Huge Triangle Caught In Earth's Orbit 2013

This object was photographed by Space shuttle mission STS61C (ISS) and seems to show a triangle shaped UFO.

NASA claim this is space debris.

The video below shows a small collection of anomalies from the NASA archives, some are very interesting also.

 Here are two images of the same object.
Link images: Image 1 , Image 2



  1. hmm, should be more images than just these. definitely Not mere debris. No Way.

  2. Amazing picture, find it hard to believe it's just some debris but again we will never know. Like how there's 2 pics to compare too as you can see it above and then moving away so more likely real than edited.

  3. On the triangles, go to the us gov patent office. They call these TR3Bs. They are government surviellence drones that have an on board gps tracker. If you have a verichip implant, these things can track the chip and they have tazer weapons. I no longer care if i tick off the powers that be by saying this ;]


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