The Asteroid-Comet Danger and Planetary Defense - A View from Russia

Schiller Institute Conference
Frankfurt, Germany
April 13-14, 2013

Kirill Benediktov writer and member of the editorial board of the website Terra America talks about the asteroid-comet danger and planetary defense.

Some quotes out of his speech:

Total number of not yet discovered objects with a diameter of greater than 1 kilometer; Russian scientists estimate that there are about 40 undiscovered, or 20% of the total undiscovered potential very dangerous large space bodies.

The total number of potentially life threatening objects to the Earth is 200,000 – 300,000 and only 2% have been identified by astronomers so far.

The most projects in space defense are passive. The only case of intervention on a space object was the deep impact experiment of bombarding nuclear on the Temple One comet.

Using ballistic missiles with a 1,5 tons payload to a danger approaching asteroid would be enough to destroy an asteroid up to several hundreds of meters in diameter.

Please listen to the interesting speech of Kirill Benediktov:




  1. Seems to be a valid concern, I always second guess when they want to "protect us from the comets/meteorites".
    -Dr. Carol Rosin and her conversations with Wernher von Braun about false flags the governments will purpose on society to "keep us safe". It's realistically more about weaponizing space! It's fine to be concerned for the planet, but once a war would break out how quickly would a country use the satellites and "protection equipment" for a means of attack?!

    Also, who decides who get's to "be saved"? If Russia has the capabilities to deflect a meteorite from striking the U.S., but are at WAR with them, would they choose to let the meteorite strike the country or let it slam down?

    ...also, without creating a NWO, either!


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