Raw Footage of F4 Tornado Oklahoma intercepted from within a half mile - Radar pulsed HAARP rings? - May 22, 2013

The devastating, mile-wide tornado touched down near Oklahoma City on Monday, killing dozens of people -- including children -- decimating homes, businesses and a pair of elementary schools in the suburb of Moore.

Weather officials estimated the strength of the storm to be an F4 or F5 on the Fujita Scale, the highest rating a tornado can achieve.

The National Weather Service said the tornado's preliminary classification was an F4, with winds up to 200 mph.

The devastated area was an estimated 30 square miles.

The tornadoes came a day after powerful storms ripped through the center of the country, spawning at least a dozen tornadoes, causing extensive damage from Georgia to Minnesota.

The following video shows the Oklahoma tornado from the ground. The author of the video intercepted the tornado from within a half mile by South Moore High School.


And an unimaginable time-lapse footage of the tornado that struck the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area on May 20th, 2013.


According to Dutchsinse: “Radio frequency modification of the weather, RADAR pulses (what we call radar pulsed "HAARP rings" and "Scalar Squares") have played a role -- areas pulsed yesterday, being hit today.”
Read more about Radar pulses / Haarp rings 

The F4 tornado is being called one of the worst to hit the entire country, ever.

source: news.yahoo.com , Dutchsinse


  1. As I've been saying all along, manipulating weather systems with the use of geoengineering and HAARP systems. With Hurricane Katrina there was a map showing how it could have been diverted away from the ocean back to the mainland of America, the source showed a heat signature, very uniform in pattern that steered the hurricane back inland. Could be coincidence but then look at this tornado! The worst that's been and a map showing where HAARP has been used and suddenly this devastation strikes!


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