YouTube Deleted Over 13 Million UFO Views - January, 2013

YouTube account danielofdoriaa came up with a disturbing statement that over 13 millions UFO video views were deleted from his YouTube account.

Danielofdoraiaa: "After uploading a mainstream UFO video almost reaching into 1 million views within a few weeks, YouTube attacks again and slams two strike on the account again and deletes over 13 millions views... hundreds of video's are now gone again.

And not only danielofdoriaa is affected by YouTube's censoring, also seeingUFOsPA reports that they have deleted about 2 million total hits off of their video views.

They have done it multiple times and to all UFO and Truthers channels. They filter the flow of powerful information that can empower the people.

They attack any vids or channels that are exploding into the mainstream and constantly harass them in everyway they can on everything.

But, they can delete views, and videos, the Truth is a constant and will remain ... and it will be circulated, one way or another, whether they like it, or not.



  1. A very big issue. YouTube will shut you down for expanding on the high level of volcanic activity worldwide. This I know to be a truth. If you can find it everywhere on the web or the seismic sites. Why single out people to shut down their accounts there? It is common knowledge. Makes you wonder what the agenda is.

  2. There's massive volcanic activity going on, it's waiting to explode, in Africa the continent that's always remained intact will split apart and yellowstone will be major in the US, not to mention the pacific ring!

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  4. I believe that somebody IS removing U-EF-OH videos from u-tube, because I saw one yesterday from Japan, and it is gone today. I must have been the first person to see it, because it showed as 1 view when I watched it a second time. It had 5 people driving in a car filming a spaceship in the sky, and then it landed in some bushes. They stopped their car and hid behind the bushes, with the camera still rolling and then ZOOMed in. The spaceship was about the size of a hot tub, and it sat on 5 metal legs. A disc dropped to the ground attached to what looked like lazer lights, and an alien walked out, cautiously looking around, like a skeleton figure. Then, the 3 people got scared, and you could hear them running back to their car and taking off. If it wasn't real, why was it taken down so swiftly?

    1. I would certainly like to see that.
      Do please let us know should you ever find a link.

  5. This hacks me off that youtube has removed ancient aliens. That show was the whole reason i watched youtube. If ufos are not real, then why all this sudden censorship?


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