Lufthansa chief pilot saw cigar shaped UFO

Werner Utter was one of the first pilots of the largest German airline Lufthansa. He made in 43 years 29,000 flight hours.

In the Second World Utter flew the first jet bombers in the world, such as the Arado Ar 234 and the Messerschmitt Me 262. Utter long time concealed his personal UFO sightings.

During his many years as a pilot Utter has often unknown flying objects observed. Thus he once saw some bright lights in the distance. One of the lights flew at high speed to his plane and started near his unit to pulsate. The orb was suspended two minutes, then shot away and disappeared into thin air.

Utter the now deceased, for many years chief pilot of Lufthansa, also once saw a cigar-shaped UFO which he mentioned at the ATC.

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