Oddly shaped Mars rock contains fossilized animal head?

On September 9, 2014, Opportunity’s Pancam made several close-up views of rocks lying near the rover.

The rocks were probably thrown out by the Ullysses Crater impact.

Especially one rock took our attention. It looks like the rock contains a part of the head of an animal that turned to stone.

1. Original image

Image 2 and 3: Enlarged 

If you look carefully, right ear and eyes are clearly visible

Of course it may be pareidolia and it is just an oddly shaped rock, what you think?

Original Opportunity image: Sol 3778
Credit: Original color image is created by Holger Isenberg using filtered Pancam frames.


  1. It looks like an animal head statue with some type of plantation growth, covering the top and parts of it.


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