Beware of the Archons who walk among us

If Archons exist, who and what are they?

Like Mac Tonnies and Bill Schneider, Jay Weidner is getting close to understanding this mystery, and how to identify the ones that may live among us. Just after announcing that he was close to being able to identify them, Mac died in his sleep at the age of 34. Bill Schneider has also died.

But Jay is still with us, and in this interview he tells us all he knows about the Archons. As the Nag Hammadi text warns, the Archons walk among us. They like violence and destruction. They are hungry for our suffering.

Who are they? What do they look like? WHY do they hate us so, these ancient and terrible beings who legend says live among us? Jay is far down the dangerous road of understanding the secrets of the Archons, and how to break their power over the deeply hypnotized human species.

Archon (Gr. ἄρχων, pl. ἄρχοντες) is a Greek word that means "ruler" or "lord," frequently used as the title of a specific public office. It is the masculine present participle of the verb stem ἀρχ-, meaning "to rule," derived from the same root as monarch, hierarchy, and anarchy.

Note: Archons are‘Interdimensional entities’. They are the hidden negative controllers of humankind, inorganic interdimensional entities that must now be exposed and exorcised from the individual human mind, from our human species, and from the planet as a whole as part of our collective evolution to a new state of consciousness and being." Article: Archons interdimensional entities



  1. I believe I heard Anthony no Archon was trying to poisoning him. Not what I heard him talk about with Kerry Cassidy unless I missed something. Let me know.

  2. Suzy, can you catch me up on what you are referring to here?
    A specific episode of Camelot perhaps? Thanx.

  3. This Interpretation of "Archons" and their agenda's is a dangerous one indeed.

    I run into this problem Often of people assuming aliens or extra terrestrials means, "One faction, one agenda".
    Taking info about a single negative faction of aliens, and then hearing about the activities of other aliens, with Out understanding weather or not they belong to the same species or faction, and then thus simply assuming they do.

    This distorts the facts and truths about the subject matter at hand.

    The the greater majority of ones living among us and associating with us in My researches, are the ones looking to help us long term.
    Not ALL of them I am sure, but the majority.
    The nasty ones do Not Like associating with us.
    It is repugnant and distasteful to them. And thus, they are not the ones to live among us.
    Remember too that even among the nasty ones, there is evidence that there are those whom sympathize with us.
    Another reason Not to let them live with us to long. Lest they become sympathetic and defect.

    The details are not black and white in these matters. Not simple at all.
    And they Cannot be chalked up to the easy and short sighted conclusions being presented here.

    Keep searching my friends, and do not forget to look.... . . . . . Within.


  4. We know this since our childhood for many generations with evidences.


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