13 Amazing UFO Sightings Of May 2013 AFO

A video compilation of the best UFO Sightings of May 2013.

Below links to the original videos:

01. Multiple Orange UFOs Float Above Astrakhan, Russia
02. Cigar UFO Floats Over Russia
03. Small UFO Enters Bigger UFO In Turkey
04. UFO Slowly Descends Into Forest In Brazil 
05. Giant UFO Recorded Over Longview, Texas, USA
06. Multiple UFOs Recorded Over Astrakhan, Russia
07. Alien Symbols Retrieved From Crashed UFO?
08. UFOs In Triangular Formation Over Los Angeles, California, USA
09. UFO Recorded Flying At High Speeds Over Oklahoma, USA 
10. Kids Record UFOs Hovering Over US
11. UFO Captured Flying Over Santee, California, USA
12. NASA - Mars Rovers Picture Shows Possible ET Life
13. Disc UFO With Multiple Lights On Base Over Chiapas, Mexico


source: theafofiles


  1. problem is that so many stupid people who think they are clever make fake videos and discredit the genuine ones. Such people are not clever and really only show how stupid they are


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