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Dead by Comets 'The Black Death' 2013

Most people nowadays are not really aware of what happened just 666 years ago.

The Black Death of 1347 (1347-1350) one of the most deadly pandemics in human history, said to have killed possibly two thirds of the entire population of Europe, not to mention millions all over the planet.

The conventional theory: The Black Death was a great outbreak of bubonic plague but according to Professor Mike Baillie’s book, New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection, it wasn’t a bubonic plague but rather dead by comet(s), cometary impacts or a comet shower.

Baillie has the scientific evidence to support his theory and his evidence actually supports - and is supported by - what the people of the time were saying: earthquakes, comets, rains of death and fire, corrupted atmosphere.

Baillie noticed some strange tree ring patterns that happened to coincide with this historical catastrophe. He compared these tree rings to dated ice-core samples that had been analyzed and discovered a very strange thing: ammonium. There are, as it happens, four occasions in the last 1500 years where scientists can confidently link dated layers of ammonium in Greenland ice to high-energy atmospheric interactions with objects coming from space: 539, 626, 1014, and 1908 - the Tunguska event. In short, there is a connection between ammonium in the ice cores and extra-terrestrial bombardment of the surface of the earth.

Now notice that the above statement is that there are four events that can be definitively linked with high-energy interactions. The exact same signature is present at the time of the Black Death in both the tree rings and in the ice cores, and at other times of so-called "plague and pandemic". As it happens, the ammonium signal in the ice-cores is directly connected to an earthquake that occurred on January 25th, 1348 - and Baillie discovers that there was a 14th century writer who wrote that the plague was a "corruption of the atmosphere" that came from this earthquake.

How could a plague come from an earthquake, you ask?

Baillie points out that we don't always know if earthquakes are caused by tectonic movements; they could be cause by cometary explosions in the atmosphere or even impacts on the surface of the earth.

The earth is regularly hit by extraterrestrial objects and many of the impacting bodies explode in the atmosphere as happened in Tunguska and with the Chelyabinsk meteor in Central Russia leaving no craters or long-lasting visible evidence of a body from space.

But just because there is no long-lasting evidence doesn't mean there is no significant effect on the planet and/or its inhabitants! These impacts or atmospheric explosions may produce earthquakes or tsunamis without any witnesses being aware of the cause.

Many high-level scientists and government agencies are taking these things seriously but is still ignored, marginalized and ridiculed to the general public via the mainstream media.

Baillie cites contemporary evidence - some of this evidence has been relegated to "myth" - from around the globe that indicate that the earth was, indeed, subjected to bombardment from space during the 14th century and that this may very well have been not only the cause of the 25 January 1348 earthquake, but also the cause of the Black Death.

As Baillie notes, if this oft-cited earthquake was, in reality, the result of cometary impacts then the corrupted air could be from one or two causes: high-energy chemical transformations in the atmosphere or outgassings from the earth itself.

One... Jacme d'Agramaont, discussed it in terms of an "epidemic or pestilence and mortalities of people. He extensively developed what he meant by pestilencia. He split the term pestilencia up into three syllables, each having a particular meaning: pes = tempesta: 'storm, tempest'; te = 'temps, time', lencia = clardat: 'brightness, light'; hence, he concluded, the pestilencia was 'the time of tempest caused by light from the stars.'

There really is quite sufficient data presented in Baillie's book to support the theory that the Black Death was due to an impact by Comet Debris.

As to exactly how these deaths occurred, there are a number of possibilities: earthquakes, floods (tsunami), rains of fire, chemicals released by the high-energy explosions in the atmosphere, including ammonium and hydrogen cyanide, and possibly even comet born disease pathogens.

A growing number of researchers contend that most, if not all, of these ecological disasters are connected to bombardments from space.

Recent evidence is converging on the conclusion that mass extinctions coincided with comet or asteroid impacts, and that periodic comet showers, triggered by the Solar System's motions through the Milky Way galaxy, may provide a general theory to explain impact-related mass extinctions,'' said Michael Rampino, a geologist at New York University.

If it has happened as often as Baillie suggests, it can happen again.

The Black Death of 1347. We can ask ourselves what might happen when we hit 666 years after? That would be 2013!

2013 so far: From a frigid winter to a hot summer, the widest tornadoes ever recorded in the United States, extreme rain falls and droughts (infographic). Ongoing earthquakes, with the latest swarm of quakes in New Zealand, Volcano eruptions, Landslides and Sinkholes and not to forget  the Chelyabinsk meteor in Russia last February as well as other remarkable meteorites exploding above earth’s surface like the massive fireballs over Japan, Argentina and Spain in April and May this year.

And on top, comet ISON is to appear in late November, exactly 666 years after the disaster in 1347. (666 number of the beast)

With the ongoing geological upheaval, the arrival of comet ISON and the peak of the solar maximum at the end of this year, we are facing a new ‘black death’ period?

It seems that there are more ways to die than just getting hit by a comet fragment.



  2. Nothing like a bit of fear mongering.
    I'll believe it when it happens, i normally keep an open mind for anything but we hear this every year and its just getting old now.

  3. I suppose it's entirely credible, but unlikely. How many of the meteors recovered have contained viruses.......

    1. it's not the viruses, it's the components in the gases that make us vulnerable to everything, so whatever is going around, everybody gets.

  4. ...the number of the beast indeed...there are those who have long considered ALL carbon based life forms "beast"...not intended to be derogatory, but a reference the crude nature of life forms still in life/death cycle...Carbon...#6 on the periodic table of elements...6 protons, 6 neutrons,6 electrons...hhmmm...


  5. There was something unusual about the Black Plague. For one, it spread so rapidly and killed so many was far more virulent than current plague bacteria. Also it spread in cold climates, where the cold should have killed the fleas. So it is possible that it was more than one agent, circulating concurrent, one of them being Yersina pestes and also perhaps some kind of virus similar to ebola. There were also reports that some people saw strange people dressed in black spraying right before an outbreak. So perhaps the plagues had some help?
    Don't know what to make of the correlation between comet ISON and Black Death, only time will tell.

  6. This is some game being played... at our expense.

  7. imagine having no plumbing, no garbage removal, cant shower whenever you want, and the doctors cure for most things is rubbing mercury on your body...most people would get sick pretty quick

  8. Interested in comet doomsday theories? Already the Internet is abuzz with this one (Google "comet ISON black death" and see for yourself). Want more? Comet ISON plays a role in my new just-published science fiction novel, "A Journal of the Crazy Year."

    -- FC


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