UFOs Congregate Around The Sun - July 23, 2013

Strange unknown objects around the Sun.

Remarkable, one UFO is similar to the objects that have been observed in 2011 and 2012.

Furthermore, this UFO does not move for about 12 minutes (From 06.48 to 07.00 Hours).



  1. Well, unfortunately with access to CGI, NASA manipulating all the feed no one can really believe any of this and if it is true we really do not possess the ability to change anything being just mere humans. I have seen a lot of footage and most of it is bogus and has been altered in many ways but the highlight to many of the video clips is how it is posted...entertainment. The percentage of posts seems to be listed in the entertainment category where the serious people will list it in Science, Need to Know basis and other areas which indicate that what they have recorded they wish to get to those who really do care. I have to say the CGI alterations are pretty convincing especially with todays technology and computer programs.

  2. The percentage of actual accurate accounts seems to be very small indeed and with all the previous predications, which never came to pass, most people believe that what is viewed on Youtube is purely for entertainment only. With access to an abundance of sports, animal videos in Africa, politics, shows on TV it makes sense that this site is geared around just that.........entertainment. The SOHO footage and other satellites who record so called live streaming video of UFO potential craft unfortunately again fall short and with so much manipulation well there is just not enough hard evidence until I actually see it for myself in the skies.


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