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Aliens Living Among Us

A special report of Juan von Trillion and Gary Vey 

Aliens Living Among Us (Start Part 1)

Part 1 - What, When, Who & Why

An overview of the current status of the "official" disclosure to the public about the presence and history of alien races on our planet. Revelations include the influence and utilization of alien technology by such defense contractors as McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed-Martin, including the now shocking death-bed revelation by former secret "Skunkworks" director, Ben Rich, that "Extraterrestials and UFOs are REAL." The recent announcement by high level military personnel, stating that UFOs have compromised our nuclear missiles on more than one occasion, is also included.

Part 2 - Evidence of "Alien/UFO"

This reviews some of the famous people -- presidents and astronauts -- who have witnessed UFOs and/or aliens and have come forward (more or less) to alert the public that these phenomenon are real. Some amazing claims are made, including the presence of military bases "off planet" and we begin to see how the military, or some other organization, has been working all along with extraterrestrials.

 Part 3 - The Tall White Blonds in Las Vegas

This part focuses on one of the more amazing stories that have come out in recent years. Ex-military airman, Charles Hall, describes how a remote desert base has been used as a "rest area" for an alien race of tall, human-like beings. Not only do they interact with some of the military but they also go in disguise to nearby Las Vegas, essentially as clandestine "tourists." It's not all humor as Hill gives details and appears totally credible.

Part 4 - Origins of Alien & Human Races

Some contact with aliens has been well documented and their messages have been shared. This part of the series covers the Urantia Papers which give an incredibly detailed report on the social, political and religious structure of the universe, according to a number of different beings of the realm. These reports, or "papers" leave nothing to the imagination as they describe the various forms of life on different inhabited worlds, what they look like, what they eat and breathe and their ideas about God.

Part 5 - Scientific Proof of Alien Abductions

This part of the series gets down to the business of proof. The real evidence of alien abductions is discussed, along with the possible methods and purpose of these events. The abduction procedure appears standardized and is described in detail. The possibility of a hybridization program is considered, along with its implications for the human species. Do the aliens possess the ability to co.


Evidence is presented that the US military made contact with an alien race and formulated an agreement which essentially traded the freedom to abduct and experiment on human subjects in return for advanced technology. The history and facts of this agreement are detailed. Even more shocking is the fact that this advanced technology -- capable of transforming our civilization and eliminating most of our social and political problems -- has been kept secret and used by the military industrial complex for weaponization! You will be angry and sad with this information. It paints a very negative picture of both the aliens and the global gov.

Part 7 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This final section considers the good and bad attitudes that some "contactees" have regarding the aliens and their activities here on our planet. Why do some people "love" them, despite the horrific things that are done during an abduction? What is the credibility of these proponents of "friendly aliens"? Several examples of some famous alien encounters are reviewed.


Full Russian Documentary of the real Men in Black - The Aliens among us!


  1. I feel a great sadness deep inside for this planet.
    Being an abductee and feeling that those above see through my eyes at times makes me uneasy.
    Maybe I'm not the best person to see the world through my eyes.
    I see a very negative world. One full of fear mainly of your own kind.
    To afraid to stop and help each other when in need.
    Afraid of being hurt by another. There is no trust. Human connection seems to be broken.
    So much violence,drug use, murder and theft.
    Lies and cover ups..........War.
    It all seems like such a waste.
    The human race could have done so much better.
    Have we ever been free?

    I am more comfortable with those above. I feel safer with them.

    Some things seen are playing out.

    Stay Safe

    1. Hello Jay

      If you are an abductee, you are in great danger
      There is no such thing as aliens from other planets.
      They are evil beeings, wanting to destroy your life.

      Jesus came to set us free from the works of the devil, and he gave those who believe in Him the authority over all the devils powers.

      Ask Jesus to help you, and he will deliver you from them.


    2. totally agree they are demonic beings and more prevalent now in this,
      the last generation to the return of Jesus.

    3. I had an epiphany tonight. All the information about "ancient aliens" is not in a vault somewhere. I believe it is held in the Crystal Skulls (the real ones). Now we just need to figure out how to extract the data from them. It makes perfect sense, and it is the perfect holder for trillions of terabytes of information. The beauty of them is this- They are too unique to destroy. Therefore they will be passed down from generation to generation, with little to no chance of damage or destruction. (my ah-ha moment for the year possibly)

    4. what was it like being the aliens presence and where they nice or mean? do you think the goverment is keeping alien techonolagy from us since if there are aliens they could visit us in a blink of an eye.

  2. its time everybody is shown, or let in on the entire coverup.whats to fear?

  3. Ram biete kan var mur du serf albihal de setu iieman nakki kuagu

  4. be well dear are in a safe place...wf144

    1. I have never felt as safe as I do now.
      I didn't do this alone. Others had a hand in this also.
      I believe in myself as I do you.

      Stay Safe


  5. I agree that there is life out there because what if Voyager is still out there in our sister galaxy Andromeda searching. It could be sucked through a black hole! But most importantly what is out there what has it done before man dominated.
    the world is dangarous


  6. I think it is extremely ignorant - and I don't mean this in a mean or rude way - to believe that anything besides earthling humanoids are of the devil. If God is the creator of the universe, and there are over 500 million earthlike planets in our own galaxy, are you really vain enough to think that it is only all about us? I am certain that the God you believe in does exist, only on a much grander scale - universal. And salvation is available for all planets with life. Please, be careful of limiting God because of your own fears. The information that all of us has is very limited in the scope of the universe and the bible and other religious books have been changed, interpreted, updated, and have had sections removed, all at the discretion of spiritual or annointed leaders. As a former evangelical pastor's wife, I don't trust any human being to make those kind of decisions without having an agenda. The sections taken out included life on other planets and reincarnation - which used to be a worldwide belief, both in Christianity and other religions. By thinking we only have one life to get things right, people are in fear and are much more easily manipulated. Also, they are more likely to tithe and pay pennants to save their souls. My views on spirituality and salvation has not changed. I have come to realize it is much bigger and universal than we are told by the church.

    1. I am in complete agreement with every thing you stated.

      I can not understand why people are so quick to label aliens as "evil". We don't even know anything about them! And there are many descriptions in the bible that sound like they could be descriptions of some type of flying craft or u.f.o. And who's to say that the beings we believe to be "angels" aren't in fact some type of alien race?

      People need to seriously think outside the box.

    2. Yes, I totally agree with you. Why do people bring in GODly things and stuffs on it?!
      But I still have one question... One's ego makes him or her think that whatever they do is right... So I think these people are right in a way.
      Maybe aliens are evil for us but they think what they r doing is good.
      But I dont think god wouldve made them completely evil.

  7. People are always afraid of what they don't know. I think if there is such a thing we could be booming with new everything from heating homes to propelling cars and trucks. Just think if the airlines could transport people for half the price without planes! It could make mother Earth twice the fun at half the cost!! I think if aliens wanted to hurt us it would be done all ready.

  8. They are evil falling angles don't get on the ships haven't seen much here in iowa.

  9. theres a medium in my country who even has the evidence of alien life.the cropcircles was visited by an alien race.however that medium thought by himself whos gonna believe me?and then that race appeared to him and said we left you something.go through the cropcircle.we left you something that u can investigate.and hek this medium looked for it and he found a couple of the ones u see on an octopus.but they were cut off.he said but now u have no tentacles anymore.they said dont worry they grow again.they smell like fish.they are half fish and half human like.they talk telepathically.they are nice guys and they are not hiding at all.they left this medium with evidence because the humans were ready to know they were not can look it up on my channel.if not mail me and ill send you the title or link of his will be amazed what this medium is capable of.and yet hes such a humble yeah there are aliens everywhere.and no they are not all demons.why do christians always demonize every single thing they dont understand?why do they live in fear sooo much?i feel really sorry for seems to me that they are so affraid of getting to know the truth.But isnt that what christians are looking for?THE TRUTH?BECAUSE ONLY THE TRUTH CAN SET YOU FREE RIGHT?well then let us look and investigate.CAN I HEAR AN AMEN???

  10. sat sri akal amen
    even i truly believe that we sole cannot be alone in this whole goddamn universe its just that we havnt found them or vica versa but i feel that highly unlikely since its been millions of years since humans came and offcourse that is a hell of a time to find someone even if he is at the fucking end of the universe. and i just read an article about who created us it stated that aliens[just using the common name given to beings other than humans] created us but then who created them maybe god but again who the hell gave birth to god. i find it highly unlikely that we will find the answer for that unless we die and meet him ourself[if he exists]. so conclusion can be said that live your life with fun and enjoy to the max and we will see what happens when we die- do we meet god or ..........

  11. I grew up in a Christian home. A "belief" neither makes one good or evil, in my humble opinion. A belief is merely ones own or collective perspective based on ones own or a groups own environment and experiences. That being said... "God", and "the Devil" are two halves of the whole. Everything is in degrees my friends. You can't know hate without knowing what love is, nor can you comprehend light without experiencing darkness. If you were to put love and hate on a line graph the middle would be indifference. The Kybalion talks about this... Another book I thought very insightful was Alan Watts, The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Really Are. It uses an analogy to describe what so many refer to as God. Saying that "GOD" is ALL of creation. That because "GOD" is and always was, he/she needed to create in order to know him/herself. That "GOD" is in essence, playing hide and go seek with him/herself in order to know him/herself. We (humans and perhaps all life forms) are mirrors to one another. We learn the most about ourselves in our relationships with others, nature, the universe. As above so below. We live in a holographic universe... in essence... a giant mirror over a mirror, over another mirrod ad infinitum. Just my humble opinion. Not that it's worth anything. :)


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