Airbus almost crashing with UFO over Glasgow UK - Apr 30, 2013

An airbus carrying with about 180 passengers over Scotland came within just 300ft of colliding with a UFO, an official probe has revealed. 

The plane was less than 10 seconds away from hitting the object as it flew over Baillieston on the outskirts of Glasgow at 3,500ft and prepared to land. 

The shocked pilot reported the collision risk as ‘high’.

The A320 was descending into Glasgow in clear conditions with the sun behind, when both the plane’s pilots saw an object described by the crew as blue, yellow and silver and then it flew underneath the jet before the pilot had any time to react.

The controller stated he was not talking to anyone else in that area and nothing was seen on radar.

The pilots suggested the object may have been a glider or microlight, but investigators rejected this.


source: , dailymail , thecosmosnews