Unusual Object 'Alien Vehicle' on Mars caught by Spirit Rover? 2013

Interesting object caught by Mars Spirit Rover which seems to show an unusual object, certainly looks out of place on the Martian surface. Looks like an outpost of some kind or possibly a vehicle.

Although it seems that this picture shows the Martian surface, there is the question whether it is indeed the Martian surface or a similar terrain on Earth.

Imagine, it is a location on earth, how credible are all the images of all the Mars Rovers, including the Curiosity. But ...if it is an image of the Martian surface and the image is not edited than NASA has something to explain.

Here is the original raw image link: http://areo.info/mer/spirit/2114/2P314036828EFFB270P2558L5M1_L2L5L5L7L7.jpg
Site: areo.info/mer Note: Aero.info/mer is not from NASA or JPL. Aero.info/mer just collect and copy the images from the NASA site and publices it on their own site.

Thanks to streetcap1 who spotted this object.



  1. I was going to dismiss it straight away and say it just looks like some weathered rock that has layers and so it appears with the square indented like shape but then on closer inspection the almost square shape above the so called vehicle looks so precise and even! To the front it looks like a grill similar to that of other vehicles or high speed trains here on Earth that are there to protect and shield. Strange!

  2. There must be a way to calculate the size of the thing.

  3. Not sure what to make of it really, but I will say it does seem a little suspiciously artificial.
    How ever, even IF it IS a natural phenominon, I would like to point out that these rover, probes what ever are slow moving and send Lots of pictures of a reasonably small area. Like only a few miles across.
    The real odd thing here for Me personally, is the shear Number of anomalies in such a small area. Weather they can be explained or not.
    Its just a Lot.
    You go to a desert or a rock quarry here on earth and you wont find so many unusual shapes as we are seeing here in such a short time and in a small area.
    At some point the word coincidence no longer holds water.


  4. I have to agree with Varakienen...it does seem odd that so many anomalies occur in such a small defined area. I also agree with the idea that these photos could be mocks made right here on our earth. If these are indeed authentic photos, then I would like to point out as you are watching the video and the frame is zooming in, you can see another smaller structure to the right of the larger structure with the torrent- type top. This could indicate a larger complete structure under the dirt/sand, but who knows for sure. A last thought...maybe I missed the memo here, but have not we all been told that Mars was the "red" planet? Curious, curious.

    1. It does have a layer of red dust, but looks far more red from inside our atmosphere. The Sun looks yellow from here, but out of the atmosphere it is white. Science.

  5. The more I look at this the more I think it isn't a rock, it looks too artificial, even the surface texture of the object looks more plastic or carbon in structure, to the eye anyway. Then the front looks like a tank with a turret gun and tapered front. The square shape on the back looks like it's possibly being towed along, and with it's slight angle, could it be a satellite? And Var, once again you come up with a great point regarding the small area that's being explored and the vast amount of unusual objects that look like other things than rocks! I find it hard to believe that all the anomolies are rocks, even if a small percentage are something else. Let's face it we are being lied to and something else is inhabiting Mars or we are it's just not public knowledge!

  6. Lets assume for one minute the theory regarding the Mars cataclysm (and that essentially, humans inhabited the planet prior to this) is correct - bolstered even more so by the most recent mock-ups of the likely appearance of the planet prior to this happening (which, basically looks nearly identical to Earth)... looking at this, and the the structure to the immediate left of this vehicle (which essentially could be compared to a cruise ship as we know it today), they look very much like sea-going vehicles which have been beached.

    BTW here's the original photo on NASA's JPL website:-


    I'm wondering if there's a higher-resolution TIFF available.

  7. Btw, here's another image that was taken the same day by Spirit...

    Given the nature of JPEG compression and how this data is transmitted (i.e. you will NOT get a perfect missing block like this in the middle of an image, it's impossible).. Get the feeling perhaps NASA is trying to hide something?

  8. Well take a look at that a big black block hiding something, oh wait a minute NASA will say data loss from a commuication link failure generated this result. Yeah ok ;)

  9. It is about geometry: the math of the shape and slope at the edges - highly unlikely you can get that from wind or pressure or erosion. if the math is perfect for the shape and the slopes you got something that is not nature made. like the picture of the Quadrangle: highly unlikely, you get that perfect and with perfect straight line. Now if space between the two squares is mathematically perfect, again you got something that is not normal


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