Mysterious Places in Russia: Dyatlov Pass - Molebsky Triangle - Medveditskaya Ridge 2013

The scariest place and the first anomalous zone discovered in Russia is the so-called Molebsky triangle, located in the region of Perm.

The area was first mentioned back in the 1830s and is said to be a real hotspot for all sorts of the paranormal. Even back then, local peasants sighted flying objects over the village of Molebka that shone with eerie light.

The alien haunt rose to fame in the mid 1980s when a Perm archeologist, Emil Bachurin, wrote a report saying he had found a 62-meter wide disc in snow while on a hunting expedition. Since then, multiple research expeditions were dispatched to the Molebsky triangle to try and solve its mystery.

People have seen UFOs flying to and fro over the village like planes over an airfield. And quite frequently too. Shining spheres are often spotted over fields and the forest. The locals dubbed them ‘fiery oranges.

People have also reported massive health problems after coming to Molebka. Literally everyone is said to be suffering from splitting headaches, unstable temperature and blood pressure, as well as swelling in the limbs.

Russia’s second scariest place is the Medveditskaya Ridge in the Volgograd region.

It is famous for attracting all sorts of lightings – crazed fireballs dashing over the fields or extremely strong ones that can cut trees in half and scar boulders.

The range is also known for its radiation-saturated soil and unaccounted deaths among local wildlife.

But that’s not the complete list, there are tunnels of unknown origin ten to twelve meters wide buried some 20 meters under the ridge. Locals believe they house UFO bases or an underground thug town stuffed with stolen treasures. To top it all, weird springs are said to be coming out of the ground, some crystal-pure and yet others poisonous.”

The third and probably the most creepy place in Russia is called the Dyatlov Pass, or more ominously “the Mountain of the Dead.” The pass lies in northern Ural Mountains where the Sverdlovsk region borders on the Russian republic of Komi and is associated with unaccountable deaths.

The tragedy that happened to Igor Dyatlov’s expedition back in February 1959 is still fresh in people’s minds. As darkness fell, the group of nine alpine climbers set up a camp on the mount’s slop – and perished the same night. Investigators said the half-naked hikers cut open the tent from the inside and fled in fear for the village.

Most of them died from cold, although three of the dead had fractured ribs and smashed sculls, while one of the women had her tongue ripped out. All bodies had no signs of struggle or bruises, their skin had a very weird purplish tint to it, the hair was grey and the faces were masks of horror.

Experts also discovered that the bodies had an extreme radiation level, ten times higher than normal. The investigation soon ceased, so the mystery of their death remains. Source: ruvru


  1. It was an ATTACK.
    The only question in My mind, is was it an Alien attack, or a secret military attack because the hikers got to close.

    I my self do Not confuse the reports of orbs seen after wards as related to the attack it self.
    For instance, it could be military black ops murder, using tech that they shouldn't have used on civilians, and the orbs are real alien investigating in the after math.

    We-Just-Dont-Know. And shouldn't assume any thing.

  2. Hi Var, it came to mind that some major UFO conference is being held in the US in March or April, I was really looking forward to hearing what might come out of that conference yet the website link I had has now been blocked or doesn't exist!
    However I did find this regarding the same event, April 29th in Washington DC. Keepin tabs on this one!


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