MARS - Uncovering The Cover Up

Nasa / Esa space agencies have gotten away with photo manipulation for many years now. With public technology a bit more advanced, we now can fight the space agencies back using a reversal technique. ( fighting fire with fire ) Everything can be figured out in reverse, this is how we have always learned, After all, we saw the tree before its seed. All Photos have a negative, even digital photos. So we have attempted to scrape off the airbrushed layer of 57 different photos of Mars and have came up with over 2000 images.

All the links to the raw original photos are posted below This is no Hoax. All of what you see is in FACT on these photos.

Attn: At 20:50 of the video, check out the images and this myth of Mars: The two wild animals most sacred to Mars were the woodpecker and the wolf, which in the natural lore of the Romans were said always to inhabit the same foothills and woodlands.

Mars is possibly near to hollow. So I believe that the artistic terraforming of Mars is from the inner dirt being relocated on top of the surface. If I had the technology that they do, I would want the surface to look nice instead of just throwing rock.

Mars is so artistic that when you look at a terraformed structure, it has a different look within the 360* radius. We add landscape and bushes and ponds, They add terraformed art possibly from what they have seen in there travels. We have evidence of this from their intricate crop circles. The surface is their canvas. Credits and author video: RPeternell


It is well known that People on Mars live underground. And sometimes they come to Martian surface? See photos below. Credit: Photo's 'people on mars' and analyse raw original by UFO Sightings Hotspot

Shadow of man / man in white shirt?

Link to missing anomalies
Link to anomolies changed to look different
Link to raw original that is worked with in this video
Link to people on Mars?