Strange unknown square object shoots out of a cloud over Missouri

On May 26, 2015 a strange event happened in the sky over Missouri.

While driving on the interstate highway I-72 the witness noticed some strange clouds and decided to stop and to take some pictures of the unusual clouds.

Afterwards he noticed a square object ejecting out of the clouds and what he refers to as a giant transparent eyeball, in the shape of a doughnut, behind the object and clouds.

Below the original image and the image colored in blue in order to show more details on both objects.

Maybe the ‘eyeball’ is just lens flare, but what do you think the square object could be? Mufon case 65968.


  1. I-72 is mainly in Illinois. It comes into Missouri at Hannibal and quickly turns into 36. The date on the report is 12:00AM UTC (per Srtalker) that makes it 7PM in CSDT. MUFON reports it as 12:00AM CDST. THIS is why we need standardization in reporting and databases.

  2. Giant eyeball looks like camera lense reflection to me. Same with square. Light reflection. Photo looks to be taken through a window. Im no expert though


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