Baltic Sea 'UFO' Anomaly is at least 14,000 Years Old - May 26, 2013

A news update about the Baltic Sea anomaly was published in the Swedish Newspaper Expressen on May 24, 2013.

The circle in the Baltic Sea continues to perplex. New test results from Israel shows that a part of the circle is metallic - and researchers there think it is a metal that nature itself can not manufacture.

Swedish researchers say the opposite. It can be created in nature, but it has different conditions in different waters, says geologist Fredrik Klingberg.

In June 2011, the divers Dennis Åsberg and Peter Lindberg, a mysterious discovery on the Baltic seabed. Ocean X team found a circle with a diameter of 60 meters almost 90 meters into the sea. Previous test results from Tel Aviv has shown that there have been burnt organic material on the circle.

Now, the new test results from another part of the circle. Result from Israel shows that the bit is metallic and contains limonite and goethite.

Professor Dr. Steve Weiner of Israel says to the divers that there is a metal that not nature can produce itself.

-I do not know what to believe anymore. The response from Tel Aviv, the object that we found a metal that is designed, makes you get goose bumps, says diver Dennis Åsberg.

Swedish scientists have a different view.

Limonite and goethite close to hand with the BOG-IRON ORE. For me, this could be nodules, they are in many seabeds, says Fredrik Klingberg, a geologist at the Geological Survey of Sweden.

Martin Jakobsson, marine geologist at Stockholm University: -It is not at all surprising that you found those subjects, nature can produce it itself, he says The divers also found the stones of granite lying on top of the object and received information that indicates that the object has been there for 14 000 years.

-Then it could be done by people in the past. Before the Ice Age low was a lake where the Baltic is now and the subject is on the coastal strip, said Dennis Åsberg.

Martin Jakobsson think this sounds reasonable. -I have said it before and are still clinging to it - it seems to be a geological objects that had lain there for long. Ambiguities about the mysterious circle makes scientists skeptical.

-I am very skeptical about the whole thing, so difficult, it should not be that hard to find out what it really is. One can make such documentation at that depth, says Johan Rönnby, professor of maritime archeology at Södertörn University.

Dennis Åsberg agree that it is mysterious - but says he's happy to receive help to find out what it is. All are welcome, they are welcome to come down and dive here. We can not do it, we do not have the resources required, he says.




  1. This is interesting, i know how to get in and i can tell you it's a ship and it have 6 flight down , the first level is very damage, but the remaining one's are not the next level is the control and navigation then next level is the kitchen and eating room, now the fourth level down i don't remember and the last one is the bedroom's and play room or visual room, now how come i remember all this i guess i just remember.

    1. That's a nice dream you had there but it's not real.

    2. What is Real, and what is Not real?
      You probably "Think" the sky is blue on a clear day simply because it is the immediate answer to what your eyes perceive.

  2. So...grappling hooks and bring it up for better research. OR. Do we just go on guessing with the next best idea. It looks like a horse from 20 miles away, but until we get up close it may be a fallen tree. See where we are at now!.

  3. Exactly we are still no closer to what it is! It's laughable we are still none the wiser!

  4. You'd think it cheaper to recover such purified metals for mining than to dig much less rich ore from the earth. Possibly turn a big profit ?

  5. I wonder if, maybe, we should leave it alone.I want to know as much our more than anyone.but maybe the lesson this abandon craft would teach is not a lesion any of us can afford to learn. Just a tought. But the idea that the answers are just under the surface of the Baltic does dig into my reason as well as my patience.

  6. Maybe this abandon craft would teach us a lesion we do not want to learn. Any thing able to bring it here certainly has the ability to retrieve it.yet, they haven' I suggest that there might be a good reason it was left to the deep.things left in a naturally water cooled environment suggest they might have a need to remain cooled. Like a onboard reactor our similar mechanism with extreme consequences. Just a thought.

  7. I believe this is an ancient structure constructed by a civilization that lived 14,000 years ago. I don't believe it's natural. I doubt it's extraterrestrial, but anything's possible. We have the resources to find out for sure. The problem is, nobody wants to foot the bill.


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