New Amazing Crop Circle in Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire UK - July 6, 2013

a new crop circle formation appears on the land of Robin and Ben Butler at Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, UK on July 6, 2013.

Given the unique design of the crop circle, the owners of the land request that nobody is allowed to enter the field to visit the formation. Wiltshire Police have been informed and have said they are prepared to prosecute anyone entering the field for trespass.


  1. Something is definitely trying to send us messages. But I feel that the messages [in the form of crop circles] are not meant for us now, but for a future time when we have advanced, both spiritually and psychically.

    As we grow more technologically-advanced we, at the same time, have not been able to shake off are bestial side - as is proven by the wars, the bloodshed and the hatred of others. We are a 'savage and bestial race, always willing to shoot first before asking questions later. And it is this side of us that has held us back from progressing in a more positive way.

    I really do believe that until we achieve that aim of worldwide brotherhood - and so universal brotherhood, we will not be able to crack the codes that these crop circles no doubt contain.

    We have not reached the acquired level of advancement - both spiritually and psychically, as I have mentioned, to ever be able to solve what those messages hold.

    Until we do acquire that level of spiritual advancement - as well as becoming more humane and also more psychically-aware, we will never obtain the 'Rosetta Stone'] the 'key' to cracking these messages.

    They will continue to remain a mystery to us, remaining outside of our 'understanding' exactly because of what I have explained above.

    Until we have 'advanced' in a positive way, they will continue to remain a mystery.

  2. 100,000 years and you are still waiting to advance your psyche and/or your mind? That is a sign of INCREDIBLE patience and I for one applaud you sir!

  3. They say we are reaching the Omega Point, a higher consciousness, phase 5 of our evolution right now! If you look at that image there are 5 diamond shapes, the first 4 smaller ones with dots beneath them indicating the number or phase. Then the central diamond, phase 5 breaking the oval shape as though reaching a higher consciousness, out of the bubble so to speak. We have to try decipher this!

  4. I've spent many a moon, trying to decipher the signs given to us from an ascended life-form. By observing this crop circle, i have came to understand this psychological transcendency. By analysing the most recent crop cirlces, and placing them all ontop of each other, you can see a common occurence in them all. This is the use of triangles and diamonds, once they are placed ontop of each other, they form a map, and when it is basked in the light of a full moon, and looked at from the stars you will a legend untold through the ages, it spells El Psy Congroo. This is clearly a anagram, however I feel like I have found out too much already, and thus am being hunted down by the authorities, so I leave my research in your capabale hands, please..... continue my legacy!

  5. If you want to see something interesting, look at it again through 3-d glasses.

  6. Not all formations are designed by humans, Linda.


  7. That is the answer to the question on what could have happened to the missing Flight MH370. It shows a symmetrical illustration of a wormhole.


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