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Strange FM Radio signal discovered coming from Jupiter's moon Ganymede

Strange FM signal (Wi-fi) discovered coming from one of Jupiter's moons Ganymede which is Jupiter’s largest moon. NASA recently extended the life of two of its planetary discovery missions, including the Juno mission to Jupiter. Now it's come to light Juno has discovered an FM signal emanating from one of the gas giant's moons, Ganymede.  According to NASA, (Never A Straight Answer) the discovery is not an indication of extraterrestrial life, but it is fascinating nonetheless, given it's the first time it's been discovered coming from the celestial satellite.  
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TV News channel captures UFO flying over Hogback Mountain

Witness was watching the local (Greenville/Spartenburg South Carolina) 7 news around 12:10pm on 5/16/2020, the shot changed to the camera setup to lookout over Hogback Mountain in Spartanburg county.  It was during the live shot, when a red, glowing, disc shot across the screen.  He immediately sent a copy of the footage to the news channel and they got back to him saying they hadn't noticed it, but thought it was exciting. Mufon .  

Three huge UFOs recorded while crossing the Orion Nebula

There seems to be a lot of UFO activity in deep space. Last week a sky-watcher captured a huge cigar-shaped craft passing the Orion Nebula and now another sky-watcher, Peter Tiagunov recorded three interstellar craft crossing the Orion Nebula.  The images shows the three UFOs emerging from the center of the Nebula flying further through space in a triangular formation.  The question is whether these UFOs are of alien origin or whether they belong to the secret space program, that includes a fleet of spaceships equipped with a technology far beyond what current aerospace technology is capable of.  Peter captured the UFOs with a Telescope: RC 10" (x.75 reducer) - Mount: EQ6R-Pro - Camera: QHY 163M Cooled (no filters).  

Shapeshifting Humanoid Flying Over Ohio?

A strange black humanoid-like object hovering in the sky over Chillicothe, Ohio. The figure changing directions and changes shapes.  Back in 2019 (2019-05-17) the witness noticed something in the sky hovering around on which he pulled out his camera and recorded what he saw.  To see the strange object better, he zoomed in, watched it, zoomed out and zoomed in again. It was that moment the black figure started changing shapes.  Since the figure was far away in the sky he didn't get a good look at it until he went inside his house to get a better look out of the light and what he saw was something unexplainable. Mufon .  

Live Webcam captures Two UFOs entering Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico

On December 6, 2020 the live webcamdemexico monitoring the Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico captured in a short time two cigar-shaped UFOs entering the crater of the volcano.  A UFO apparently descends into the crater, four minutes later, a second UFO follows the first one disappearing into the crater of the volcano too.  This volcano has been a UFO hotspot for years with hundreds of reports of UFOs flying over as well as entering and exiting the crater and so far, there is no explanation for all these strange activities around the Popocatépetl Volcano.  

Unknown Bright Lights over Michigan and Oregon

On the same day, January 6, 2021, unknown bright lights have been recorded over White Lake Michigan and Bend, Oregon.  Unknown bright light over White Lake Michigan  Date: January 6, 2021  Witness was driving home when he saw a bright orange orb in the sky on which he pulled over over and took a video of the object. This evening was cloudy, and leafless trees gave the video a nice gauge to see how it was moving. According to the witness, it definitely was not an airplane, nor a drone. It pulsated, brightened, and eventually faded out of sight. Mufon .  Unknown bright light over Bend, Oregon  Date: January 6, 2021  The witness while driving noticed an object with lights in the sky that wasn’t moving and there were no lights blinking He started recorded at that time it started moving. It looked disc shaped and the way it was moving was very odd. Mufon .  

Stingray with bizarre devil face on it's back found in Tonga

A diver was exploring the reef around the island in the remote waters of Tonga off the island of Vava'u when he came across a southern stingray eating something in the sand. But what he saw immediately caught his eye as it appeared that the stingray had a clear image of a devil or ghostly monster face on its back.  The diver was surprised at how clear and vivid the image was and he first wondered if it was simply the result of sand and dust stuck on the stingray's skin.  As the scuba diver approaches to record this strange creature, it turned and sway away to resume its hunting in another path of sand.  Although it is obviously not an evil creature, it does not take a lot of imagination to see this as a ghoulish devil face cruising over the ocean bottom.  

Sky-watcher caught possible UFO near Orion Nebula

While imaging M-42 the great Nebula in the sword of Orion, Dennis Recia noticed a number of what he suspects are Starlink Satellites going through all of his exposures.  Although Dennis suggests that it was a train of Starlink satellites he is not sure since he also wonders whether it might have been a UFO.  It is not the first time that such large objects have been observed near Orion Nebula, so it is quite possible that this object was an interstellar craft rather than Starlink satellites which fly in low orbit.  

Mysterious space object catches fire before hitting the Moon

A large object approaches the moon, then before it catches fire, a jet flame comes out of the end of the object, going down and crashes into the surface of the moon.  According to sky-watcher Bruce Swartz who captured the object with his 14 inches telescope and infrared camera it looks like it is something like a small rocket, as the object's behaviors are similar to a NASA rocket that lands straight on the moon's surface or like a SpaceX rocket that lands straight on a platform.  Although it looks like the object crashed into moon, it could also have landed on the moon's surface.  Footage of the unknown space object starts at 2.02 minutes in the video.  

Cloaked Device causes Sky Phenomenon over Florida

On January 2, 2021, a resident of Pembroke Pine in Florida noticed strange lights in the sky through the clouds yet it was a clear night. While filming the sky phenomenon the lights changed color and shape.   Initially thinking that the sky phenomenon was something natural like an aurora, also called northern lights, a natural light display in the Earth's sky, but after re-viewing the images it turns out that these lights were caused by a cloaked rectangular device. Mufon . The image above shows a cloaked rectangular device below such a green light.   

Mysterious Glowing Anomaly Passes The Sun

What kind of object could this have been? It looks like a glowing circle attached to a solid object passes the Sun.  Could it be that this fast moving object is just a reflection of the planet Venus? (Bright object below the glowing circle).  However, if it is a reflection of Venus then why is it moving much faster than the planet? Camera reflection or it could be that this glowing object is of extraterrestrial origin? Stereo A - Secchi - COR 2A - 2020-12-11 - 21.54.00.  

UFO Crash Site on Mars, 190 Meters Wide Alien Spacecraft

In 2000 the Mars Global Surveyor captured many images of the Medusae Fossae Formation when a NASA image specialist discovered a very unusual object half buried in the Martian soil what appeared to be a crashed alien craft which is approximately 190 meters wide and impacted the surface at a low angle. Despite frantic efforts to make this amazing finding public the image mysteriously disappeared several times from the website of the NASA specialist, but surprisingly the image released on October 16, 2000 remained on the NASA servers.  But after rechecking the original image it has now been deleted as well, which is of course very suspicious. Left the original Mars image - Right image shows Page Not Found - Image has been removed. Luckily, in 2016 UFOvni2012 saved the original image showing the crashed UFO which you can see in the video below. 

Giant UFO caught while it travels through the constellation Leo

While observing the constellation Leo through a Radian raptor 61refractor telescope and recording with a Zwo 1600mc pro camera, sky-watcher John Seindis stumbled across a giant cigar-shaped interstellar craft, possible of alien origin, in the early hours of December 26, 2020.  The footage clearly shows that the craft is moving through space at great speed. As far as known, this is the first time such a massive spacecraft has been captured on camera while traveling through the constellation Leo.  Similar spaceships have previously been observed near the Orion Nebula M42 situated in the Milky Way, being south of Orion's Belt in the constellation of Orion.  On November 29, 2017 a sky-watcher from North Carolina was out collecting data on M42 Orion Nebula. As he still was fine focusing his 8 in astrograph / Newtonian Telescope a giant cigar-shaped UFO appeared on his laptop screen which he captured in a single 30.2 second frame.  And here are more images of these giant spaceships spott

Huge cigar shaped UFO filmed over Andes mountain range, Chile

During a flight from Puerto Montt to Santiago a plane passenger filmed a huge partially cloaked cigar-shaped UFO over Andes mountain range in Chile on November 11, 2020.  My name is Rodrigo from Chile, on 11/11/2020 on the sky flight H272 from Puerto Montt to Santiago (departure 18:36, arrival 20:14 hours).  Approximately arriving in Santiago at 8:00 p.m., I was looking at the landscape (Andes mountain range) the only "cloud" (dark and fat, in the shape of a worm) catches my attention, "rain cloud" style, above the peak of the Montana. From my window at an angle of about 65 degrees.  As the plane was parallel to the "cloud", I noticed that it began to be "clearer" (I thought it was "something" normal of the winds and altitude) and it was there that at the right point of the cloud, it made a " small flash of white light "that caught my attention and amazement (in a matter of second), I couldn't believe what I was seeing,  I

Military Whistleblower - Secret Alaska Underground Base Monitors UFOs

Linda Moulton Howe interviews Military Whistleblower “John Smith”, retired USAF Sergeant about the secret Alaska underground base that monitors UFOs.  Assigned to “Murphy Dome” Air Force station in Fairbanks Alaska in 1968 Large underground installation. “Long stairway underground”… ”main reason we were down there to monitor Russia…” “Large screen that had a map of the planet” “Any object in the air came up on that screen” “...people from some other planet monitoring what we do” “...the UFOs.. usually traveled in packed of 3 or 6…they would disappear” “…most of the traffic was south of South America and Africa”  “…3 to 6 at a time”  

Super Fast UFO Caught Over Moncton NB, Canada

With the high speed UFO caught over Parker Dam, Arizona last week, still in mind, now another similar UFO has been videotaped from an Autel EVO drone across the Magnetic Hill Golf Course in Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada.  Orville Harris who captured the UFO, also called Fastwalker last July - 2020: "This being the second UFO I video taped from a drone I was amazed just how similar they looked and the speed they were travelling."  “Fastwalker” is a term used by NORAD and branches of armed forces to describe unidentified aerial phenomena moving and/or changing directions at high speed far beyond what current aerospace technology is capable of.  

Alien craft casts its shadow on the lunar surface while crossing the Moon

A sky-watcher was taking some evening shots of the moon with a Nikon P900 on December 20, 2020 at 4.52 pm when a large red UFO comes into view from the left side on which the UFO then crosses the moon until it disappears into space.  While crossing the moon the UFO casts its shadow on the lunar surface indicates that it is not something that flies close to the camera, but that it does indeed fly just above the surface of the moon.  The first clip is the close-up, and the second is the original version.  

Weird blue pulsating spheres caught over Bella vista, Arkansas

3-4 pulsating blue spheres. One sphere, around 50 -100 feet ahead of the “main” spheres. It kept pulsating from one solid to 3-4.  The weird phenomenon in the sky that appeared in Bella Vista, Arkansas on December 22, 2020, raises many questions as witnesses have no idea what it may have been. Mufon .  

Alleged Alien Skull discovered on the surface of planet Mars

Over the years NASA's Curiosity Rover has photographed many unexplainable artifacts including skulls on the planet Mars. One of those skulls has been discovered in image MSL 2620 MR uploaded by Neville Thompson on his Gigapan page.  Although it is our tendency to see certain shapes and patterns in random objects, called pareidolia; I think that this object could be a real skull that apparently lies in a kind of coffin appeared to resemble the remains of an alien creature, which may be evidence of past intelligent life on Mars.  Besides the images of the alleged alien skull there is much more for you to discover in Thompson's Gigapan Mars image. Link:

Possible classified triangle UFO caught over Chitre, Panama

On December 18, 2020 when reviewing an image that a photographer took of the project of the new public market of Chitré in Panama, he observed something strange in the photo.  He took two photos with a few seconds of difference, in one a UFO appears in the image.  Although he took the images inside his car the photographer is convinced that the object was not a reflection of something inside or outside the car nor a reflection of the sun on his cell phone. Mufon .  Assuming it was not a reflection, the photographer may have photographed a TR-3B or a classified antigravity aerospace craft similar to a TR-3B?

Glowing Discs Appear On The Horizon

The strange event happened near Le Bourg-Dun, Haute-Normandie in France when a photographer captured several colorful glowing discs in the night sky.  The photographer was on a plain path with his photography equipment (Nikon D600 & Nikon 28mm F1.8 lens plus tripod and wired remote control) for a night landscape session.  He arrived at the place near Le Bourg-Dun, Haute-Normandie at about 10.30 pm, took several pictures of the landscape when a bright colorful disc-shaped light appeared on the northwest horizon for a few seconds.  A few seconds later, another similar light appeared, but much closer to its observation site, when it suddenly brightened to orange-red light as it floated for about seconds before disappearing.  Then, a few seconds later, another colorful disc-shaped light appeared, but this time there were two of them, floating and visible for about 10 seconds. The entire observation of these lights took about 40 minutes.  Later, while checking the internet for these str

High speed UFO caught over Parker Dam, Arizona

This video shot from a drone with 4K high speed shutter shows a high speed UFO flying over the Parker Dam in Arizona on December 15, 2020.  Since the UFO also called a fastwalker, flies past the drone at a short distance at such an enormous speed, it was only possible to frame some images of the object.  

Crashed Flying Saucer Spotted In Antarctica

There are many unexplained anomalies discovered in Antarctica over the years. This video shows a possible crashed flying saucer as well as other strange objects resembling alien or man-made craft.  Spacecraft Coordinates: 74°47'54.86"S 110°33'38.27"W  Classic UFO  Coordinates: 61°57'51.64"S 58° 3'42.73"W  Crashed Flying Saucer  Coordinates: 73°35'57.17"S 164°48'14.86"E  V-shaped UFO or man-made craft  Coordinates: 72°1'32.19"S 169°34'59.68"E  Ancient triangle UFO  Coordinates: 74°18'52.37"S 9°27'18.32"W  

Strange Objects Flying Through Our Sky

Strange objects flying through our sky and possible UFO fleet caught on ISS cam.  Case 1: December 8, 2020  Glowing anomaly changes from rectangular to circular shape over Three Folks, Montana  This object was not in a hurry as I observed it for well over 30 min. watching the entire time for possible wings, blades, sound, speed, direction, color change The object was stationary for a long period of time, than moved extremely slowly SE and upwards until out of sight with altitude. mufon   Case 2: December 11, 2020  Square-like UFO hovering over Washington DC   The witness was sitting in tree stand facing southeast deer hunting. At 5:38 pm cst he noticed a light overhead traveling east then the light changed direction to southeast. The light continued moving southeast for about 36 seconds before going out. mufon   Case 3: December 12, 2020  Flying sphere recorded on old tv show called Martial Law  It was recorded by professional tv camera on the old tv show called Martial Law. Season 1 e

Mystery as huge luminous object appears in the night sky over Patagonia, Argentina

Photographer Santiago Arévalo said he went down to the beach at midnight that night with four people. The goal was to make astrophotography of the Milky Way.  Santiago: We all sat on the sand looking at the stars and talking for a while, around 1.30 am we see that from behind the mountains, on the other side of the lake, a kind of white glow begins to appear on which he managed to capture the exact moment when a huge luminous object lit up in the night sky.  We all thought it was the moon coming out of that sector, which is very strange because the moon comes out from the totally opposite side.  I run to the tripod to turn the camera in that sector and let it take some pictures to see what I can get to save from what we have seen, which up until then was the moon.  After a few seconds we see that it was not the moon, that it was a point, something a little bigger than a star, but it was accompanied by a kind of halo in the shape of a triangle.  At that moment we were all thinking what