Mystery Force Appears In Clouds UFO or Aliens? 2013

Bizarre footage of mysterious activity in the clouds becomes internet hit again.

Is it a UFO or a natural phenomenon?

The mysterious activity in the clouds is a natural phenomenon. Ice crystals aligning to an electrical field generated by the cloud.

Electrical potential is generated within cloud. As the electrical field grows and moves, ice crystals align along the field and move with it, changing how they refract and reflect sunlight to the observer.


Note: The original footage is filmed in Singapore on Aug 15, 2011.

Witness Abrigatti: I was pool side in my apartment in Singapore, when I saw something weird in the skies. As I looked over head I saw some weird cloud shoots of light and puff as the clouds seemed to reform sporadically. I could see that a storm cloud was building, but the light and visual show was intriguing me.

Below the original video.



  1. I wanna say light refraction off energy shields of a cloaked or desolid/phased craft.

  2. We all wana say that!Doesn't look natural anyway.

  3. its water on the lens you knobs! put a small drop of water on your camera lens and look up in the sky. lol really guys

    1. could be. Not out side the realm of possibility.
      still, no outer border on the water droplet. separating the odd effect from the normal.

      But sure, Its possible.

  4. Haha thanks, prove it and send in a video or show us how this was created.


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