Alien Spacecraft lands on the Moon? - 2013

Google Earth: A satellite image of a part of the moon shows an interesting object that looks like a spacecraft.

We take no conclusions, whether the object is a man-made or extraterrestrial spaceship or space vehicle that drives on the lunar surface, or perhaps.. just a rock formation.

We would ask, please check by yourself. Here are the moon coordinates: 25° 19'50.27"N 2°18'13.34"E



  1. Not sure about a UFO, are there other pictures from the same coordinates that don't show the image or a before and after, that would prove that something has just arrived. Still sceptical but sure looks random for a rock formation.


  2. Looks like a mirage image like of an Airforce plane and a Truck in the background,....then superimposed over an image of the moon...IDK ...just saying what the blotter says to me! =P


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