UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports #02 - July 24, 2013



Ken...I am writing to you because I looked up NJ Mufon and it led me to your page. On this 4th of July 2013, my brother and I saw something in the sky around 11:00. It would be hard to say that on the 4th of July we saw something in the sky at night with out someone saying it was fireworks but I can tell you we did see something that wasn't normal and I actually saw it twice a few minutes later.

As always on the 4th, my family has a big bbq and yes we do shoot fireworks lol. However after shooting our fireworks, I was always taught to clean up and sweep the street when we are done. That night after cleaning up the street and house, my brother and I were in our backyard finishing up before calling it a night.

We were all done with the fireworks as were the few other neighborhood kids that usually break the law in lighting fireworks. We all tend to finish early as to not disturb the neighbors to late.

As I was walking to turn off the gas for my bbq, from the corner of my eye I noticed something white and orange moving slowly across the sky. I started to focus on it as I thought it was possibly a firework but I hadn't heard any sound of it taking off? So I watched it slowly dropping down and getting slower as it did. I thought to myself, what the heck is this? Can't be a firework. It was moving for almost 10-15 seconds and then it just stopped falling and held perfectly still. I know my fireworks as I am almost 37 and have probably had or shot every possible firework there is and there is nothing that can or does this.

So I started looking at it and it was just floating perfectly still. It looked like an orange ball with a sliver/blue ring around it,. The orange was way more prevalent when it was moving but I could still see the orange when it stopped. I called my brother and he joined me in looking at it. He had no idea what it was either. So we watched it for what seemed about 30 seconds. Then, it seemed to slowly fade out, almost like a light inside a car when you close the door. It took about 15 seconds I would say until it faded out.

So we looked at each other asking what could this have been? We then walked inside scratching our heads. Once inside, my wife asked me to bring out another bag of garbage. So I went out the front of my house to bring out the trash and as I did I walked into the street to spray some more water onto the swept up mess from the fireworks. Once I got into the street which was maybe about 3 minutes from when I walked into the house from the yard, there it was again.

Only this time it was all the same color. It seemed more in the silver-ish glow color but the shape of it was more defined. It actually looked like a mini planet of Saturn, but it was tilted forward a bit. It's hard for me to say this, but my eye site is actually terrible. But that is what makes me more sure of what I saw. It was so clear and defined. I was not mistaken by any means. It was not a plane, not a helicopter, not a firework, not a bird.

I went into the house to get him, but by the time I got back outside, it was gone again. This thing was there and we saw it.

I wasn't going to write anyone about it as I thought, who could I tell anyway. Well I have recently returned to work as I had off from July1st-14th. I was telling some of my co-workers and customers about my vacation and what I did. I have jokingly been telling them that my brother and I saw a UFO.

Well today I was talking to one of the other managers at work about what happened and she almost jumped out of her chair when I said we saw one on the 4th. She said her and her father saw it too !! She even mentioned that a friend of hers, who also lives close to here, posted something on his face book, "did anyone see something weird like a UFO in the sky on the 4th?" She said she asked him what he saw and he told her something very similar to what we saw.

I work about 1.5 miles from my house and she lives about maybe 2.5 miles from me. I am not sure where her friend lives but they both live in Woodbridge. I live in Edison. I don't know if you have heard of any reports but I can tell you, there was something there with 100% certainty.  Note: The above image is a rendering. Special thanks to the witness J. R. for the UFO sighting account. 



I live in a marina. We were out on the terrace enjoying the evening coolness. Mostly clear sky with some clouds. Quarter Moon in the West. My wife was facing south, looking out into the harbour. I was facing her and looking into the harbour.

All of a sudden she shrieked my name and said look up. Thankfully she pointed directly up but slightly left. Thankfully I looked up over my left shoulder into the sky above. And I saw it as it flew over our roof and flew across the harbour and across Lake Ontario. It was a huge oval, very brightly lit...whitelight. For want of a better description the light pattern within the oval looked snowflake like.

It was travelling at a great rate of speed. Hard to judge, but I would say faster than our fastest jet. As it crossed the lake towards the City of Toronto it just vanished.

We were stupefied at first. Then we looked out at the other terraces. We only saw two other couples having dinner but from their angle and the fact they were in strong conversation it was obvious they missed it. Several of the boats were occupied but again people were drinking and conversing and looking down. I saw no sign of commotion. So I had to assume we were the only ones who witnessed the event.

Unsettling because other people would have added to confirm what we saw. My wife and I quickly went over the facts and we both were in total agreement with what we saw, in terms of height, angle, size, color of lights, rate of speed. We stood out on the terrace for the next half an hour. We stared out at the lights of Toronto. Which is about 25 miles away as the crow flies. Approx distance. There was a cloudy skyline. Twice we saw a huge oval light pop up and seeem to hover and pulsate. It was a mixture of color in terms of light. White and orange. It seemed way too large to be a plane going to or coming from the city airport. I could observe a few planes in the sky during this time in and around Toronto and they were small pinpoint white lights that you usually associate with a passenger jet.

What the two appearances were I cannot speculate. They appeared for ten seconds and disappeared. Perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me. But the original sighting of the huge oval is definitive to me. I know that was something I was seeing as it was and that it was something I have never seen before. All I can say about the appearance of the two quick hovering light events over Toronto within 15 minutes of the incident is that we sit on our terrace all the time at night and look out at Toronto and I've never seen those two light events before. Thank you for taking my report. Note: The above image is a rendering.



I was talking to my husband on the telephone when I noticed the oblong object approaching my house and traveling over the tree line and coming across the Connecticut river to the Holyoke side. The lights were really bright.

I could tell it was not a plane or helicopter as the shape was different and it made no sound. It traveled very slowly and appeared to hover at times. I ran out on our deck as it disappeared when crossing over my house. It was really strange. The phone and electrical service in my house were not affected.

The next morning I went out into my back yard and noticed lots of dark spots on a new stone patio that we just had put in. The spots do not come up when scrubbing them. It just looks like something dark splattered all over the patio. The spots do not appear to be oily, they almost look like burn marks. There are also some spots on an area of shingles on the roof of my house.

I did not hear anything about this on the news, however I decided to Google and see if anyone had reported seeing anything. Sure enough someone in the Belchertown and Amherst Ma, area reported a sighting on the same date and just a little earlier than when I sighted the object. This makes the fifth sighting for me in the past 40 years. Note: The above image is a rendering.



Me and a few friends were walking to the store at around 3:30am to get snacks. We walked through a large park with soccer fields, baseball fields and lots of open space surrounded by a forest. I saw the triangular shaped UFO flying relatively low over on of the soccer fields and it flew directly over us and continued on its path. I know this was not a plane or helicopter as I am very familiar with those. I saw the object peak over a line of trees and it immediately caught my attention as it did not look like anything Ive ever seen before and I tend to pay lots of attention to the sky above me anyhow.

When I got a good look at it, I knew it was a UFO. I didnt think it was anything else. It moved along one path making an odd hovering sound ("hmmm"). It had 2-3 solid red lights on it that were large and circular and at least 1 white light that was a bit smaller and blinked a few times. Its hard to explain and be sure, though.

When I saw it, I stared at it until I lost sight of it totally and about 5 seconds after watching it I had concluded that it was the classic triangle-shaped UFO. I was very excited though, as this is the first time Ive seen a UFO that was undoubtedly the same kind many other people have reported seeing. All other "sightings" Ive had were too high up and hard to tell if it was just an ordinary plane. I lost sight of the object when it went behind another line of trees and out of my view.

After the sighting, I looked up triangular UFOs and me and another friend that saw it agree it looked exactly like the picture I have attached.

Let me be clear that this is NOT a picture of the actual craft that we saw but it looks exactly like it. Earlier in the night the four of us were getting into some really deep conversations about spirituality and how we got here and annunaki and higher intelligence, E.T.s and these types of subjects. It was one of those conversations where you just really feel on to something different. I really believe that our conversation and the UFO sighting are related. Note: The above image is a rendering.

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