECM) strategies used in electronic warfare (EW) are:
1) radar interference
2) target modifications
3) changing electrical properties of air. new stealth technology makes airplanes invisible not only to radar. It also renders them hidden to the human eye.

The Beijing-bound MH370 had taken off at 12.41am. The data reporting system, they believe, was shut down at 1:07 a.m. The transponder -- which transmits location and altitude -- shut down at 1:21 a.m. and last radio contact with air traffic control in Subang at about 1.30am. indicates a structural shut down.

Video: Malaysia Airlines MH370 Missing Playback Flightradar24

Note: 'Dot/plane' nr. 3. This one accelerates at a rate of speed that must at least five time the speed of the surrounding planes.


Flight direction after the plane vanished from screen.

The Wall Street Journal reports that U.S. investigators suspect that missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 stayed in the air for about four hours after it reached its last confirmed location.

It sharply changed course from heading northeast to heading west. According to the military account, the last sign of the plane was recorded at 2:40 a.m. Saturday when the aircraft was near Pulau Perak, a tiny island over 160 kilometres off the western shore of the Malaysian Peninsula.

But is it possible that this information is not correct and actually the plane headed to the East.

Villagers near Marang, on Malaysia’s eastern coast, told police they heard a “loud and frightening noise” for about two minutes Saturday morning, according to Tom Phillips, a Telegraph correspondent in Kuala Lumpur. Eight Marang islanders have filed police reports about hearing a loud and frightening noise. Some even ran toward the sound to see what was causing it – but saw nothing (invisible), the noise sounded like “the fan of a jet engine.”

Political motive:

Military intelligence is heavily involved in Malaysia Airlines 370, but contradicting itself and denying the public from needed information, thus increasing speculations officials are unauthorized by the military to disclose the craft’s whereabouts and Intel by 25 high-tech passengers, employed by five major defense contractor technology companies, was likely valued enough to seize the plane.

Five major technological communications military contractor companies have high-tech employees and executives on the MH370 passenger manifest.

Two American and three Asia Pacific contractors – each strongly tied to military: China Telecom, Business Machines Corp.,Austin-based Freescale,International Business Machines (IBM), ZTE Corp., and Huawei Technologies Co. Combined, they have 26 high-tech experts on the passenger manifest list, including two executives. Read more

It indicates the plane did not come out of the sky because of a catastrophic failure and probably the Malaysian Airliner may have been commandeered and taken to a secret base.

The anomalies in question as shown in the first image certainly didn’t behave like commercial airliners and maybe proof they are high tech man-made craft, involved in this mystery.


  1. I totally agree with this theory. Though we still don't know the "who" and "where", I believe the target was ZTE employee Li Yanlin. ZTE is a super sketchy Chinese technology reseller who has been identified as a U.S. national security risk and continues selling high-level military technology to Iran.

    I think Yanlin was with the Iranian men and was brokering another technology deal with Iran. What kind of deal? He was likely stealing (or being given) information from the 20 Freescale Semiconductor employees on board. If this plane landed, Iran would have top-secret and extremely threatening military technology. Could the U.S. NSA have more knowledge about this? Perhaps they thought "sacrifice a small number of lives to save millions."?

    1. I believe the plane was hijacked by remote control. This is electronic warfare and since and during the Cold War, America has been interested in Semiconductor manufacturing. In all probability, someone on board the plane took control via remotely controlling the plane to another area where they could sell information about this new technology.

    2. Here is MY novice, based on research, and intuition, conclusions, (excluding alien intervention, which creates too many unknow variables to assume). THIS, was a sophisticated partial, or full electronic hijacking.

      I've read that just after the transponder was turned off, the plane ascended to 45,000 feet. While there are reports that attempt to dismiss this as "not reliable", there is no reasonable explanation given for WHY, it is not reliable. My understanding is that the cabin would become depressurized at this altitude, and the passengers would die of oxygen deprivation, most, without even realizing it. If the plane had crashed anywhere near where the transponders were turned off, the debris would have been quickly. I have no reason to doubt the reported flight path, as it was constructed with data from too many sources. I do not believe this plane suffered a catastrophic crash, since no other aircraft or vessel reported seeing any fire balls, or nose diving plane. It COULD have happened without being seen, but not likely. There is NO evidence that there was any kind of erratic flying, so that rules out any onboard resistance while in flight, in my opinion.

      As for the likelihood of electronic vs human hijacking, my understanding is that there are substantial unresolved conflicts in the total weight of the cargo and the cargo manifest. While I lean towards electronic, the additional cargo weight could have been either people or equipment that aided in the complete takeover and navigation of the plane. The evidence I've reviewed regarding the debris that was found, suggest that the plane made a successful water landing, with minimal damage to the plane.

      My FINAL conclusions may sound controversial, but has foundation. The plane was repaired, and returned to service with cosmetic "coverups", and was shot from the sky while flying as MH17. OR, MH17 never happened, and it was a hoax to destroy the MH370 plane. Who would KNOW (crisis actors?) POSSIBLY it was always planned, or because someone, or ones found clues that this was the same aircraft. Think about it, a passenger jet is shot out of the sky, and no claim of responsibility, (it STINKS of USA C_I, deep state intervention. Imagine if it got out that a passenger jet could be electronically hijacked!). Terrorist attacks mean nothing, if you don't claim responsibility. Finally, Ocean Infinity the private US search contractor, was LIKELY sent in to do the "clean up" after people started finding parts of wreckage. Remember, during their search, they went "missing" for THREE DAYS. Has it ever been explained why EXPERTS on finding lost stuff in the ocean, would be "lost" in the ocean? Nope, they found the wreckage, and collected it, and turned it over to, either Malaysian, or US government.

      THIS is my analysis of WHAT, but as to WHY...…..?

  2. I think as there is no sign of airplane,even applying all latest technology,it means aliens hijecked plane.

    1. I think It improbable that aliens will have any desire to take an entire plane and all passengers.
      They can take any individual passenger off the plane and previously have.
      And they have no need for the planes technology.
      If they want multiple bodies there are easier ways to take them with out drawing so much attention to the notion that they may be hostile.

      No, this is Entirely Man made.
      Though it Is possible that it could be made to Look like aliens, for what many believe will lead to the up coming false flag alien invasion scenario.


  3. Have you tried random time periods and random takeoffs from KUL and other airports, using FlightRadar24, to compare and see if similar radar anomalies occur often, seldom, or never? Does FR24 track UFOs or is it incapable of tracking anything that has no transponder? Any radar systems such as military that track objects with no transponder? A ground to air, or air to air missile, I would assume carries no transponder unless it is needed for guidance from the ground. So, we can assume all military radar can detect UFOs and any missiles or RPVs, with or without transponders.

  4. unless until we know what happened to the plain rumors and theories will floods into the internet ... people to have patience. They thoroughly searching for the plane ( debris atleast ) I read that UK Sub HMS Tireless joins hunt for searching the plane and lets hope we will find the answers soon ...

  5. I totally agree with this theory.. #prayforMH370 .. Allahu Akhbar


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