Two UFO's Crossing Private Aircraft Dangerously Close In Mid-Flight

Argentine pilot surprised by two UFO's which buzzed his aircraft dangerously close in mid-flight. 

A veteran civilian Argentine pilot filmed out of his cockpit windscreen of his private aircraft flying through dense clouds when two UFOs crossed in front of his aircraft at high speed ‘twice’ in both directions (port to starboard and return direction) before immediately disappearing out of sight at high velocity.

Jason Gleaves, Ufonly, who has analyzed the interesting footage says: it is difficult to determine the actual shape and structure of the two objects, either cylindrical or disk shaped, due to the quality of the original source footage which had been taken on a mobile phone device and the angle the footage was taken (end elevation-side view of the UFOs).



  1. for once it does't look CGI'd. Interesting footage. How high were they?

  2. Such an obvious fake. The pixel count of the objects is all wrong when compared to both background and foreground, and the movement blur doesn't correlate with the frame rate, which can easily be determined in comparison with the propeller rotation.
    Just another fake to further muddy the waters.


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