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Zeroids living space creatures 2013

Zeroids: Living beings which inhabit the cosmic void.

Bioforms which may populate the recesses of free space.

This domain is characterized by virtually zero temperature and zero atmospheric pressure.

Russian astrophysicist Dr. V.l. Goldanskii argued that appreciable quantities of prebiotic material should be able to accumulate in the regions surrounding nebulae, or titanic gas clouds.

Already dozens of organic compounds have been identified in space, including formaldehyde, prussic acid, and cellulose. In short, there is an abundance of basic building blocks out there to allow for the evolution of zeroids.

Zeroids may range in dimensionality from the microscopic to the macroscopic and they vary from the utterly simple to the extraordinarily complex and they may live singly or in vast colonies.

Zeroids may have migrated to all sectors of space -- both within and without galaxies. Endowed with both mobility and intelligence, it is conceivable that some may have actually penetrated our zone of existence.

Atmospheric friction might parboil some zeroids to cinders, and our planet's gases and temperature might prove lethal to still others.

Yet, some may have evolved a protective shield -- either physical or electromagnetic in nature -- that has enabled them to survive entry into our domain.


  1. I think we've seen enough credible footage to say there is truth in this, lifeforms exist everywhere on everything even if can't be seen. Who's to say it doesn't exist in open space!

  2. I believe you have found the answers
    I've. Been searching for

  3. I have always believed in biological entities inhabiting outer space, too bad the world governments doesnt realize that we can handle that kind of knowlage as modern thinking human beings.

    1. Jeremy.
      First of all, we in America and technologically high ended nations, tend to be mo0re open minded to such things because we are exposed to greater forms of communications and information as we grew up.
      Not all countries have this. Many countries are bound Entirely by religious doctrine which for all thier lives led them to think intelligent life out there was pretty much blasphemous or, impossible. More, that what we thought of as angels may have been extra terrestrial. And if That was extra terrestrial, what else in the bible or other religions was misconstrued and had little to do with god at all?
      This complicates things immensely for disclosure absolutely taring most of what lay in organized religion asunder in its revelations.

      That was the concern they WANT you to think was on their mind, and information with held for societies and Your benefit.

      This isnt actually WHY they have with held it.
      They with hold all out disclosure because the world they have built for you to believe in will be shattered.
      More than merely religion. But your idea's on social structures, economy, money, free energy versus oil, medicine, cures, health and spirituality and so much more will become entirely re-written with Full disclosure.

      Free energy for instance has been around for the better part of a full century.
      The powers that Be have made you Dependent upon oil so that they can get richer and more powerful, and most important, have complete and utter control over you.
      They control communication for the most part, and nearly utterly control media.
      Electricity, food, clean water, medicine, and more, is provided For you regularly as if you were a hamster in a cage. At a price.

      The notions of aliens and visitations is the tiniest tip of the ice berg on the matter of Aliens.
      How do the aliens Live? what is Thier ancient economy and social structure like?
      How have they come So far with out destroying them selves? Whats the galactic community out there Like?
      These revelations will Utterly change us for ever, and many of them will take power away from those whom have enjoyed it over us for centuries.

      THAT, is why we do not have full and truthful disclosure!



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