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UFOs Disappearing Into The Oceans Remains A Mystery

With all the recent stories about (tic-tac) UFOs diving into the oceans it might be interesting to listen to eyewitnesses who already encountered this phenomenon 50-70 years ago.  A squadron of Sovjet submarines in 1945, and then a US Navy one in 1947, were severely attacked by flying saucers while trying to gain access to underground caves in Antarctica.  When we talk about attacking flying saucers, we must take into account that they were not only flying in the air but also were able to diver underwater, they floated to the surface and attacking from the air. These words are from the testimony of US Naval Admiral Richard Byrd.  Commander of the Sovjet naval forces, Vladimir Chernadin also talked about flying saucers that were diving under water and at high speed coming out of its depths. He witnessed a flying disk, it was especially glowing and it was moving at a tremendous speed and then dive into the water and disappear from view, after a while it came out of the water again.  It i
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Possible UFO hovering in the sky near Lake Michigan

June 19, 2021 Whitehall, Michigan. Possible Tic-Tac-like UFO hovering in the sky near Lake Michigan.  The photographer saw an object in the sky off to the west moving south to southwest until it vanished. Then he saw it or eventually a second one again and took a video of it. Source:  

Dark Journalist: Antarctica UFO Secrets and Alien Invasion Op!

Dark Journalist interview with Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell on Antarctica UFO Secrets and Alien Invasion Op! Wernher von Braun Prediction - Exotic Technology and Admiral Byrd Operation Highjump!  UFOS AND GLOBAL CONTROL  Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for this fascinating interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell on Antarctica UFO Secrets and the Alien Invasion Op! Dr. Farrell goes deep on the Nazi Rocket Scientist Wernher von Braun and his prescient Prediction of a False Alien Invasion Op that would be created by the National Security State as a pretext to weaponize space.  He also examines the Exotic Technology that Admiral Byrd encountered during Operation Highjump and the strange death of Byrd's son before he could expose the truth!  

Human like figure buried in the sands of Mars caught by Perseverance Rover

Images captured by Perseverance Mars Rover shows a human-like figure buried in the sands of Mars. Something must have happened in the past that caused this human-like figure to get entangled under the sand. NASA's Mars Perseverance rover acquired the images using its Right Mastcam-Z camera on April 14, 2021 (SOL53). Not only do the images show a human-like head/face and hands/fingers sticking out of the sand, but it's also a sign of past life on Mars.  

Exposing the Big Lie - America's UFO Technology

The Director of National Intelligence is scheduled to release a comprehensive report on June 25, 2021 to the US Senate that will assert, according to official leaks, that UFOs are an unknown national security threat!  Prior to the scheduled to release of the comprehensive report on June 25, Capitol Hill lawmakers said on June 16, 2021, that UFOs could pose a pressing threat to America’s national security, as the pols emerged from a highly classified briefing with Navy and FBI officials on the unexplained phenomena. Read full article at:  Why is this a 'Big Lie'? What’s the Deep State agenda behind promoting this now through the mainstream media after decades of dismissing the UFO phenomenon?  Watch this short film about how America has been secretly reverse engineering captured extraterrestrial spacecraft since the WW II era, and is on the verge of releasing some of its secret UFO technolog

Drone caught two UFO Fastwalkers over Moah, Utah

The owner of a Mavic 2 Pro drone captured two UFO Fastwalkers flying at high speed over Moah, Utah on June 11, 2021.  These two objects flew from the horizon and within seconds past the drone.  Check out our label ' Fastwalker ' to see more videos of these so-called Fastwakers.  

Oval dark shape moving in the clouds during lightning storm

On June 9, 2021, the witness was setting up his security cameras to catch some lighting they where having a lighting storm over Medford Oregon when suddenly an oval dark shape appears and it moves in the clouds  The object similar to a flying saucer flies around for a few seconds then it’s drops down into a area that’s sunny.  Then it disappears a few seconds and later it reappears, it flies around again and starts to go to the right on the screen.  The cam owner tried to track it but he lost it. Source:  

Former Air Force Pilot Breaks Down UFO Footage

Andrea Themely, current commercial pilot and former Air Force colonel, dissects some famous UFO footage released by the U.S. government.  Andrea explains what we see on the monitors, and why this phenomenon is so unique.   

UFO like anomaly appears after huge flash in space

On June 4, 2021, Stereo A - EUVI 171 satellite captured a huge flash in space. Immediately after the flash, a stunning anomaly appears and disappears in a split second, next to the sun.  This anomaly (UFO) arrived from another dimension?  

Upcoming June UAP Report will Confirm UFOs are Real but Intel Community disagrees over their Origins

On June 4, five intelligence sources familiar with the contents of the yet to be released June UAP report prepared for the US Senate Intelligence Committee revealed some of its key findings to major news sites including CNN and New York Times.  The sources said that there was no consensus over the origins of the UFOs in terms of extraterrestrial, Chinese or Russian aerospace technologies, but that their threat to national security made them an important priority for the intelligence community.  Dr. Michael Salla examines what the June UAP report will focus on based on intelligence source leaks, and how this represents a looming deception for which the general public needs to be fully prepared.  

Strange ring of lights seen in the sky over Minnesota

On May 29, 2021 a weird ring of lights appears in the sky over Bloomington, Minnesota. Two different clips pieced together of the same lights in the sky, from two vantage points and clip sped up so you can see the lights change a little better.  Next to the strange ring of lights, an unknown sphere that flies away. Source:  

Strange ray of lights flying towards Ring cam

A Ring cam in Southbury, Connecticut captured a strange ray of lights. It does look like it came from a wooded area.  As it flying towards the cam you can see the reflection of the object on the paved driveway when it gets to the garage as if it’s going to go over it. Source:  

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Possible UFO flying above the Martian surface caught by Perseverance Rover

On May 28, 2021, the Perseverance mars rover captured two images of the same landscape. Image 1 shows a possible UFO flying above the surface of Mars (Time 11.36.48) but Image 2, captured 10 minutes earlier, shows No UFO (Time 11.26.48).  At first glance, the small light source looks like a camera artifact but after adjusting brightness and contrast, the image shows us the shape of a UFO and the thrust that moves the UFO forward.  Source:  

Strange anomalies spotted in the skies

Bright object appears to the right of a helicopter moving in the same direction. Furthermore, an unknown object suddenly appeared, flew west to east and disappeared about 500 feet above ocean and a spherical object drops from the sky during a thunderstorm. Source:  

RADAR footage shows that US Navy warships were swarmed by UFOs

This footage was filmed in the CIC (Combat Information Center) of the USS Omaha on July 15th 2019 in a warning area off San Diego by Visual Intelligence Personnel (VIPER team).  This RADAR data release shows four clips; multiple unknown targets (and one civilian vessel). Some of the unknown targets drop off RADAR in this footage.  This happened numerous times throughout the UFO encounter series. At the height of the contacts - there were at least fourteen unknowns observed at one time. The event series reached a crescendo with one of the unknown targets entering the water at 11pm. No wreckage found. None of the unidentified craft were recovered.  Transcription  :01 “OOD if you can write a general LAT/LONG of where we’re at.”  :03 [faint voice] “We do have some X-band RADAR tracks…”  :05 “Yes Sir.” :06 “And then… the number of contacts you’ve got. Get the course and speed meters off 'em.”  :09 “Copy.”  :10 “You know what I mean? In relative position to us. And bearings. Might be hel

Is Deep State silencing Insiders that threaten 'UFOs are a National Security Threat' Narrative?

Recently, two insiders who had previously stated that some UFOs are reverse engineered spacecraft developed by major US aerospace corporations were silenced in different ways.  This Exopolitics Today Podcast examines the April 6 retraction by former Air Force Electronics Specialist, Mike Turber, of his testimony asserting the 2004 Tic Tac Incident involved classified Air Force craft being tested against the Navy's USS Nimitz battle group.  One week later on April 13, Mark McCandlish, widely known for his 2001 UFO Disclosure Project testimony about three Alien Reproduction Vehicles seen in 1988 at Edwards Air Force Base was found dead from a shot gun blast to the head.  The podcast examines these two separate incidents in light of the coming June 2021 Intelligence Community UAP report to the US Senate Intelligence Committee, and whether there's a connection given they each threatened the emerging UFOs are a national security threat narrative that is being promoted by the mains

Richard Dolan: A UFO Disclosure a Psyop?

With so much happening in the UFO field these days, heads are truly spinning. And not simply from people who have long followed the subject of UFOs, but suddenly many people who had previously never had much interest in it.  Many people are asking, why now? Some people have concluded that the efforts of the group TTSA and people like Luis Elizondo and Christopher Mellon are part of an intelligence community psychological operation of deception or even a false flag.  

L.A. Marzulli: Revealing film on UFO Disclosure

UFOs have gone mainstream! There was a report on "60 Minutes" where it was stated that the US government has verified that UFOs are real.  On Fox News, Tucker Carlson has had a series of guests discussing the validity of the phenomenon.  The Pentagon stated that we have in our possession off-world vehicles not made on the earth.  In short, UFOs are real, burgeoning and NOT going away.  Below a revealing film from L.A. Marzulli on the UFO phenomenon.  

UFO fastwalker flying at high speed over Arizona

“Fastwalker” is a term used by NORAD and branches of armed forces to describe unidentified aerial phenomena moving and/or changing directions at high speed far beyond what current aerospace technology is capable of.  These mysterious Fastwalkers have only been spotted in recent years and they flying through our atmosphere at such incredible speed that they are not visible to the naked eye.  Now, on April 22, 2021 such a Fastwalker which looks like a shiny disk has been caught while traveling Northern direction approx. 4.5 miles south of route 40 on route 93 near hackberry Road, Kingman, Arizona. Source:  

Luminous disk-like UFO flying over field near Saskatchewan, Canada

It happened in the evening of May 14, 2021 when a luminous disk-like UFO was observed by David Félix while driving in his vehicle.  The UFO was moving slowly, then flying over the fields near Saskatchewan in Canada in complete silence and close to the ground.   David, after stopping on the side of the road, managed to film the mysterious luminous UFO with his iPhone.  The Mexican researcher Carlos Clemente, who has analyzed this UFO landing, states that the UFO in Canada is very similar to a luminous disk (see image above) photographed by Russian soldiers in Ostankino, Russia in 1995.  

Giant UFO passing the Sun

On May 25, 2021 the SOHO Lasco C3 satellite captured a giant winged UFO passing the sun.  As it gets closer to the satellite, the size of the UFO, which must be many times larger than planet Earth, becomes clearly visible.  Another strange event occurred on May 16, 2021 when the COR2-A satellite captured a massive unknown light source above the sun.  Where did the light source came from?  

Unknown wingless objects flying through our sky

More and more people are seeing wingless objects flying through our sky.  Are these crafts a new technology that the public is not yet familiar with and where do they come from?  Objects such as the unidentified aerial phenomena captured over Virginia, Louisiana, Arizona, Michigan and Oregon. Source:  

Cylinder UFO emerges from the crater of the Popopcatépetl Volcano

The live cam pointed to the Popopcatépetl Volcano captured on May 2, 2021 a white luminous cylinder shaped object that suddenly emerges ,like a huge shot of light, from the volcano.  Over the years many UFOs and other unexplained phenomena have been captured around this volcano as well as other volcanoes in Mexico and still we don't know what they are and why they visit these volcanoes so often.  

Remains of an ancient Sea Creature found on the ocean floor

Did a diver film a rare sea monster or the legendary Water Dragon at a depth of 835.5 meters?  Deborah Hatswell: I was contacted by a gentleman who works with Remote Operated Vehicle equipment for the gas and oil industry. This video was taken in 2017 in the Mediterranean during an investigation of the sea bed by professionals who work underwater in oceans all across the globe. The ROV picked up a strange set of bones on the sea bed. The bones seem to be that of a sea serpent or unknown creature.  They know whale bones and come across them from time to time. The dimensions of the skeleton on the video does not fit with the usual size for any sea life in the area. A whale has three blades on it’s spinal bones each spaced 120 degrees apart and this creature seems to have only two.  The Mediterranean sea does join the Atlantic ocean so this creature could have come here from that ocean?  The gentleman who contacted me stated “The bones could be very ancient because I have seen many clay a