Aliens May Be Closer Than We Ever Thought!

Aliens may be closer than we ever thought. Recent data from NASA's Kepler space telescope suggests that billions of Earth-like planets are much closer than ever before imagined.

"Astronomically speaking, 13 light years is practically next door."

While we don't know if intelligent life exists on any of these planets, it raises the chances of that possibility.

The scientific team studied the huge number of red dwarf stars in our galaxy -- stars that are smaller and have a longer life span than our own sun.

Just doing the math, the odds of Earth-like planets in our galaxy are, well, astronomical.

Scientists estimate 6 percent of the 75 billion red dwarf stars may have Earth-size planets orbiting them at a possible habitable distance. That works out to approximately 4.5 billion Earths out there.

"The information we presented today will excite the general public because we now know that the nearest potentially Earth-like world is likely within 13 light years of the sun,"

Thus we would never know whether or not we were truly alone,"

The single greatest question in all of science is 'Are we alone?' The announcement today moves the ball downfield significantly toward answering this question.


But if it is proved that we are not alone, then advanced extraterrestrial life may be beyond human comprehension!

Our 4.5 billion-year old Solar System exits in a universe that is estimated to be between 13.5 and 14 billion years old. Experts believe that there could be advanced civilizations out there that have existed for 1.8 gigayears (one gigayear = one billion years).

Lord Martin Rees, a leading cosmologist and astrophysicist who is the president of Britain’s Royal Society and astronomer to the Queen of England. has said that he believes the existence of extra terrestrial life may be beyond human understanding.

“They could be staring us in the face and we just don’t recognize them. The problem is that we’re looking for something very much like us, assuming that they at least have something like the same mathematics and technology."

“I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there as aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.” Lord Rees made ​​his comments in January 2010 during the first conference of the Royal Society about the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

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  1. bullshits theory...then what are we then???? the only specie on earth that cant find way to north / south without orientation. we aint native of tis world means theres like us all around in different forms. and our science is just given ....from ancient time to now.

    1. Im not sure I understand your objection, OR the point you were attempting to make. could you perhaps please clarify?
      ~ V.

    2. I am sorry but they are out there here and now. I speak to them, they speak to me but not in any form that this man would understand. We were created by the et's you call them. So why do government continue to lie to us. It has even been proven in the bible. I back up Geni on this mans lies. I see there ships and they are being seen all around the world. If you would just stop lieing to all the people in the World, we could all live in peace.

    3. Mary.
      Money power and control are hard things to give up when you have worked for generations and even centuries to acquire them.
      This is what you are asking the Illuminati to do.
      They are at the tops of the banks, which are at the tops of the mega corporations industry and governments, which control education media, military and science.
      Its WHY they keep such a secret. They have No interest in peace, only power and control. We will Not have the truth with out piercing their shroud and removing them from power. Conversely this will not likely happen with out destroying society as we know it, the monetary system, monopoly of fuel, power, transportation, communication etc. Its a complicated prospect and package that we have become dependent upon, which was of course part of their plan.
      What do we replace it all with? how will the transition go?
      It pretty much cannot happen with out a revolution, civil war, mass uprising. And they will not go out with out a fight. they control our money and all things that it moves. they control the military and the police. they kill people in theaters and children in schools to pass laws to take away your guns and rights.
      They want you defenseless as well as dependent.
      And then there are those whom have become so ingrained with the system and lies at hand that they will Fight the truth, because it is uncomfortable and threatening. Those who grew up on the lies and know nothing else and have been conditioned not to see past the curtain. Many of these are Good people, and They will fight you too.

      So, its not as simple as , "just tell us the truth."
      There are no good or easy answers to this problem and solution.
      Think on it.


    4. Yet i don't see anyone explaining all those lights on the sky. They don't even try to lie (which would be commendable, they would show that they really care - irony), they just pretend there is nothing but common existence and so much people accepts that (fellow commentator stated it above). Yeah i agree breaking a cycle would require a lot of facts (and probably all stated in post before), but aren't there any hard proves left that can't be disputed...

    5. Gabrijel
      Sure there are hard proofs.
      They usually cause threatening men in black to show up and confiscate it though, or, you disappear, or you die accidentally, or, . . .
      and so on.

      Free energy exists. magnetic power generators for free electricity exist.
      Ive seen two up close in person and was amazed.
      But you cannot get them patented, and you cannot make them to sell or you get arrested, the prototypes disappear, you die mysteriously, etc etc.
      Those in power whom hold the monopoly and the media will not allow you to inform others wide scale, and they will not allow you to introduce some thing which can potentially threaten their power and control.

      But yeah, there's tons of solid proof over the decades.
      But you will rarely hear about it, and you will not likely Ever see it before it go's Poof!

      ~ V.

    6. V you seem to have seen a lot of poofs in your lifetime or am i wrong?

      To be honest, i came to the point in life where existing in this reality now seems poor (won't use word harsher then that) with all these lies around, floating and deafening everything else. Greatest virtue i hold to have is curious soul but i can't find anything where i could search for something of value. I finished Law University, now i'm on third year of Literature University and have one more year till that is done. But what then? Job, wife, kids, TV...way passed that. Why am i saying all this. I wish to learn about this, about hidden things (and if i loose my life over it, let it be, will at least die with smile on my face) but don't know where should i begin. Perhaps Archaeology?

      Also living in small third world country a lot limits my possibilities at this moment. I'm 28 years old, and i fell like i have 3000. Have seen war, crimes, violence and molestation. Was in center of all of it. And while whole world around me thought about piece of meat, shelter and other physical urges i knew there was more to life then this, yet there is no one to tell me which way to go, nobody knew nothing. I read some of posts you made and it seems you know a lot about this (the pieces of story, while i know only titles).

      Would really appreciate if you would point me towards the beginning because with all this happening around the world while at the same time on every corner we are beat down by evil in suits there is just no peace one can have with ones self.

      I'm sorry if my post is inappropriate but to be honest i never met a person in flesh in my whole life that was interested in anything that surpasses things i stated before, and i had to ask at least this way...

    7. We seem to be similar spirits.
      I am Not entirely sure what you mean by point you to the beginning.
      The beginning lies in ancient translations, bible text, ancient history and even further back than that.
      To carvings in stone. Hieroglyphs, hieroglyphs, ancient seemingly impossible structures.
      They have been coming here for a Very long time. Many cultures of them, and many species.
      They have Not Always been bound by the same agenda or rules governing how they treat us or interact with us. But, for a few thousand years now the rule has been No direct interference with us as a culture.
      Some of them have influenced us Indirectly for thousands of years seeking control, and have got it by providing knowledge and instruction through supernatural means. You can call that occult, or psychic, or a form of tech that we cannot comprehend, it doesn't matter. But there are factions in our worlds hierarchy which practice occult and have been influenced to take over. With these knowledge and advices, they HAVE taken over by making a world that is reliant on fake money.
      At the top they are royalty and Bankers. We recently started calling them Illuminati, but there have been factions like them which rise and fall in power over us for many millennia.

      Remember, all translations of ancient languages and glyphs etc, are Some ones educated guess. They are Not necessarily accurate. and as governments and corporation which are controlled by banks and Illuminati do them selves control the sciences media and educational systems our History and some sciences which are taught to us are them selves purposefully inaccurate and cannot be trusted.
      Just because you grew up being Told a thing, does not make it incontrovertibly true.
      Always question what you Think you know, what others Think they know. Always ask and seek.
      Nothing is sacred, nothing is actually gospel, and nothing is proverbially written in stone. We live in an illusion of long and clever construction.
      Also, remember that Not ALL aliens are responsible for this illusion. Some adamantly oppose deception, but are bound Not to interfere directly.
      They are actually the majority.

      It is in this realm of constructed illusion that our Proofs go Poof.
      To protect the illusion, to keep power in the hands of certain factions.They will Not willingly give this power up.
      All we can do is educate our selves and spread what we find.
      Sadly, a time Will come when those awakened will have to take a stand.
      Its the reason WHY they wish to fake school shootings and pass laws to take away you guns. False flag 9/11 to pass laws to take away your rights in the name of fake terrorism.
      They see the awakening coming.

      Dont know what more to tell you at this time.
      ~ V.

  2. Aspects of reality...YES...more then we know, thank you...Sweet to hear someone finally admitting they don't know everything...


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