Mars Moon Phobos Captured By Curiosity Rover (Video)

The Mars Rover Curiosity snapped imagery during a pass of the Mars moon Phobos.

One of Mars' two tiny moons. Phobos is just 14 miles (22 kilometers) wide on average, while Mars' other moon, Deimos, is even smaller.

The video, which stitches together 86 frames snapped by Curiosity's navigation camera, shows the Mars moon Phobos rising shortly after sunset on June 28, 2013.


Many scientists think both Phobos and Deimos are former asteroids captured by the Red Planet's gravity long ago.

But Joseph Shklovskii noted member of the Soviet Academy of science and co-writer with Dr Carl Sagan of 'Intelligent life in the universe', once calculated from the estimated density of the Martian atmosphere and the peculiar "acceleration" of Phobos, that the satellite must be hollow.

Could Phobos be a hollowed-out ancient alien space station of huge proportions?

Besides,there is a monolith on the surface of Phobos,suggests that this monolith was built by ancient civilizations.

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