March 22, 2013

The 3 Most Important UFOs in Google Earth 2013

Here are the 3 most important UFOs found in Google Earth including a detailed explanation of each UFO.

UFO 1 :
Localization : West Oceania
Coordinates : 30°30'38.86"S 115°22'58.17"E
Size of the object : About 30 - 50 meters long.

UFO 2 :
Localization : North America
Coordinates : 37°18'20.41"N 116°28'21.13"W
Size of the object : About 7 meters in diameter.

UFO 3 :
Localization : South America
Coordinates : 34°36'30.68"S 58°21'52.87"W
Size of the object : About 5 meters long

Source and analysed by WTFflow with Google Earth.



  1. In looking up these coordinates I looked at Area 51, there are large green circles covering half the location! Is this a new development or has it been like this for a while?!

  2. I havnt actually looked at broom lake in years.

  3. I look at these areas all the time but obvious areas im sure will be blanked out. The vid above catches anomolies active that are actual UFOs, great finds.

  4. wondering could we deploy like a google earth project where any volunteers search a patch of land or area and come back with any strange or weird findings. Something similar to the Mars project? Seems crazy to have something like that for Mars but not Earth!

  5. Ufo3 is not a UFO. Open any photo around this place on Google Earth. You'll see hand made structure kind of monument that stick out of water.

    1. Historical imagery on google earth will confirm this.

  6. I'm not in any way a skeptic, BUT the fist coordinate looked a bit too organized the way they were laid out. So I street viewed on a nearby road. Turns out they're windmills :) about to check out the other ones you have posted..

  7. Wow this was the worst article ever, they are all just stuff that is not ufo related like windmills and water monument things, they even have the markers on google earth ti tell u about them.

  8. Just looked at the WA co-ordinates. That location is now a wind farm and there is no object there.

  9. This is a picture of UFO 1 (If it is the same size - puerto madero,FRAGATA SARMIENTO

  10. Coordinates : 30°30'38.86"S 115°22'58.17"E

    Old picture is now superseded with the current updated Google pictures and that the object is long gone except windmills that were recently erected. WOW! The object is so massive it couldn't hide itself from Google and enthusiast alike. Great post.

  11. 11°56'46.13"N

    look what you can find here


    Best Google Earth Green Glowing Orb with Shadow demonstrating it is in the Air