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Prophecy Nostradamus, St. John, Hopi Blue Kachina, Illuminati Cards Meteor Strike and Hail Bob 2013

Let’s point out some predictions from the past to present:

The Past:

Hopi Prophecy:

And this is the ninth and last sign, you will hear of a dwelling place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. I will be appear as a blue star.

It will come when the Saquasohu (blue star) Kachina dance in the plaza and removes his mask.

Image: Illuminati card Hail bop - Face in the card. (Image enlarged + negative). Mask.

The Hopi Indians refer to the Blue Star Prophecy as being a message from the Gods in relation to the end of the world. It is believed by some Hopi elders that all of the 9 signs of the end have arrived, and that they will be saved from the nuclear war or other doomsday scenario that will devastate most of humanity.

They believe that a white-skinned man named Pahana will come bearing the proper symbols and piece of stone tablet when the time is right to aid in the transition to the fifth and final world.

The coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana men who took the land that was not theirs. And men who struck their enemies with thunder. (guns)

ImageIlluminati card Hail Bop - Face in the card. (Image enlarged). Pahana = Barack Obama


Hail = Hailed or blessed
Bop = Barack obama = B + ob = Bop

A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. He white man will battle against other people in other lands -- with those who possessed the first light of wisdom.

 Nostradamus Prophecy:

Quatrain II.46 After great misery for mankind an even greater one approaches, when the great cycle of the centuries is renewed. It will rain blood, milk, famine, war and disease. In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a tail of sparks.

Quatrain II.41 The great star for seven days will burn, The cloud will cause two suns to appear: The big mastiff all night will howl, When the great pontiff changes countries.

Quatrain VI.6 There will appear towards the North, Not far from Cancer the bearded star: Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria, The great one of Rome will die, (the Pope?) the night over.

Coordinates Comet ISON: (Blue Kachina?).

01 May 2013:  09 Cancer - 6N
01 June 2013: 13 Cancer - 5N
01 July 2013 : 19 Cancer - 3N
01 Aug 2013 : 27 Cancer - 3N

The complete list with astrological coordinates: Here

Quatrain I.69 The great mountain round of seven stadia, Afterwards peace, war, famine, flood, It will roll far away sinking great countries, Even antiquities, and great foundation.

Quatrain II.43 During the bearded star's appearance, The three great princes (USA, Russia, China?) will be made enemies: Hit from the sky, (meteorites from comet ISON?) peace earth trembling, Pau, Tiber overflowing, serpent on the brink placed.

St. John Prophecy:

And there was war in heaven. Michael (Sun - Solar flares?) and his angels going forth to war with the dragon; and the dragon warred and his angels.

12;8 And they prevailed not; either was their place found any more in heaven.

Image:  Illuminati card Meteor-Strike (Image enlarged) - Serpent. (Serpent on the brink placed)

12:9 And the great dragon was cast down. The old serpent, he that called the wisdom of the world, he was cast down to the earth, and his angels were cast down with him…

And there was seen another sign in heaven; and behold, a great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns, and upon his heads seven diadems.

Image: Illuminati card Comet-Strike. (Image enlarged) Head /dragon figure with horns.

12.4: St. John said: “and his tail (comet ISON) draw the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast the earth”.


Remote Viewing:

A. A 1971 U.S. Department of Defense DARPA chronovisor time travel probe to the year 2013 found the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC under 100 feet of brackish water.

B. Farsight Institute remote viewing probe of June 2013.

Back in 2008 some predictions were made by a team of the top, military trained "remote viewers" - each with over a decade of successful service. Lyn Buchanan from US Army Intelligence and Glenn Wheaton, of US Special Forces participated in a project run by Farsight Institute originally designed to detect minute climate changes at selected targets around the globe. Instead of climate change, the remote viewers saw a huge meteoric impact in the ocean with devastating tidal waves and volcanism. Read more: All this happening by 2013

C. Remote viewer Ed Dames:
Comet ISON is not alone. ISON is accompanied with a number of celestial bodies, it is a group!
Ed Dames expressed his concerns about comet ISON.

Illuminati Cards: Hail Bop and Meteor Strike:
A reference to comet ISON and above mentioned prophecies?

Comet ISON (2012 S1)

Nucleus about 3,5 miles across
Coma about 3,100 miles across
Dust Tail extends more than 57,000 miles
Comet closest to the Sun: 700,000 miles (on November 28, 2013)
Comet closest to the Earth: 40 million miles
Active: Data from January 2013: Already more than 112,000 pounds of dust were spewing from the comet's nucleus every minute
Earth will pass through a stream of debris from the comet around January 12, 2014
Comet could dust the earth with meteorites in early 2014
Comet will outshining the Moon and become a bright naked-eye object

Finally: Is NASA telling the truth about Comet ISON?


  1. This makes me want to stop reading your blog. The photo looks nothing like Obama and Bop = Barack Obama??? Thats really pushing it.
    I'd love to know exactly what Obama has done to deserve such hatred. Bush lied to the country about weapons of mass destruction so he could invade another country. His people brought down the towers so America would be angry enough to justify that illegal occupation. Tens of thousands of people have died because of what Bush did. What has Obama done thats this bad? America needs to get its head out of its ass. You're country fell in the toilet a long time ago and the puppet, Obama has nothing to do with it.

    1. Look at Syria and the chemical weapon attacks. MOST (not all, I will admit) of the information is being fabricated by our Gov't. You don't live in this country (USA). I respect your right to an opinion, but I don't respect you degrading the people of my country. Yes, our gov't and corporations are corrupt, but not our people.

  2. The Illuminati is just a cult trying to be take full control over the World. Consuming business after business, owning more and more also taking souls on it's path to hell. More or less trying to become a cult religion, making people turn to them because they think it's an easy route to fame/fortune but ultimately it will be the breaking point for these people but then it will be too late. The Illuminati will then destroy these businesses have full control and have us at their mercy unless we stop them. Their game has stepped up and now they are controlling the music industry and having the famous promoting them, then fans wanting to be the same and wanting to be a part of this satanic/vile group. I could take the easy path but I choose not to as in the end I will be judged and say I opposed the evil/selfish path.

    1. It is interesting, the form they choose to take as an Attack at this point.
      Its a passive aggressive form.
      I am impressed that individual accounts are made rather than posting multiples anonymously.
      Of course, that does not mean that it is more than One person doing the posting still.

      I like to analyze what can be accomplished with this.
      Those that make contact with the info given can be manipulated and owned.
      Those that speak out against it can be tagged as subversive and a threat.
      A file made for them, sent to Agents or case workers, and a plan to keep track of them, or stymie their voice in the future put into motion.
      That plan will usually first seek to become argumentative with them, attack their character in some fashion, this to discredit them. But even failing that, a long drawn out conflict in text can leave a sour or bitter foul taste in the mouths of readers. Whom may in future shy away from certain names with out even reading their posts any more. It can be effective.
      I have faced it Many times.
      These are just the preliminaries.

      This multiple advertisement strategy is new to me. Very passive aggressive.
      Most interesting.


  3. What I find interesting is that only one or two threads out of All the threads we have is bombarded.
    And I have come to a conclusion.
    At first I thought it a form of attack, which, to an extent it of course certainly is.
    But I have come to realize it is more a distraction. Some thing to cause controversy and change of subject matter.
    This tells me that since the topics are so extremely isolated that those contributing to the attack were given instructions only to do so on very specific topics, Not actually spread it out and cause dissent /attack the sight as a whole.
    By now you should be concluding the same as I.
    That the topic it self is the threat to them, and they do Not want people to stay on topic.
    So perhaps it is time to Ignore All aspects of their diversion, and get back to investigating and debating the main topics, Especially where their attacks have shown up.
    What DON'T they want us to see?


    1. ...some while ago I shared with you that I am here now at the bequest of MdK...Marques de observe and share from his knowledge/ perspective as possible...I have been anticipating such posts...fame and fortune !...hmmm...I have something to offer as well though likely of little value if it be "fame and fortune" you seek...enlightenment?...strange bed fellows indeed! web one to club/ cult/ organization to sacrifice or blood oath...and no promises made but that you may come to understand the workings of natural law if and when you are ready...after, if it be enlightenment you will possess the tools and require little if any guidance ...the foundation of all knowledge from ancient times is your for the asking...The Kybalion...If you are ready to hear, it will resonate with you and in you...if not, it will be there for you when you are for the asking. Wither ready or not, it is as it judgment either club or cult can make you so.
      No thing you can come to possess at the expense of another, no moment of fame or gloating, will but hide enlightenment from you, regardless of how the false promise phrased. Be warned...there is not one among you can remove the mark once accepted...
      Journey Well Dear Ones...

    2. Hi Varakienen,

      It does seem to be an assault on anything which mentions the Illuminati in it's context.
      Seems more like spam or virus which recognises anything to do with the Illuminati and then posts an advertisement to entice the weak to want to join up. Really I doubt it would be so easy to join up to the Illuminati, by just sending an email to say join me up you instantly get large sums of cash and get out of any bad situation. Evil preys on the weak minded and persuades them to step over to the other side. We will not be so easily persuaded and have our own faith! To me it's like they are targetting the young and naive that have been brought up in a generation that is self indulgent but now with adults like ourselves who choose to turn away from this group and might be struggling in a World where the economy has collapsed, they don't like us that won't listen!

    3. aaron
      To be honest, I cannot my self say I know all that much about computer programs, or how they can be made to spam etc.
      I will say how ever, that some of the posts were made by people creating an account first, and some others random anonymous.
      As we have to use the spam filter before each post, I dont know how this can be accomplished as a program.
      As far as My limited knowledge can tell, these posts have to be put up individually. and cannot be part of a spam program.
      Feel free to correct me.
      . . . . Again, we should be back on topic, and Not paying attention to these posts.


    4. Indeed back to the topic, decoding this card. I think it's linked to comet ISON and will occur this year. It is been looked upon as a nice spectacle and exciting times but I fear it could be ready to pack a punch, whether breaking up in the atmosphere and the Earth taking multiple hits in the trail or a full on impact. Do you think this is possible?

  4. are being invited to become a donating member of their Nigeria...I do hope that lends well dear ones...

  5. Whats funny to me is the amount of effort that has gone into "defending" these "attacks". If people think that this is what the "illuminati" are about, and how they would seek to recruit- they are quite ignorant of things.

  6. Illuminati are a bunch of whimps if they werent theyd quit hiding they remind me of a playground bully "give me your lunch money" or I'll give you a swirly just on a bigger scale. Pathetic!

  7. Hahaha I like this, if you don't have any talent please do contact us. Result!

  8. Same phone number almost as the Great Oracle-Sacrificing-Spell-Casting-Elbow-Greased Dr. Diahhrea from the other comments page. Maybe they live in the same village? That must be one hell of a place to live. Illuminated, relationship-fixing witch doctors that have no problems.

  9. Funny how they never mention the price tags attached.
    You Cannot BE influential or famous in their world and Not be subject to MK Ultra conditioning.
    There IS no free will with them. Only obedience and the Illusion.
    And once you are in, there is No Out. The ones whom seek it disappear.

  10. ...come on Vara. Don't be so critical. I'm sure they are completely trustworthy. Just look how wholesome Mr. Frank Silver looks, along with his loving wife. It actually looks like a suburban mugshot lol.
    PLUS: Your desire is of the utmost importance...
    they sound desperate.

  11. Seems more like identity fraud to me, "give us all your details" lmao

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  13. Dr odudududududud is the SOLUTION bitches! You betta believe it!

  14. WoW! I hope you use some of your new wealth to learn English grammar, maybe even move out of Nigeria and quit running internet scams!


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