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Government of Chile says Alien Craft are Real

A recent high level meeting sanctioned by Chile’s Civil Aviation Department and included 19 highly qualified experts from an array of specialties has concluded that interestingly enough ” UFOs do not present a threat to any other aircraft.”

The meeting was taken very seriously – all reports and records, including the entire government’s archive, even the type of reports that would likely remain highly classified in other countries were thoroughly evaluated.

All participants of this meeting stated that UFOs are a real phenomenon, in fact they considered their existence to be obvious. Why is the government of Chile so open and even serious about this topic when the rest of the world seems to either remain silent, secretive, and even dismissive with dodgy explanations like weather balloon malfunctions or military flare ?

The international affairs director for the Chile’s Civil Aviation Department blatantly stated quote “For Chileans, this is completely normal and we don’t consider it news at all.”

The stark contrast in government and cultural attitudes between Chile and that of, let’s use the USA as an example, towards the exact same phenomenon is so strange that it even becomes a little creepy. Perhaps the reason other governments aren’t as open as Chile’s about UFO phenomenon could be because they have more to hide.

Certain other governments of the world, may understand the true reality of strange objects in the sky at a depth so far past that of Chile……that, for whatever reason, they became so afraid of what could happen if certain information was shared publicly that they scared themselves into a position of silence, secrecy, and denial.

The results of their analysis and meeting were that UFOs pose a degree risk that would only be a fraction of the same risk posed by a bird flying in the air – most of the risk was associated with the pilots or crew members being distracted. Interestingly, though, they went on to say that some airborne accidents have been attributed to UFOs around the world, however, they could not find solid evidence the UFO was actually related.

According to worldwide data, whatever intelligence controls UFOs seemingly means no harm towards anyone else it’s sharing the skies with….additionally, they even seem to behave in ways that reduce their risk of an airborne collision.

According to Chile, it’s basically undeniable that some sort of unidentified flying objects exist in our skies but what their goal is is still completely unclear.

Perhaps Chile’s initiative towards transparency on this issue will usher other countries to join in…many are already cooperating with them already including France and as you can guess a lot of eyes are on the USA.

Go deeper into the rabbit hole.

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