The Largest Reptilian and Grey Base in America

Dulce underground secret Base under Mt. Archuleta, Dulce, New Mexico. This is the Largest Reptilian and Grey Base in America.

The Dulce alien underground base where humans and aliens work together on horrific bio genetic experiments.

Human alien hybrid breeding programs, atomic Manipulation, cloning, studies of the human aura, advanced mind control applications, animal/human crossbreeding, visual and audio human chip implantation, abduction and feeding off of humans.

the Secret Government cloned humans by a process perfected in the world's largest and most advanced biogenetic research facility, Los Alamos. The elite humans now have their own disposable slave-race. Like the alien Greys, the US Government secretly impregnated females, then removed the hybrid fetus after a three month time period, before accelerating their growth in laboratories. Biogenetic (DNA Manipulation) programming is then instilled - they are implanted and controlled at a distance through RF (Radio Frequency) transmissions.

Many Humans are also being implanted with brain transceivers. These act as telepathic communication "channels" and telemetric brain manipulation devices. This network was developed and initiated by DARPA. Two of the procedures were RHIC (Radio-Hypnotic Intercerebral Control) and EDOM (Electronic Dissolution of Memory).

They also developed ELF and EM wave propagation equipment, which affect the nerves and can cause nausea, fatigue, irritability, even death. This research into biodynamic relationships within organisms has produced a technology that can change the genetic structure and heal.

U.S. Energy Secretary John Herrington named the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and New Mexico's Los Alamos National Laboratory to house new advanced genetic research centers as part of a project to decipher the human genome. The genome holds the genetically coded instructions that guide the transformation of a single cell, a fertilized egg, into a biological organism.

Remember Phil Schneider: Phil Schneider was a self-taught geologist and explosives expert. Of the 129 deep underground facilities Schneider believed the US government had constructed since World War II, he claimed to have worked on 13. Two of these bases were major, including the much rumored bioengineering facility at Dulce, New Mexico. At Dulce, Schneider maintained, "gray" humanoid extraterrestrials worked side by side with American technicians. The American government concluded a treaty with "gray" aliens in 1954. This mutual cooperation pact is called the Grenada Treaty. ( Phil Schneider died on January 17, 1996 under suspicious circumstances).

The Grenada Treaty

In 1954, the race of aliens, known as Greys, from Zeta Reticuli area in space, who had been orbiting the equator, landed at Holloman Air Force Base. they stated their planet was dying and needed quarters on earth to conduct genetic experiments that might allow their race to survive; this in exchange for certain technology.

President Eisenhower met with the aliens and a formal treaty was signed (Greada treaty). The treaty stated the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep their presence on earth secret; they would furnish us with advanced technology. They could abduct humans on a limited basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring, with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point of abduction, that the humans have no memory of the event.

It was also agreed the alien bases would be constructed underground, beneath Indian reservations in the 4 corners area of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Another was to be constructed in Nevada in the area known as S-4, about 7 miles south of area 51, known as 'Dreamland'. A multi-billion dollar secret fund was organized and kept by the Military Office of the White House, supposedly to build secret underground sites for the President and the staff in case of military attacks.

By secret Executive Memorandum, NSC5410, Eisenhower established a permanent committee known as "Majority Twelve" (MJ12) to oversee and conduct all covert activities with the aliens. This included FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and six leaders of the Council on Foreign Relations, known as the 'Wise Men' and later others from the Trilateral Commision. George Bush, Gordon Dean, and Zbigniew Brzezinski were among them.

A major finding of the commission was the aliens were using humans and animals for a source on glandular secretions, enzymes, hormonal secretions, blood and in horrible genetic experiments. The aliens explained these actions as necessary for their survival, that if their genetic structure were not improved, their race would cease to exist.

The ruling powers decided that one means of funding the alien project was to corner the illegal drug market. A young ambitious member of the Council on Foreign Relations was approached. His name is George Bush who at the time was president and CEO of Zapata Oil Co. based in Texas. Zapata Oil was experimenting with offshore oil drilling and it was arranged that the drugs could be shipped from South America to the offshore platforms by fishing boats, then transferred to the U.S. shore by normal transportation, thus avoiding search by customs agents.

The plan worked better than anyone expected, and today the CIA controls all the world's illegal drug markets. The drug money was used to finance the deep underground alien bases.

In this footage ( Dulce underground secret Base under Mt. Archuleta  New Mexico) you can see a vast hall of cryo genetic feeding tanks and vats Each of these tell a confusing, disturbing story of human / alien interaction in the top secret. Source: Project Camelot ,



  1. There's been talk about this Dulce base for years. I've seen many videos/images but all seem blurred, why are none of them clear? The video above is blurred which makes me question if it's fake, although this is one that has done the rounds and looks to be the original. To think that aliens/government are working together testing humans in such horrific ways is like some nightmare or something out of a horror film! It seems beyond belief but yet there is still part of me that believes this. We need someone to get closer or on the inside of Dulce and monitor....

    1. you want someone to get closer and monitor the Dulce base ...???
      there is no way a crystal clear video can come out ...
      testing humans , cross breeding , radio transmissions projects are terrible and hard to believe but thats the truth

  2. Well, I believe in more than 50% of whats here my self.
    But there is a Lot that doesnt mesh with my own researches, and then there's stuff that to me sounds like Very far fetched conjecture based on limited data.
    I can tell you another thing.
    The drug money will have very little to do with these projects.
    Sure, its a Lot of money. Billions a year in profits after pay offs, over head and putting money back into the machine to keep it going.
    But thats actually not enough. And its More complicated to channel money from drugs to this than you may realize.
    Whats needed is trillions a year.
    Every year.

    Where does this info Come from? in what way can it be confirmed? Im not saying PROOF. Im saying credibility.
    Im not a debunker. I totally believe a great deal of this is going on.
    But just because I believe a part of it does Not mean I will fall for ALL of it.
    Lastly, I would like to mention that I just LOVE the floating free-mason Illuminati gold symbol through out the video.
    Who made this thing and WHY is that symbol present?

    Aaaaanny way. Nuff said. I'm done.

    ~ Varakienen.

    1. I know someone who's father who was a General at the pentagon worked for Eisenhower on his trip to one of these bases. It is TRUE!

  3. PS: My researches tell me that the major portion of profits from drug money are used by the CIA to fund things like Al-Qaeda, and to destabilize other nations, terrorism etc.
    Cause friction in a foreign country, make it look like the government is abusing people, and people are attempting to make a stand, then sell it to Americans on the news that we are going in to Help those poor bastards. Move in, rape pillage, set up our own puppet government, set up a Rothschild central banking system and make all the economy and resources of that country beholden to it.
    Once the bank Owns and Controls the country and it stabilizes under the new regime, the new profits CAN be channeled to black projects like these. Which is More money than the drugs were producing in and of them selves.
    Thats more how it actually works.

    ~ V.

  4. they probably told the governments to allow them to live here and build these bases or prepare for an invasion lol

  5. if that video was real, don't you think they would have had that taken it off of youtube? I'm not saying that this stuff isn't going on because i think it probably is, just that this video dosn't seem real. and about the money issue, i would think they would be able to just print their own money if this is such an important operation, but i don't know squat about that lol

  6. Sorry folks, but like myself your picture has been taken with every flash of the film they have you undivided attention. This is another way to weed out the suspected from the unsuspected. In other words "We've been had". But always remember one thing above anything else, they HATE the name of JESUS CHRIST......H A T E,,!!!!!. FEAR!!!! His Name.

  7. What do you mean by that? End of days we will be done over lol?

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  10. Certainly very interesting, but short on facts and high on conjecture. Nevertheless, watching the video is more engaging then reading the drivel in most of the controlled newspapers.

  11. The genetic correction they seek is evading death for there fall of their creation. . It's Adam and eve and there being lied to. Lucifer can fix shit.I know this because I know the Messiah personally.. and he's going to burn the earth to regeneration and their genetic strand will not be sufficient to endure the loss of the dominion they gave up in war when the earth has no life for telepathic relevance. They knew they only had one right to transgress. But Lucifer is now saying goodbye to the firmament of the division of the water that made heaven. I have a warning for those who won't admit we were blamed for the fall of man. . Christ was a plot to deture the future from the past and make people look forward to the second coming from the creation of him in the past. Big Red flag. Those who tell you you must die to go to heaven are lying you need a body to live forever. And the first creation if self immortality is reptillian. We ate the second creation of man that makes the law of attraction insure god heavens image has declared beauty over all and will connect. And rightly to think. SO LISTEN CLOSE WHEN I AM TAKEN BY MY CREATOR TO BE GIVEN A NEW BODY WITH THE KNOWLEDGE I HAVE THIS EARTH WILL KNOW FEAR. THANK YOU MICHAEL . MY ARK BROTHER OF CARDINAL KNOWLEDGE OF ORDINATION AND THE NUMBER OF MY NAME BE HALLOW. 13 13 ADAM. WHO IS LIKE MICHAEL. WHO IS LIKE GOD. WHO HAS NOT YET COME.

    1. Face palm.

      I always say, that Every one has an opinion, and Every one has a right to speak it.
      I try Not to comment on the commenter and try to keep it about what was said instead.
      I try to keep it constructive.
      I am about to FAIL.

      Many of these sentences made no sense.
      They were just grammatically wrong, and I do not know how to interpret them.

      My self, the only part of this that I can get on board with personally which coincides with my own data and conclusions at this time is this ". Christ was a plot to deture the future from the past and make people look forward to the second coming from the creation of him in the past. Big Red flag."
      Even that how ever, is in my opinion ripe with inaccuracy and misinterpretation.

      My suspicion here is this. Some one Has done their home work.
      Has gathered information's to an extent which they do not have filters or the ability to discern properly.
      And the mind, working the way it does, does its best to fill in the gaps and make sense.
      This is why "I" my self try to keep a mind set of Never writing things in stone. Its harder for the mind to change its opinion based on new data coming in. Instead a mind set in stone will take the new data, and try madly to fit square pegs into round holes to accommodate the already preconceived notions.
      This literally leads to chaos and madness.
      And when this kind of thinking process and conclusions there of sprout from it, Those whom WISH to destroy truthers works, keep us in the dark, ridicule us with things like, "tin foil hate wearing" and so forth, are given ample ammunition.
      I My self often hold back on my greatest conclusions, because they sound SO Damned out there, that they are difficult to grasp. Even by other educated and well investigated truthers.
      And I dont need to throw what sounds to the general public as "Crazy logs" on the fire.
      I reserve such opinions for more private chats, and only with those whom I think are as far along as my self.

      I love that THAT in it self sounds good and Nuts. lol.
      But it is what it is, and we are at war of sorts.

      So, I will Not be commenting out of respect and the rules, about the rest of what is said above here.
      Nor about the commenter. I will just be cautious in suggesting that people keep Open minds, Not write stuff in stone, and remember that They too may be prone to the same thinking process I have described here. Just as I may be as well, with out ever realizing it.


      ps: the word AMEN does Not in its Origin Mean what Most people today have been led to believe that it Means. Its actual translation is some thing more like, Let it remain in darkness.

    2. Best written comment on presented facts thus far lol.

  12. I use to think all this was rubbish,but there's just to many credible people with nothing to gain by making it up that insists the meeting and the agreement did take place and that these bases exist, that said how long will it be before something major happens and it all comes out in public..

  13. If it's grey or reptilian and bipedal, KILL IT!

  14. Grays, reptilians, aliens are all just another way of saying Satan and his fallen angels and demons. Nothing and I repeat, nothing can cross the bloodline of Jesus.Period. When you look at them, when you give them an audience,you give them validation and sustenance. Just ignore them and they'll die from starvation. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Don't look left nor right. In that light, there is ALL power. You don't have to fight them.The battle is the Lord's and He WON. Focus on living and loving and all that dead stuff will drop off.

    1. FACE - PALM.
      I know you mean well, and you think that you are coming from a place of knowledge and wisdom.
      But you are rationalizing what you dont understand, and trying to Make it fit into what you think you DO understand.
      Square block, round hole.
      Step away from the bible. it does Not have all the facts or answers. It has been re-written and edited many times to suit many agenda's over the centuries and millenniums.
      I am a former Catholic.
      There is Nothing wrong with holding to the message it caries in general. one of love, sacrifice, and do unto others, for the most part. But when you attempt to cling to its details, which by the way are vague and often want for interpretation, the mind fills in the gaps with wrongs.
      We have been visited before.
      In ages past, such visitations could not possibly be construed by primitive uneducated minds for what they are. Aliens.
      Its true, that "some " aliens may have malicious agenda's.
      Just like some people here on earth might. But you cannot lump all people under the same negative. Just as you cannot do so for all visitors and aliens. there are differing species, organizations, factions, and individuals out there. Many are benevolent.
      Do More research. and Not from a religious stand point, or All you will get is religious doctrine and propaganda, via others whom do not know how to interpret these things.
      Be well.

    2. New Yesyamen started to be compiled over 10 years after Jesus's Death. Written by humans who could barely write. Or READ. Staunchly ant-scientific. Bible did not invent cell phone. Thete is less evidence for an allmighty humanoid "anthopromorphized" god than the water bunny. Plus I have no comprension of the whole post. The writer didn't read many books. Bible was written because we had zero science. Imho.

  15. how many soldiers died at the dulce base firefight and no one knows about this familys and friends of the soldiers

    1. the exactnature of thier work would not be shared with friends and families, when they die or dissapear they would be told what ever is convenient. Died at sea, died in cave in, what ever.

  16. Wow you all miss the point don't you.... they are staging the end of days as a cover to bring their slave race into play Alien or not. faith or not they will use it against you they want most people to be afraid when it happens and they want it to happen in all corners of the earth to be seen by all . They specifically said people with wings , animal and human mixed (beasts) . If you believe it's the end you will be easy to submit to it and we will lose . You need to wake the hell up the bible is about to be used and the illuminati are about to use your beliefs against you get ready!!!

    1. Yes, they will use your own beliefs, values, thoughts and emotions against us. They are hostile. No fear- only fight.

  17. This is a plot to make the end of days . They are making beast(animal human mixed dna) and angels (men with wings) are you all not reading into this ? The end of days is about to come true but it's going to be man made you need to get ready. There is nothing better to stage to make people think they were left behind so they would kill themselves thinking it would be more merciful than to live threw the end of days . These asses are going to be laughing about it you need to stand up and when you think God has let you down you need to gather your strength and become a fighter or we the people will fall.... I beg you all if this be true and what they are making is this you fight back do not fall so easy , the real evil is being shown we can only defeat it.

  18. I'm saying true only alien human is an alien creation by one asteroid in past believed I'm saying true.we are reptilians in cortex brain human.we are alien.we are just be our own mind is alien.I knew it we come from an meteors.

    1. if you could put that into a coherent set of sentences, that would be Great.


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