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The Golden Dragon - Alien machine and technology on the Moon 2013

Welcome to project "Golden Dragon".

This disclosure project is unrelated with any other disclosure initiative and I have no connections with the Paradigm Research Group or any other investigator.

Golden Dragon started 14 years ago and has become the most in depth disclosure ever performed by anyone. Finding the right (often hidden) material took a very long time but reading, analyzing and converting it, making numerous textures and hundreds of image enhancements (experimenting), literally cost "thousands of hours" of spare time but it was worth it!

What exactly is Golden Dragon? It's a gigantic puzzle of "hidden clues" and you will see that all pieces fit.

Basically it is the complete exposure of alien technology which was hidden from us by the US government.

To fully understand the project, I advise you to watch the full presentation but for those impatient the alien technology starts at 57:54

I have used photo-material from official "original" sources and this material is available either under public licence or free downloadable for "everyone" from the internet.

Most of the images I show also mention the exact URL / location where to find the original.

The software I used in this project is "not very special", so replication of enhancements shown in this presentation should not be too difficult for those who question this investigation, know their way with image enhancement software and editing programs.


The next video is the "stripped" version of Project Golden Dragon. In this video I only show basic information about the first discovery, the full exposure of an alien machine. The exposure of the alien machine starts here: 21:09


Note: Users who like to translate the presentation into their own language may ask for the slides. I will send them to you so you can make the changes in the textures.

Author The Golden Dragon Project:  Sander/Netherlands


  1. While I Agree That There Are Many Things On The Moon That We Do Not Know About, After Spending Over An Hour With An Open Mind Watching This Video, I Have Come To One Very Scientific Conclusion: This Guy Is Snorting Bath Salts. Possibly High On Other Things Too. A Giant Catterpillar With Legs? Really? Sorry But I Am Not Buying It. ThIs Is Some Of The Most Randon Shi#! I Have Seen On This Site.I Feel Bad That This Guy Has Spent Thousands Of Hours On This (as He Said) And This IsThe Bests Hes Got? Dissapointing. At Least In My Opinion.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Only a Fool gives credence to the Manor of some ones speech, rather than what is being Said.
      Stay on topic.

  2. Dear Dumb Sheep,

    No one has asked you to watch and I am not at all surprised that ignorant people like you do not see it. It is very logical that you have no idea what you should see because you have never seen anything like this before. This does not mean that it does not exist. There are however lots of people who see it and that's what I try to achieve.

  3. I Am Entitled To My Opinion. ITs To Bad That You Dont Like My Opinion And Are Resorting To Insulting Me With Name Calling Etc Because Of It. I Believe In Alot Of Things. I Have Seen Ufos, I Have Stared At The Moon Through My Own Telescope And Seen Many Strange And Unexplainable Things. Because I Dont See Your Vision Through low Resolution Videos You Posted Does Not Mean I Am Ignorant. I Want To Believe But I Just Dont See It In Your Video? Just ReallY Low Res Blobs That Are Patched Together With Outdated Software. By Saying That Anyone Who Doesent Believe Your Post And Thousands Of Hours Of Research Are Ignorant, Is An Ignorant Statement In It Self. If You Dont Want Feed Back Or Opinions On Your Postings Then Why Post On A Public Forum? If You Only Want Believers Of Your Information To Post I Understand....Kinda. I Do However Commend Your Hard Work And Dedication To The Cause. I Gave Over And Hour Of My Time Watching And Kept An Open Mind. Thats More Than Alot Of People Would do.

  4. What a BS, and i don't meant Bath Salts
    After clipping in Photoshop, Illustrator or similar software you cant get original value just like that. You take part of picture with e.g. 50% gray pixels and when you increase the number of pixels in this part of the dialog box (upsampling), the application adds data to the image. Now you have contrast on picture but it doesn't mean that you restored original.
    All of these reminds me to a gypsies reading from a coffee sauce

  5. Yeah, manipulating an image to kinna make it look in some vague way to what you think it looks like, does not make it so (my opinion). Everyone is entitled to their opinions, no need to hate on them. And yes, in a way, we were all asked to watch the video by posting it in the ever so public interweb.

  6. Before I started revealing the machine I had no idea what it would look like. Why don't you try it yourself? A child can do it. It is very easy.
    At the end of the video are the instructions for DIY.

  7. I am a firm believer that the moon has many unusual things on it. Crater cities.
    Massive buildings and structures. towers, roads, bridges, and more for which I have seen reasonable evidence.
    Further I have watched vids of truly enormous ufo's flying across its surface, around its edge into and out of darkness to give good understanding of size speed and distance.
    Some of these craft Must be tens of miles across easily.

    I DO think that there is some thing hidden here. Likely artificial and extra terrestrial, and it is obscured purposefully to keep it from us.
    BUT.... That is the extent I can go where this video is concerned.

    When you lie in bed and stare up at the ceiling or the corner of the room in darkness and just watch the edge of the shadows, eventually they will start to move.
    Watching clouds long enough will have your mind making shapes out of them.

    This is a simple neurological phenomenon.
    So to with looking at numbers long enough, and many many other things.
    You see patterns where they may not actually be. the mind comes up with notions that may not be accurate. In the end, with enough focus and concentration such notions or things the mind has come up with become TRUTH incontrovertible for the person looking.
    This doesnt make it real or fact.

    I believe that our friend is reaching.
    He is seeing what he wants to see after so much time invested.
    Objectivity it self has become to a degree obscured.

    Im not blaming.
    I am SURE that I see facts or evidence in some places and things because I so very much WANT to believe.
    I applaud the mans tenacity and attempt to bring us a new perspective. But I my self simply do Not see most of what this person is claiming that they Do see.

    I still think its likely an alien and artificial construct.
    I like the idea of centepedal.
    But,.... I dont SEE it. My own objectivity only goes So far I guess.

    This was My own personal two cents worth. Perhaps it is "I" that is too closed minded here.

    1. Varakienen, I did respond two days ago :)

    2. Got it for the first time today.

    3. Not sure if this posted: seeing patterns or shapes where there are vague images is called visual pareidolia. It's very well documented. And most conspiracies are just that.

  8. "I am not buying it" is not the same as "I can not see it". Like I said, not everyone, gross of the people, will not see it or never will see it for that matter. That is something I realize very well and it actually is not important. Look at the other evidence. There was something there and THEY tried to hide it from us. That is also part of the project not just the alien machine. Or can you also not see that?

  9. Could you add to your presentation an image of an airplane or huge construction on the Earth seen from the space on various angles (in infrared or uv as well)?This would give us an idea how the original object is distorted when converted to its image and would give as some kind of reference.Could you explain how the shadows influence an image?We are not accustomed to look on objects from the top and simple objects such as cars may look wierd to most of us.

    I think we lack basics to estimate that what we see is really what we see.

  10. No, such images do not exist and the object on the moon surface is not been distorted. Earth has an atmosphere and this means that you will never have a clear view without any atmospheric disturbence. People should not compare images shot on earth with images taken in outer space or a vacuum environment. What you photograph from space on the moon surface is exactly what it looks like. No reflections, no light absorption and no atmospheric turbulance and abberation, unlike on Earth.

    1. Unless of course, the moon actually does have a thin atmosphere.
      A belief for which I am leaning towards strongly these days.

    2. Very nice to see you around still Sander, keep up your good work. Oh boy I miss your videos on youtube :(

    3. I wanted to reply to Varakienen?

      Anyway, why do you have to believe or disbelieve? Like it's a choice or something. You're either convinced or you're not. To me, it's all up in the air. Could be a dragon on the moon. He makes an interesting case for it. I can't say for certainty that's what's going on, because I can't force myself to believe it just by arbitrarily deciding that I believe it.

      Can you just decide to believe in Jesus? Is that really a choice? It's just an example, I'm not really trying to get into religion.

  11. I'm sure soon some images may be leaked out from the Chinese rover and then we may stumble across something maybe some new evidence. Possibly the US has been going back to the moon since they landed for the first time and have been building bases for monitoring the Earth, giving them an upperhand over everyone else, sly and sinister.

    1. Why would China share any info they get with the world? I can see them keeping all knowledge to themselves.on whatever info they may discover.

    2. I'm not saying they would, I'm hoping they would. It could be used as a weapon against the US, they could find out what they've been hiding in the shadows for all this time.

    3. Nobody can use it as a weapon. It would be like a stone-age caveman finding a 747 and trying to make it cook dinner.


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