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How did that deer ended up on top a power pole?

Conservation worker and C2C listener Bruce shared a bizarre photo on CoastToCoast Facebook page of a deer that somehow wound up atop a power pole in a rural area somewhere in the US northeast.

According to Bruce, the most likely explanation for how the deer wound up there is that it was hit by a train, since there are train tracks several yards away.

However, he notes, "the deer would have to have traveled in the air approximately 45 feet (across) to the pole and reach a height of approximately 22 feet (up) to reach the top of the pole."

But being hit by a train seems unlikely, that kind of impact would have made the picture to gruesome however the deer shows no signs of external wounds.

Could it be that a large and strong bird like an eagle or something like the legendary creature the so-called thunderbird must have tried carrying it and dropped it because too heavy or maybe the deer has fallen victim to a failed alien abduction?

The question remains, how did the deer ended…
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Massive UFO appears above ancient Ley-line in London, UK

In June 2019, UFO Researcher Miller captured from the 5th floor roof top balcony with his Ipad at 10.27 several images of the sky in all directions.

After reviewing the images, Miller noticed in one of a the images a huge UFO in the cloud formation.

In the second image the UFO is no longer visible; instead we see that a strange triangle has appeared between the clouds.

Since Miller stated that the location is situated on an ancient Ley-line crossing the magnetic world grid is it quite possible that the UFO probably piloted by extraterrestrials has used the invisible powers and energy coming from the Ley-lines for navigation.

Mysterious force of nature known as Ley-lines, invisible geometric alignments that ran across ancient landscapes, connecting both natural and sacred prehistoric structures such as ancient monuments, stone circles and megaliths together.

All Ley-lines run over the electromagnetic fields of the earth and lead to the planetary Grid.

UFO hidden in cloud caught on camera over Spain

On August 9, 2019 a strange cloud-like object has been filmed in Spain.

Maybe it is just a cloud in front of the sunrise, but the strange thing is that it is the only cloud, a flying saucer -shaped cloud, in a blue sky.

Could it be a cloaked craft?

Flying Saucer becomes visible over Zagreb, Croatia during thunderstorm

On June 16, 2019 during a thunderstorm over Zagreb, Croatia a huge UFO can be seen in the middle of the thunderstorm.

The photographer who submitted the images to Mufon talks about a pyramid-like object, but after enlarging the object it appears to be a clear flying saucer type UFO.

Photographer: I saw something strange in the sky under clouds...pyramid like object was standing there in the moment when thunder strike.

It appears out of no where - Unknown luminous tubes flying over Area 51

What are these flying tubes? The objects are not looking like planes or helicopters, maybe drones or sky-divers? Or another secret project tested by the folk at Area 51?

The photographer who submitted the images to Mufon states: On Aug 8 2019, I was at Area 51 Black Mail Box location. I was taking images of the sky with a 15 second time exposure. When out of the corner of my eye I noticed these two lights darting in and out.

And finally a minute latter launch into a steady eastward direction, controlled and slow. The images will show change in color and proximity of crafts to each other.

The photographer continues to say: I don't think they are helicopters because they just were to close together. When they took off, they flew like regular aircraft as we know in a straight line headed east.

But it appears out of no where!

Linda Moulton Howe Is An Alien Megastructure Circling A Star In Space?

The light pattern of a middle aged star called KIC 8462852, some 1,480 light-years from Earth suggests that some kind of complex matter structure is circling the star, causing intermittent brightening and dimming by "a mass of objects," according to Prof. Jason Wright, an astronomer at Penn State University.

He told Linda that he and his colleagues are studying all possible natural explanations, and the exotic though unlikely possibility that it could be a "swarm of megastructures" built by an advanced alien civilization to harvest energy from the star.

At the suggestion of the Penn State team, SETI started pointing their Green Bank radio telescope at the unusual star to check for signals.

Huge Alien Space Station Found At Orion Constellation

Is this blue object an extraterrestrial space station, a docking station for incoming and outgoing alien craft, especially for all those cigar-shaped UFOs traveling through the Orion Constellation which have been spotted by several sky-watchers over the years?

They call the object: Star - Name Phi1 Orionis, 37 Orionis, HR1876, SAO112914, HD36822, DM BD+09 877 but it is clear that it is not a star as they want us to believe.

Open the link > Constellations > Constellations Names > find the Orion Constellation > Zoom in.

 Discovered by Scott Waring, ET Data Base.

Flying Saucer in the clouds above Jaksonville, Florida

The photographer was driving home from work when he noticed a disc-shaped object in the clouds above Jaksonville, Floirda.

He was able to take a picture before the UFO vanished and said: "The flying-saucer-shaped object looks nothing like I have ever seen before in my time in the military and outside."

Mufon case 102650 - Date of sighting: 2017-10-03 - Image submitted to Mufon: 2019-08-10.

Mysterious Flash on Jupiter captured in rare footage

A stargazer landed the shot of a lifetime on Wednesday after he captured extremely rare footage of a mysterious flash of light on Jupiter, which may have been an elusive meteor explosion.

Texas astrophotographer Ethan Chappel captured the incredible sight while he was filming the planet, and said the event on Jupiter's southern equatorial belt "looks awfully like an impact flash." A bright spot can be seen appearing out of nowhere before it quickly fades away, reports RT.

"After I checked the video and saw the flash, my mind started racing! I urgently felt the need to share it with people who would find the results useful," Chappel told ScienceAlert.

Astronomer Jonti Horner said he had "never seen anything like that before," and described the flash as "just totally breathtaking."

"A lot of the time these things will go unnoticed and unobserved," he explained. "Half of them will happen on the far side of the planet. So there…

Amazing Interdimensional Alien Orb caught on deer cam in Alma Center, Wisconsin

Orbs are still a big mystery and recent images of such an Orb captured on a deer cam in Alma Center, Wisconsin show again that this phenomenon is still not understood.

The images clearly show that the Orb lights up before it moves away from a tree, next it is hanging motionless in the sky for more than 1 hour.

What stands out is that this Orb which is actually an interdimensional alien vehicle is surrounded by an electromagnetic field which is said to be used for navigation, transportation and propulsion as well as for protection of the energy and shield the beings inside the Orb.

The GIF-animation above shows the Orb lights up before it moves away from the tree and the electromagnetic field around the Orb as it is hanging motionless in the sky.

The deer cam owner who submitted the images to Mufon said: I caught this glowing object on my deer cam camera. I am retired and a vivid bowhunter. I have 4 photos that have a time span of 1 hour 43 mins.

The first two photos are 1 min apart an…

Expert Warns Alien Hybrids Are Being Assimilated Into Our Society and Culture

David Jacobs on CoastToCoast AM warned that the marginalization of abductions has served to obscure an ongoing agenda centered around overtaking the planet via ET-human hybrids.

According to his research, this plan involves gradually populating the Earth with these entities, which he calls 'hubrids,' that look and act like normal humans, but are actually hybrids that possess mind abilities.

Since the hubrids were created and raised off planet, Jacobs claimed, human abductees are being used by the ETs to educate and train the entities for easier assimilation into our society and culture.

While Jacobs conceded that he has yet to decipher the reason behind this surreptitious infestation of the planet, he expressed certainty that humans are poised to ultimately become a second class species to the hybrids which are usurping our world.

And not only David Jacobs believes that Alien-Hybrids are being assimilated into our society and culture, Oxford professor Dr. Young-hae Chi also b…

Not 1 but 3 cigar-shaped UFOs appear above Mougins, France

On July 31, 2019 the photographer spotted two cigar-shaped UFOs in the sky above Mougins in France.

UFO 1 - Mougins, France UFO 2 - Mougins, France
Both UFOs move at high speed, with the first UFO flying through a cloud and the second UFO coming into view above the cloud.

Besides, there is a strange triangle structure is visible in the cloud.

Coincidence or not but nine days earlier, on July 22, 2019 a similar cigar-shaped UFO has been filmed while flying over the same location in Mougins, France.

UFO 3 - Mougins, France
Could it be the same UFO?

Scientists Just Built a Mini Sun - See What Happened!

The sun’s solar wind affects nearly everything in the solar system. It can disrupt the function of Earth’s satellites and creates the lights of the auroras.

A new study by University of Wisconsin–Madison physicists mimicked solar winds in the lab, confirming how they develop and providing an Earth-bound model for the future study of solar physics.

Scientists constructed a 3-meter-wide (10 feet) aluminum vacuum chamber, which they dubbed "the Big Red Ball," to re-create some of the solar physics that take place in and around the sun.

Provided by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

UFO emerges from a portal over ancient Machu Picchu in Peru

The popular tourist attraction Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains in Peru, is not only known for its sophisticated dry-stone walls that fuse huge blocks without the use of mortar, intriguing buildings that play on astronomical alignments, but also known for the many mysterious UFO sightings above the Incan citadel often photographed by tourists.

Now, on July 20, 2019 a tourist made some images at the 'sun Gate' of Machu Picchu when he noticed in one of the images a strange UFO.

It seems as if the UFO emerged from a portal or wormhole. The shadow under the UFO indicates that it is moving above the surface.

The photographer who submitted the images to Mufon said: Mid afternoon while visiting Machu Picchu we were at the "sun gate "overlooking the archaeological site. It was broad daylight and clear sky.

I decided to take a couple selfies. I took the two photos only 1 or 2 seconds apart. There were about 10 people all looking out over the city and no one heard or seen a…

Rectangular UFOs seen above Brazil, Mexico and Hawaii

What are these rectangular UFOs in the skies over Araguan, Brazil, Aztec, New Mexico and Maui, Hawaii. Are these objects the latest developments in the field of hand-made UFOs similar to the Tic Tac UFOs and the Cube in Sphere UFOs seen by the US Navy?

On July 2, 2019 rectangles UFOs have been photographed while flying over Araguan, Brazil and Aztec, New Mexico.

The photographer who took a photo of the square/rectangle UFO over Araguan, Brazil says:

While living in Araguari, MG Brazil I liked to photograph contrails and in Araguari there was no shortage of interesting contrail patterns daily. 

Anyway, while looking at my photos on my laptop I noticed a strange object. At first I thought it might have been caused by some sort of malfunction of the curtain or dust on the sensor.

As I zoomed in to the object it looked more like a door, a pure black door with what looked to be 2 emissions coming out of two of the corners of this door/ portal. Mufon case 102315.

The Photographer who took a…

Astrophysicist claims ‘Intelligent Aliens won’t be Humanoids’

Based on the sheer number of stars in the galaxy alone... The odds that alien life exists out there are high. But how does that affect us here on Earth? RT asked Professor Adam Frank, astronomer, physicist and author.

Professor Adam Frank states “We think we’ve been looking for exo-civilisations for years, but the real search yet to start, there are trillions of planets where life can thrive and develop advanced civilisations.”

We not only know the world well enough to model how planets and civilisations evolve together but we also can estimate how use of different energy sources affects planet by using simulations and climate change shows, from perspective of the universe, humanity is a teenage species.

It’s crazy to expect mass exodus from Earth in immediate future, no plan B planet for us, we can’t hope to live in space before learning how to live in Earth’s ecosystem and it remains to be seen if evolutionary laws work the same under different conditions.

We mustn’t think that inte…

What does the US military actually know about UFOs?

On July 26, 2019 Congressman Mark Walker appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight. The congressman, who is the member of the Homeland Security Committee, sent a letter to Navy Secretary Richard Spencer asking for answers.

North Carolina Rep. Mark Walker demands answers about the military's probe into UFO sightings.

Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., told Fox News Friday that he is "concerned" about recent reports by U.S. Navy pilots of encounters with unidentified aircraft that some have speculated could be otherworldly.

When asked about Lue Elizondo's claim that the United States has UFO Debris (metamaterials) he said, "We don't know, but that's one of the four questions that we are asking. Is there evidence being held somewhere (not to get too spooky once again) but if there is evidence I believe it's important for people specifically in my position, as the ranking member of terrorism/counter-intelligence, we need to know what this is."

Mysterious Stone Sculpture found in North Carolina

A strange stone sculpture has North Carolina archaeologists stumped.

“It’s actually the first time we’ve ever encountered it and that’s why we don’t know much about it because we’ve never seen anything like this before,” said Mary Beth Fitts, Assistant State Archaeologist with the Office of State Archaeology

A stone sculpture was found by a man named Tom Giddens who lives in Newton Grove and it wasn’t until a worker out plowing his field hit it that he discovered the mysterious artifact reports cbs17.

“The plow hit the stone and the person picked it up and put it to the edge of the field and then Mr. Giddens as he was walking by flipped the stone over and saw there was a face in the stone,” Fitts said.

Fitts created a 3D model of the stone sculpture and put it out on social media, in the hopes that someone somewhere would know something about the artifact’s origins.

Link to 3D model:

“It really is mys…

Elongated UFO near Area 51 filmed with motion sensor camera

A motion sensor camera recorded an elongated UFO near Area 51 on July 22, 2019. The UFO which has no visible parts such as wings and tail could be another secret Area 51 project.

Witness: My motion sensor camera picked this up at Rachel, Nevada right outside Area 51.

After filming for nearly 6 hours I found this...
Unbelievable, not sure if it's a jet or some aircraft I haven't seen before. Pretty cool nonetheless.

Note: Given the speed of the UFO, play the video in slow motion to get a clear view of the UFO:
Go to Video Settings > Play Back Speed > Set to 0.25

UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports #17

Disc-shaped UFO spotted over Amarillo, California

The photographer took a clear image of a unknown flying object over Amarillo, California on July 21, 2019. This object has no wings or other visible parts characteristic of an aircraft. A glow comes from the top of the object.

The photographer states: Snapped a photo of beautiful clouds with my Samsung Galaxy S9. Looked at it about 40 minutes later and saw something near the top of the photo I didn't notice while snapping it.

Zoomed in and was amazed to see a disc shaped object reflecting sunshine on top and a dark surface on the bottom. I checked the other pics to make sure it wasn't my lens......clean. Such a clear pic you would think wings of a plane would be visible. Mufon case 102230.

Cigar-shaped UFO captured over Jefferson, st. Brooklyn, New York

On July 19, 2019 the witness captured a cigar-shaped UFO over Jefferson, st. Brooklyn, New York.

This object was stationary over Jefferson st. and had a pulsating rim that was s…

Saucer-shaped UFO spotted over South Seattle, WA

On July 5, 2019 a saucer-shaped object has been spotted over South Seattle, WA. The object made fast short burst moves across a short distance then faded away as it rose into cloud cover.

Open to any info or input. Not saying Aliens but definitely a UFO. Mufon case 101931.

'Secret' rectangular UFO photographed in the sky over Maui, Hawaii

In June 2019 a strange rectangular flat UFO appeared in the sky over Maui, Hawaii.

The object which has no wings, tail, visible engines.or other parts characteristic of an aircraft may be part of a secret project.

Photographer: While driving up mount Haleakala in Maui I took this picture and didn't notice anything until weeks later when I was going over my vacation photos.

The object was not seen live. The object was in only one frame, nothing before or after. Unknown altitude but as you can see it was above the cloud line. Mufon case 101379.

Sheilaaliens' Tucson UFO Compilation 2010-2012

For those who have been following the UFO phenomenon for a long time are undoubtedly familiar with the famous UFO videos from Sheilaaliens.

Most of the original videos were lost when the original Sheilaaliens channel was terminated long long ago.

But now it appears that Sheilaaliens is back whereby she indicates that she will regularly present new UFO sightings on her channel.

Sheila: In this video I present a compilation of strange things I recorded in Tucson, AZ many years ago. Re-uploaded because the old upload somehow got the aspect ratio squished and distorted to 21:9 or worse, and it was completely unwatchable.

Sky-watcher captured something weird in the sky

It is difficult to describe what this weird object may have been; celestial object, UFO or something else that enters the atmosphere?

Linda Miller: On July 15, 2019 I felt compelled to go outside and film the sun gain. I was in the middle of watching the sun go down and when I turned my head and saw this... I thought it might be a plane, I was wrong.

Linda: The colors are the real thing, just adjusted exposure. It is really pretty and weird all at the same time. I have no freakin' idea.

Two huge flying objects captured near our sun

On July 11, 2019, two huge flying objects were caught on camera while they were in the vicinity of the sun.

Linda Miller who captured the two objects says: “I just shot this tonight, I still have footage to look over, but, when I saw this, I had to put it up for you to see. What the heck?”

The first object, which looks like a triangle UFO, comes into view when it passes the sun; but it is unclear what the second object might have been, but it seems to be exiting the sun at high speed.