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UFO sighting during 4th of July Parade in Kaysville, UT, USA

 MUFON report: Kaysville, UT, USA - Case 48823 ufostalker

While watching the 4th of July parade at 10:39 am, I saw a flashing light in my peripheral version. When I looked, I saw an object hovering above the nearby mountains (approximately 4 miles away). It appeared approximately 200 meters above the ground. The length of the object to the naked eye was slightly smaller than 1/4".

It had a very distinct shape, or s-shaped and reminded me of a pinwheel. It was spinning clockwise around the center mass, and it was the sun reflecting off of the appendages that had caught my eye. The speed at which the object was spinning would change from very fast (appearing to look circular) to almost a complete stop. As the object spun, it was also moving erratically up, down, side to side, and diagonally, all very quickly. It was able to change directions instantaneously, even going in the exact opposite direction instantly.

While it was moving through the sky, the object tilted about 90 degrees so that it then appeared like a typical disc or saucer shape. In this position, I could make out that the shape was elliptical. When I zoomed in to take a picture of it at this angle, I could see that the upper body seemed to extend over the bottom portion on the left side and was just the opposite on the right side. I believe the object was not spinning at the time so I was seeing it from the side in a stationary position. In this picture it is possible to see the sun reflecting off of the top dome, so the material was obviously reflective. Also, if you zoom in on the second photo you can see what appears to be a concave area on the right side “wing” which would indicate the curvature that is seen in the first photo and what gives the object the s-shape.

After about 10-15 seconds, the object dropped behind the mountain and then reappeared a few seconds later, hovered for about 5 seconds, and then dropped in front of the mountain. It was harder to see at this point since it wasn't reflecting as much light and the background color of the mountain was darkish green. I lost sight of it when a parade float stopped in front of me. The entire viewing lasted about 2 minutes.


  1. That parade looks a helluva lot better than Da-da's parade.


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