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Something really weird shows up on Google Earth in Antarctica

A lot of strange things going on in Antarctica. The latest video of MrMB333 shows a nearly 300ft wide black anomaly near the Belgica Mountains in Antarctica.

There is a lot of speculation about what the anomaly might be. While some people suggest that it is a lava flow out of a volcano that has had multiple eruptions, pointing at the white plume of smoke coming from the black anomaly, others say that the anomaly looks like a fossilized Pterodactyl, a winged reptile that lived on earth about 210 million years ago.

The video continues with another object in Antarctica and appears to be triangular in shape suggesting that it could be a UFO.

Google Earth coordinates: 72°35'13"S 31°19'09"E

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Who owns these Buildings and Vehicles on the far side of the Moon?

In 2017 we reported the discovery of two unusual features in the crater Paracelsus C on the far side of the moon. The two structures are in fact mining machines/crawlers used for mining operations, conducted by extraterrestrials.

Now it appears that more unusual structures have been discovered on the far side of the moon.

After analyzing another image showing an area of about 507 km2, the researcher states that the local power spectra of the features under study as well as several nearby craters appear to deviate significantly from that of the lunar background. (Read the scientific study, including the moon images, presented in the Journal of Space Exploration here).

Image above - Mining machines/crawlers used for mining operations.
Image above - Buildings and Vehicles.
A long-running conspiracy theory that there are buildings on the moon, which could either be occupied by aliens, or be a secret NASA outpost, becomes very plausible if you look at the above image, it shows us that ther…

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon slowly moving over mountain in Phoenix, Arizona

A slow moving rectangular object has been filmed while flying over the top of a mountain in Phoenix, Arizona on December 1, 2019.

Some people say that the object looks like a typical banner in tow, but normally a banner is attached to and just behind the plane, so we would be able to see a small aircraft and that is not the case when you watch the video, there is no plane.

Spotter captures UFO or F35 over Kirton, Lincs, UK?

On December 2, 2019 a strange looking and moving object has been spotted in the sky over Kirton, Lincs, UK. The witness managed to take a picture before the object shot away at high speed.

The photographer who submitted the image to Mufon said: I saw this at 10.15am UK time over Kirton,Lincs UK. I was stood at my back door having a cigarette when I noticed an object in the sky.

It was moving slowly, almost hovering, then after a few seconds it shot away at high speed in the direction in was coming from.

I posted it on the local RAF spotters site to find out more. I was told there was nothing flying at that time, then my post was removed and I was told by their admin that it was a F35.

Note editor: Very strange that the RAF spotters site removed the image. How they can say that it was a F35 if there was nothing flying at that time?

The picture has not been edited or photoshopped. Not the highest quality as taken from a poor quality phone. Your thoughts please.

Why Are UFOs Always Deactivating Nuclear Missiles?

It's public knowledge that the US was interested in testing nukes on the moon. But did they actually do it? One high ranking military officials thinks so.

At first there was Project A119, also known as A Study of Lunar Research Flights, was a top-secret plan developed in 1958 by the United States Air Force. The aim of the project was to detonate a nuclear bomb on the Moon, which would help in answering some of the mysteries in planetary astronomy and astrogeology.

If the explosive device detonated on the surface, not in a lunar crater, the flash of explosive light would have been faintly visible to people on Earth with their naked eye, a show of force resulting in a possible boosting of domestic morale in the capabilities of the United States.

The project was never carried out, being cancelled primarily out of a fear of a negative public reaction, with the potential militarization of space that it would also have signified, and because a Moon landing would undoubtedly be a more po…

Linda Moulton Howe discloses alien secrets beneath the ice in Antarctica

There is a huge secret hidden beneath the ice in Antarctica. Military whistleblowers report large alien structures under two miles of Antarctic ice.

It all started when Linda Moulton Howe received a shocking and astonishing email from a retired 60 year old U.S Naval officer first class engineer on the extremely strange events happening in the Antarctic.

The Naval Officer (Navy Seal Spartan 1) experienced and saw, like a huge opening in the ice in a no-fly area, when they were crossing with a medical emergency on board.

Then, Navy Seal Spartan 1 walked an alien hallway inscribed with mysterious hieroglyphs and tells Linda that Antarctica’s alien presence spans centuries, linked to Star Gate portals around Earth and beyond our solar system.

The new revealing documentary is now available at:

Weird object emitting red glow moving across the sky in Bradford, UK

While driving on the highway near Bradford on November 26, 2019, Juran Harrison noticed a huge object in the sky that seemly emitted a red glow on which he decided to film it.

According to Thetelegraphandargus - Juran said: "I would describe it as a burning red light, was moving sideways then down and away leaving a slight trail behind it, then, as quickly as it appeared, it is gone."

The footage, taken from a car shows the bright red glowing object moving across the sky above the roofline.

Villagers spooked by huge glowing oval-shaped UFO in the sky over Krasnodar, Russia

A strange phenomenon has been filmed in the sky above a field by two friends while driving in a rural area in Krasnodar Region in Russia on November 27, 2019.

Wondering what the strange sky phenomenon could be, they decided to stop their car to take a closer look at the brightly shining oval-shaped object, hanging motionless in the air.

Although some people suggest that the phenomenon is just a sunset, the witnesses are convinced that they have filmed something that cannot be explained.

What is this strange pulsing beam of light over Edmonton, Canada

The aliens are coming for a landing? A strange pulsing beam of light appeared in the sky over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on November 29, 2019.

Tinkerbell Bear while driving home saw this really strange pulsing beam in the sky and said "I've never seen anything like it and it is so weird! Anyone know what it is or seen this before?"

According to - the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services determined that the beam of light is flaring and came from Imperial Oil's Strathcona refinery. Flares are used in refineries and petrochemical facilities to safely burn excess hydrocarbon gases that can't be recovered or recycled.

Below Tinkerbell's video of the weird beam of light. More images of the sky phenomenon, see

Near-Death Experience - Being at the edge of the Afterlife

Today, we know much more about what happens to people when they die - and what we are learning does not support materialism. Even medical scientists take near-death-experiences seriously now.

The doorway or barrier is a common event in a typical NDE. The experiencer instinctively knows that to pass through the door or barrier means they would not come back to their life.

In the next video a brief NDE experience told by Paul Swain on what it was like to be at the edge of the afterlife.

Then, in a continuing interesting discussion, Robert J. Marks and Walter Bradley, after whom the Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence is named, looked at near-death experiences (NDEs) which I recommend you to read the in-depth article (including excerpts, podcast, video and additional information on NDEs) at

3D radar imaging uncovers 3 cloaked UFOs hovering over Florida river

Three cloaked UFOs hovering over a Florida river have been discovered by using Google Earth Web Based Chrome Version with 3D Imaging.

If you look from above you will see these UFOs like a dark spot until you zoom in, they become very clear.

These UFOs are above the ground and not attached to the ground. See the shadow under UFO 2.

UFO 1 - 20 feet long.
UFO 2 - 20 feet long.
UFO 3 - 44 feet long.

UFO 1: 29°47'8.00"N 81°16'40.00"W
UFO 2: 29°46'59.41"N 81°16'37.61"W
UFO 3: 29°46'55.86"N 81°16'35.99"W

Are these UFOs part of advanced military technology such as the exotic UAPs described by the Navy Pilots?

Massive underwater explosion in South China Sea caused by mysterious craft captured on ISS Live Cam?

According to HalTurnerRadioShow the oceanographic instruments that monitor the South China Sea have recorded a significant underwater nuclear explosion.

The explosion occurred on November 21st at around 18.22 ET and took place at a depth of about 50 meters and had to be between 10 and 20 Kiloton.

After the explosion an increase of radiation was detected on the coast of China and Taiwan by the uRADMonitor.

There are rumors that China would have been responsible for the underwater explosion to set off a small nuclear device to try and cause an earthquake for several reasons which you can read in the article of HalTurnerShow but was it China or is it possible that the underwater explosion has been caused by something else?

On the same day of the explosion in the South China Sea, Scott Dillon recorded via the ISS Live Cam application on his cellphone a mysterious partially cloaked craft at about the same time of the explosion.

But what is striking is that at the time of Scott Dillons'…

Sky-watcher caught secret lunar base on the moon

Sky-watcher BruceSeesAll shows us a real close up view of what he believes is a city sized area of constructed objects located in the Southern Highlands of the moon.

Among the constructed objects; a rectangular building, a huge tower, oval walls and a hexagon structure.

Besides the lunar base he also shows another UFO sighting under the thick atmosphere and gases on the lunar surface. UFOs landing on the moon seem to be descending under what BruceSeesAll calls an unknown veil...that lies over the surface the moon.

New Human Hybrids are on Earth and they have abilities that we cannot comprehend

Is Homo Sapiens being assisted by NHI’s to evolve through a series of complex programs into a new ‘upgraded’ species? What is the evidence?

How is Contact with NHI’s linked to human labels: Star Children, Indigo, Crystal, ‘letter people'
Are the labels indicating a genetic dysfunction or possibly an orchestrated phenomenon to upgrade humans?
Why do some individuals feel more connected to ‘non-human intelligences than their human family?
If so, what does this mean for our species?
The late Command Sergeant Robert Dean mentioned his time with NHI’s was shown by them ”Humanity is a work in progress, an unfinished masterpiece.”
Are we indeed an evolving species being assisted to discover who we really are?
If so, what does this mean for humanity?

Entomologist claims "These photos show evidence of life on Mars"

NASA what are you going to say about the entomologist's proof that there is life on Mars.

As scientists scramble to determine whether there is life on Mars, Ohio University Professor Emeritus William Romoser's research shows that we already have the evidence, courtesy of photographs from various Mars rovers.

Images above and below - Credit Dr. Romoser via
According to,news Dr. Romoser, who specializes in arbovirology and general/medical entomology, has spent several years studying photographs from the red planet that are available on the Internet. He found numerous examples of insect-like forms, structured similarly to bees, as well as reptile-like forms, both as fossils and living creatures. He presented his findings Tuesday, Nov. 19, at the national meeting of the Entomological Society of America in St. Louis, Missouri.

"There is apparent diversity among the Martian insect-like fauna which display many features similar to Terran insects that are inter…

143 New Nazca Lines discovered in Peru including drawings of strange beings

A research team led by Professor Masato Sakai(Cultural anthropology, Andean archeology) at Yamagata University discovered 142 new geoglyphs, which depict people, animals and other strange beings, like a drawing what looks like an reptilian, etched into the desert in southern Peru around the enigmatic Nazca Lines.

The geoglyphs include humans, many different animals (including birds, monkeys, fish, snakes, foxes, felines, and camelids) and strange beings.. All of these figures were created by removing the black stones that cover the land, thereby exposing the white sand beneath and were found between 2016 and 2018.

They were identified through fieldwork and analysing high-resolution 3D data and aerial photography. Incredibly, one geoglyph in particular was solely discovered with AI technology, without the aid of humans, making it the first geoglyph discovered by an AI.

It is yet another example of how technology is assisting archaeology because a number of images were found using state…

Infamous Planet Nine may have Already been Found Astronomers Say

A new study says NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is capable of detecting the mysterious Planet Nine and may have even already spotted it, scientists just need to sift through the data.

In the case of planet Nine, detecting its transit would be impossible, because it wouldn't pass between TESS and the sun. And a single exposure wouldn't reveal an object as faint as planet Nine.

However, the way TESS stares at sections of the sky for long duration's could be combined with an astronomy technique called digital tracking.

If you stack these images, faint objects can become much brighter, revealing objects that would otherwise be hidden.

Mysterious oxygen fluctuations on Mars detected by Curiosity Mars Rover

For the first time in the history of space exploration, scientists have measured the seasonal changes in the gases that fill the air directly above the surface of Gale Crater on Mars.

As a result, they noticed something baffling: oxygen, the gas many Earth creatures use to breathe, behaves in a way that so far scientists cannot explain through any known chemical processes.

The video below shows and explains the strange oxygen fluctuations on Mars.

USB stick found with astonishing 1900s images of planets and UFOs in space

A man named Quisto, living in a small village near Berlin, Germany found a usb stick with a strange symbol carved into it on a parking lot near the so-called "Steintor".

Later on he put the usb stick in his laptop opened it and to his surprise he saw many old 1900's images of what seems like planets, space and UFOs.

According to Quisto, who has no idea who possessed the usb stick, he decided to share the 28 images hoping that someone has an answer to these mysterious images.

It looks like the incredible images are authentic but of course we have to keep in mind that it could be a hoax, but according to a friend of Quisto the stick contains old Voyager satellite recordings and files that are not supposed to be public as he has never seen something like that.

NASA launched the Voyager 1 on September 5, 1977 and the Voyager 2 42 years ago on August 20, 1977, to study the solar system’s most distant planets.

Since its launch, the Voyager 2 has encountered several planets, am…

Enormous alien intergalactic starships approaching and crossing the Sun recorded by UFO researcher

On November 5, 2019, during sunset UFO researcher Pedro Ramírez recorded two huge unknown objects approaching and crossing the sun.

When he saw two enormous bright UFOs approaching the sun he started to follow them. Then the earth-sized intergalactic starships seem to come even closer to the sun, as if it were a huge sunspot.

Apparently the spacecraft crossing the sun until the moment they are leaving the sun again into deep space.

Not only these new images are again proof that there is a lot of extraterrestrial activity near the sun, but it also indicates that these UFOs may also be able to withstand the enormous pressure and temperature of the sun.

Rare Fish with 'human face' spotted in lake near Miao Village, Kunming, China

No, it is not an alien but a fish with a "human-like face" which was spotted swimming in a lake by a tourist in southwestern China's Kunming on November 5, 2019.

A woman says: "See the fish has become a fairy, it has a human-like face."

According to fish farmers, the fish is actually a kind of carp but how the markings on the fish originated, resemble that of a human's eyes, nose and mouth is a mystery.

Bizarre pyramid-shaped object appears in the sky over Philadelphia

A few days ago a woman named Venetia, spotted a bizarre pyramid-shaped object hovering in the night sky over Philadelphia on which she managed to capture an image of it.

There appears to be an illumination coming from behind the object, which reveals the shape of the anomaly.

Could it be some kind of alien or man-made craft?

Some people have suggested that the pyramid-shaped object may have actually been a secret triangular craft like the TR-3B.

What Do We Really Know? Richard Dolan on Extraterrestrials

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time.

UFOs or UAP definitely constitute a mystery in our society.

If that's true, it is much more true regarding people's claims of alien contact.

How do we process this information?

How do we decide what to believe?

Majestic eagle of fire appears in the sky over Soledade, Brazil

Just on Halloween 2019 Paulo Henrique Pinheiro captured an amazing sky phenomenon over Soldedade in Brazil which he posted on his Facebook page.

Many people witnessed the moment a huge red bird formed in the sky during sunset on which many wondered whether it was a sign of God or not.

But it's not just the strange phenomenon above Brazil, a few days ago, on October 31, 2019 a bizarre pink anomaly appeared in the sky over Tunapuna near Trinidad, see image above.

Satellite images prove that this pink anomaly was not a lenticular cloud, but a phenomenon which is not easy to explain.

Vivid green “ghost crop circle” emerges in brown harvested field in Hampshire, UK

A vivid green “ghost crop circle” that has mysteriously emerged in fresh-looking plants even though it’s the end of October. There are no crops in the fields, trees are turning colors and their leaves falling to the ground before winter snows reports Linda Moulton Howe.

The original wheat pattern recorded by Nick Bull from Stonehenge Dronescapes appeared July 16, 2019 and on October 23, 2019 Nick reported again on this mysterious crop crop circle in Rodfield Lane, Tichborne, Hampshire, U. K.

How is it possible that two months later only this wheat pattern emerging again as if it were spring?

Video 1: Crop Circle on July 16, 2019
Video 2: Same Crop Circle on October 23, 2019.