Aliens 'Plasmoid's' Burn Down Buildings In Russia? 2013

Translated: A mysterious glowing fireball hit the roof of a residential house in Chelyabinsk in Russia and exploded in one of the apartments.

According to eyewitnesses, the ball was moving along the roof of the house, before exploded.

But Ufologist Yuri Sentjurin denied that it was a fireball. He said that it was a flying plasmoid, like the plasmoids / orbs often appear in photo's.

He said that Alien civilizations send these plasmoids to Earth to scout as well as they want to communicate with us. These plasmoids / orbs are the transmitters and receivers.

This probe just went out of control.

Scientific explanation:

A plasmoid is a coherent structure/entity of plasma and magnetic fields. Plasmoids have been proposed to explain natural phenomena such as ball lightning, magnetic bubbles in the magnetosphere, and objects in cometary tails, in the solar wind, in the solar atmosphere, and in the heliospheric current sheet.